The Ogres of Goff’s clan, who were walking around the huge campfire, and the little kids and Nicola, also came into my view.
  The trolls of Black Spear’s clan, who were watching the Ogres and Yura Kim, who was clapping her hands while drinking unidentifiable liquid with Hakazin, also came into my view.

“Mirror Blade is my new name!  The new name given by Blood Dagger!”

“I’m Half Blade!”

Although it was withdrawing the names, rather than bestowing new names, it didn’t make much difference to Gark and Hark who were already quite intoxicated.


The images of the three goblin sisters, who were roasting large pieces of demon meats over the bonfire, were also memorable.

The demon meat that was being roasted appeared to be like that of a bear, so it was very likely that it was the food prepared by Goff’s clan since we have no recollection of ever catching it.
 As I made a subtle noise, Goff waved his hand in my direction.
 He was continuously laughing as he appeared to be engaged in some interesting conversation with Black Spear.

“Blood Dagger!”

He must have been drinking since I was talking in the village of Storm Shadow, as his face was already red from the wine.

“What are you talking about, Black Spear.”

As I spoke, walking towards them in order to join in their conversation, Black Spear replied immediately.

“We were just talking about the Orc that Goff ran into in the west…”


“As a matter of fact, I ran into an interesting little fellow before I came here.
 He had on a wolf hide, but unlike a child, he showed quite the mature manners… I was in the middle of talking about the fellow, as thoughts of him suddenly came to my mind, after seeing the little Green Skins.”

“Was he holding a bow by any chance?”

“You certainly know him well too… Krrr”

I also smiled after hearing Goff.
 The little Orc that he ran into must have been Broken Bow.
 Although I did not have time to say pay him a visit as the clan became busy after the battle at the forest earthworm tunnel, it appeared that he must have been doing well.
 Since I was curious about Broken Bow’s situation, I said to Goff again.

“Was the bastard doing well?”

“I wasn’t able to verify how he was doing, Blood Dagger.
 As I left Green Goblin Clan and headed to the East, the little Orc also took a trail with his own tribe.
 Although I don’t remember, I believe I heard that he was headed to the South.”

“I see…”

I think I knew what the bastard was thinking.
 The land, which he left for with his tribe, was called the land of glory.
 It must be the land in which Agar, the great chief of the tribe, was waiting.
 I had believed that he would be wondering here and there in order to reclaim his name, but it seemed that he had chosen a standardized tactic.

That is, it must be the warrior’s tests that are given to them-selves.
 As there was not a leader, more things could be encountered than what we have gone through, but I thought that Broken Bow that I know will certainly pass the test and seek me out.

“It seemed that they were headed towards the land of glory…”

“The land of glory… Ah the name so missed.”

They were the murmurings of first, by Black Spear, followed by me.
 Goff, who was smiling all the while, spoke in a somewhat serious tone of voice after hearing our voices.

“Have you, by any chance, heard of any stories regarding the land of glory?”

I shook my head because although I talked about a lot of things with the Green Goblin, I don’t recall ever talking about the land of glory.
 I saw Black Spear nodding his head and concluded that he, perhaps, knew it well.
 Even though it was customary for senior Green Skins to tell this information to the freshmen Green Skins, as it was the first time the Green Goblin had taken in a junior member, he might have simply forgotten to tell and pass on the story.

Goff began to speak slowly after seeing that I was curious.

“Obviously, you haven’t heard… I don’t know where to start since I’m not a good story teller.
 I guess I’ll start from the beginning…”


“In the beginning, there only lived humans and demons on this continent.”

Goff slowly began to tell the story.

“Although I am not sure how accurate it was, when Agar, the great chief, and the tribe initially arrived here, it was said that a lot of humans had already established a settlement here.”

This was what Goff said.
 The humans had taken the settlement here first.
 Then later we, the Green Skins, arrived.
 Although it was rather a boring story, it was quite dramatic at the same time.
 From the stories about how the great chief went about avoiding the humans in order to prepare a place to live, to how they grew apart due to conflicting opinions were told.

“Due to the powerful humans who had already settled here, the great chief chose to cower, and many Green Skins, who had failed to understand this, had either deserted the great chief… or died…”

Then later, the endless battles came after discovering the land of plenty in the South, after passing through the desert.
 It was a war that didn’t start due to some instincts, but rather, out of a necessity for the survivor of the tribe, and further for the name of the Green Skin Tribe.

I began to paint the great chief’s image in my head.
 Even though only a short version of the story was heard, many more events that we couldn’t even fathom had taken place for sure.
 Countless number of comrades and subordinates had likely been killed in the battles, and the children along with the Green Skins of other clans, which had arrived later, were most likely killed as well.

Finally, I understood why the land of glory was called the land of glory.
 The place was where countless number of Green Skins had shed blood and sweat.
 Also, I could understand why Agar, the great chief, was called the great chief, and how he was able to completely dominate me when we first met.

After he finished telling the story, Goff subtly looked in my way.
 Unconsciously, I looked at Goff as well, and after a brief silence, Goff spoke, showing his fangs.

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