When I gently detached our lips, I saw a blank look on Mev.
 It was a look of having everything in the world.
 As our saliva was hanging down and about to fall to the ground, Mev came to her senses instantly.


I obsessively attacked the area between Mev’s neckline and collarbone.
 When I pulled her closer, holding her waist, her relaxed body began to stiffen up again, but as if she had decided to put herself in my charge, she did not resist at all.

When I gently put my hand on her breast, the wings on her back fluttered.
 From her face to neck and then to her breast, I moved my lips.
 To be honest, my preference was unconditionally Jung Hayeon.
 But, I felt like harassing Mev’s cute breasts, as well.
 I gently bit her breasts, but not much entered my mouth.
 Her wings spread upwards instantly, but I did not pay much attention.
 As expected, surprised, Mev held my head tightly and pulled me ever closer to her breasts.
 As my horn was raised high, I was worried about her being uncomfortable, but since she was so focused on me, it didn’t appear to be bothering her.


Recently, I have always felt like being buried, so this type of feeling was refreshingly different.

Her wings began to flutter wildly as I caressed the candy in my mouth with my tongue.
 I slowly felt her waist.
 As I gently caressed her waist and sides with my big arms, Mev began to twist.
 I felt her inner thighs quickly moistening while they continued to come in contacts with my thighs.

In fact, I was feeling it for a while, but since she was wet as if she had peed, it was hard for me to remain in control.
 However, since Mev’s response was more entertaining than I had expected, I, of course, continued to caress Mev’s body.
 As the caressing became more intense, Mev’s eyes began to fill with tears.

As I continued to caress her all over, with the exception of her private area of her body, she appeared to have gone into near unconsciousness.
 It was very cute to see her continue to twist and turn her legs.

The initial feeling of utopia and blank look could no longer be found as it seemed like she was changing her expression, as if to be begging for me to do something.
 And her wings were also straightened out, pointing upwards.
 Her entire body has become sensitized.



Pretending to know what she meant was making her expression turn more desperate.
 At this point, I was so curious as to what kind of response Mev will make if those wings were caressed, so I mischievously stroked them.
 It was when I gently extended my arm.


A vocal sound that even surprised her came out of her.
 Perhaps, as they are always exposed, it may not usually feel like this, but now since the wings have become so sensitive, they must be presenting her with very different senses.
 Mev began to resist and twist like a fluttering insect when I brought my hand to her wings and touched her breasts with my lips.

“Comm…Commander! Yeah…..”

Mev’s expression was turning more urgent, the more I caressed her wings.
 Fortunately, as my prior experiences have taught me to know what kind of condition Mev was in, I slowly thrust my altered ego inside her private area as I thought that Mev was increasingly becoming aroused.

As a matter of fact, I felt like the size has grown somewhat when I evolved from Orc to demon, so I was concerned if it would be too much, but fortunately, maybe due to foreplay, she didn’t appear to be in pain, although the penetration was intense.

“Uuuuuuh?   Aaaaaaa?”

“Comm…Commander!  Commander!  Yeah!!”

Accompanying unidentifiable sounds like that of middle aged men’s shouts, Mev reached a climax.
 Certainly as I have not slept with a fairy while I was a human, I was wondering what kind of response she would show, but it turned out to be much more extraordinary than I had expected.

Her tightly closed legs kept shaking as well as her face.
 What was more incredible was the fact that her wings were fluttering much faster than before as if were in another dimension.
 As I forcefully thrust one more time, Mev’s wings began to flutter again.

Although it may be funny, I even felt as if the wings were fans.


Furthermore, the after effect lingered on for a while.
 Mev’s wings that were fluttering for a long time began to slowly coming to rest, and finally, I was able to see Mev who showed the feeling of being in utopia.

For sure, there probably wasn’t any feeling of something penetrating.
 Completely exhausted, Mev slowly moved her waist.
 Although I pretended to be nonchalant, I, too, was quite aroused as well that I, again, held her waist tightly and Mev ended up sitting on top of me.

At this time, as if she knew everything, she began to look at me with audacious look on her face.
 Although I wasn’t sure if it was for me, or for her to feel the sensation from the moment ago, one more time, she kept changing her expression as she kept moving her body up and down.


After having moved herself for a while, Mev’s wildly fluttering wings, as if she wanted to fly to the top of a mountain, came into my view.

I wasn’t sure if she realized it or not, but she was holding on to my horn tightly with both her arms.
Seeing the image of her, holding my horn, as if to be riding a motorcycle made me nervous.

The pounding sound of fleshes kept hitting my ears.
 As I saw exhausted Mev, who was shaking now, by leaning herself on my horn, she looked quite lovely.
 Enjoying each other’s body for a while now, I, too, ultimately began to get highly aroused, and I started to look at Mev again.

Like Jung Hayeon’s case, it would be quite difficult to get pregnant for the similar races like the fairies and demons.
 In fact, it wouldn’t matter much even if I had just sent her out, but I did not want to see Mev’s expression in response to such a situation.

I held Mev tightly, and Mev, too, held me tightly.

That was how we spent the evening.

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