“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Daggerrr!”

The deafening voice roared the village.
 It was the loudest roaring sound of any kind in time, to him.
  Goff and Black Spear toasted their wine bowls together as they looked on, and I, too, raised mine.

“Let’s enjoy the celebration of victory.
 My brothers.”

‘Thank you.
 My brothers’

I’ll live up to their expectations.
 I laughed heartily and the celebration began once more.


After having spent much time with Goff and Black Spear, they left to join their own tribes, and I, too, left to do the same.
 It was certainly a very satisfying day.
 It was the day that many Green Skins had come above the ground from the dungeon, as well as the day the size of the village grew larger.

Sitting around together with them, I drank my wine.
 As Gark and Hark praised me nonstop, with respect to how great I was, to the new tribe members, to the little ones as well as to Orveau, it was enjoyable, but rather an embarrassing time at the same time.

“Blood Dagger is great.”

“He has been incredible since the time of the warrior test.
 He had slaughtered 100 humans, all by himself!”

To say it again, the Green Skins do not lie.
 That is, they really believed that I had slaughtered 100 humans by myself.

That’s great.
 No wonder…”

“Nicole respects the tribal chief!  Blood Dagger is great!”

As if she might have studied the Green Skin language, Yura Kim’s nodding in response to the story was the best.
 Furthermore, Nicole was diligently nodding his head as well.

Hakajin went next after Gark and Hark finished speaking, and then Orveau went next after Hajakin was finished.
  It was such a blast to be with the ones that were considered to be family.
 Not wanting to show the ugly side of me from having too much to drink, I left the area, and headed towards the section where the female Green Skins were gathered.

The problem was that for some reason, I felt sparks flying.

“Please, come this way…”

Laggya subtly led me to one side.


Without saying a word, Hayoung Jung placed a comfortable looking chair, made of roots, next to her.

“Commander!   Commander!  This way!”

All the while, Mev was fluttering with her face reddened.

“Sav… O, savior…”

Ayeon Paek’s eyes were sparkling.

For some unknown reason, I felt that I came to the wrong group.
 I thought about moving back to the men’s section where the heroic tales were being told, but decided to plop down and took a seat in the middle of the gathering.
 It was rather an uncomfortable situation, but business was business, and as a tribal leader, it was a salient duty to spend some time with them, praising and appreciating them on a day like this.
 However, pointed questions were launched at me from the start.
 It was even before I was able to make any attempts to introduce and lead a discussion topic.

“I have a question for the tribal chief.
 It may seem rude, but there is one thing that I want to ask.”

“That’s right!  Blood Dagger is great, but this is a very important question for us.”

As expected, the ambush came from the three goblin sisters.
 They appeared quite drunk, with reddened faces.
 For some reason or another, they seemed to be somewhat upset.
  Looking at the three goblin sisters, who were usually shy, approach this strongly, I began to feel a pounding headache from the get go as I anticipated them to bring up ‘the subject’.

“I’ve heard that the Black Spear clan has made after party plans.
 The other clan sisters… Hoohoo… They clearly saw them mocking our Blood Dagger clan’s women…”


It probably wasn’t mocking at all.
 Maybe it was just coming from the inferior complex.
 Although I knew that such concept was taken seriously by the tribes, it must be very important to the tribe women, seeing how far they were taking this thing.
 Perhaps because of that, they were pressing me for a response, appealing to my sympathy.


As if the emotions have overtaken them, some of the women without partners were crying.
 I was worried that soon, they will all be drowned in tears.
 They all appeared to be drunk.
 The wine that Goff has brought must have been very potent.

“There aren’t any shortcomings in the women of the Blood Dagger clan… Hoo…”

Furthermore, the bravest and drunkest one of the three goblin sisters was about to surreptitiously take off her top and toss it to the ground.

“As it has come to this… I will sacrifice myself!”

It was extremely embarrassing as the very tiny one was acting this way.
 Furthermore, the other sisters next to her, in no uncertain fashion, were about to perform strip shows.

 I’ll take that honorable duty.”

 I have practiced and mastered a skill just for such a day.”

At last, the mother goblins came forth and began to hold back the three goblin sisters.
 Like Mev has done, I thought that they would do their best to avoid and run from me when they sober up tomorrow.
 Even though I was able to soothe the three goblin sisters, a problem awaited next.
 I signaled to Laggya, but Laggya, too, avoided from making eye contact.
 The tribe women must have been cornered, seeing that even Laggya was acting this way.

They were making their stand at this time.

Was there any way to avoid this situation…  It was when I was thinking about that.

Mev began to walk forward slowly.

Mev had the expression of a victorious general, returning home from a war.

“Hm…Hm… The women of the tribe have no reason to be disconcerted.
 Be at ease and take care of the children of the tribe!   If you trust Blood Dagger and the leaders, and unshakably defend the current position, you will receive what you want.”


It was a comment, unlike that of the usual Mev’s.
 And it was a very familiar statement that I might have heard many times in the past.
 When I was worried about something, Mev spoke in a confidant tone of voice.

“Which one, with or without wings, commander!  Which one do you prefer?!”

It ultimately hit me that what was to come has come.
 Mev, who was looking to take the place of the lady of the house, has finally earned the opportunity to evolve.

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