210   Brainwash (3)

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Actually, I didn’t come here to do this.
It was only to talk about brainwashing and mental magic with Elisha, but seeing Baek Ahyeon’s strange expression made me feel a little bit hotter.
However, recently, as the time spent with Mev and Laveua has been getting longer, Jeong Ha-yeon and Baek Ahyeon have been patient for quite a long time, but it didn’t seem bad to religious work and chill for a short time.


There were no traces of people living here, but of course, the room was quite splendid.
When I looked around the room, Baek Ahyeon was so nervous that she was swallowing her saliva.
As I looked at her and patted her on the head, Baek Ahyeon gained great courage and hugged me.



And Elisha, who was looking at it, was not able to come to her senses for a moment about what kind of situation this was.
Of course, I opened my mouth to Elisha.


“You can go back.
Let’s talk about this in a moment.



Nevertheless, it was strange that the sound of the door closing was not heard, so when I looked at Elisha again, she muttered in a low voice.


“Can I… wait here? ”


She was speaking nonsense.


“You can go outside and wait.
Heretic inquisitors will guide you to the entrance.


“This…the heretical interrogation…the…ah…no…no.
I really want to wait here.



She didn’t look so young that she wouldn’t know what was going on, but when she kept saying that she would stay here, I was flustered.
 After thinking for a moment, I could see why this elf wanted to stay here.


‘She is scared.


Unfortunately, she was terrified.
Seeing that her ears kept trembling, she seemed to have been shocked by what she saw today.
Seeing that she reacted violently to the sound of heretical inquisitors taking her away, the heretical inquisitors frightened her.
Baek Ahyeon’s voice resonated when she was in trouble for a while.



“Oh, my savior.
I don’t care.


Come to think of it, even in the first act I had with Baek Ahyeon, she reacted like this.
Rather, it seems that there was a psychological feeling that she wanted Jung Eui Chang to look at her, and she still seemed to be thinking that way.
She certainly seemed to have a unique sexual taste.


” ha…haa… ”


It was because she was looking at this side with a very excited expression looking at the elf standing and staring blankly.
The elf’s face turned red and she crossed her legs, as if she were watching a bomb about to explode.
It was waiting for a signal from our side.


When I looked at Elisha again, Elisha was looking at me with a red face.
Looking at her, it seemed that she was interested a bit.
I nodded towards Baek Ahyeon.


” Well, I guess it doesn’t really matter.


“ Ah Savior….


After a while, Baek Ahyeon started going like an animal that had starved for several days.
She got to kissing right away as if it didn’t matter anymore, or that she couldn’t bear it any longer.
 Baek Ahyeon pushed me in so hard that my body was pushed to the bed.


” ha….haa… ”


I felt like I could even laugh at the constant roughness of her hands.
When the tongues got entangled, the salivas immediately started to mix with each other, and before I even took off her clothes, Baek Ahyeon became a pure white naked body.


As if she could not wait, she threw off all the dresses that she was wearing.
Come to think of it, it had been quite a while since I had spent time with Baek Ahyeon.
However, she still seemed to be careful about reaching out indiscriminately, despite the fact that I had done her many times.



I opened my mouth to Baek Ahyeon, because her appearance looked like a horned beast, which was quite cute.


“You can do whatever you want.


“But… how… how dare I do that.



It was a bit absurd to say something like that even though she was already pushing me to this side, but I nodded my head again.


“ ……………”


The sound of swallowing every saliva in her mouth could be heard clearly.
I could see Baek Ahyeon’s uvula moving.


In fact, it’s never been so rare to lose the initiative in a relationship.
Even in the case of Mev and Jeong Ha-yeon, they were always obedient, and in the case of Jang Ye-ri, she always pretended to be strong and took the lead, but surprisingly, she showed a lot of weakness.
In the case of Baek Ahyeon, it could be said that she was the most obedient among them, but today she was different from the built-up energy.


“How dare I…I.



I felt as if her eyes were spinning while I was talking, but I could see her contemplating with trembling mouth and hands, holding her hands over my body.


” It does not matter.


There was no way that the obedient Baek Ahyeon would overpower me by saying things like this.
But, as if she were determined, she bit her lip and rushed more and more militantly, and she finally seemed to have made up her mind.


First of all, I had to take off my clothes here, and I just took off the top covered in leather, but Baek Ahyeon carefully removed my bottoms.


This situation was a very exciting situation for me as well, so my upright alter ego greeted Baek Ahyeon.


“Oh… the Savior is like this.
I… I’m so… so… happy.



Before I could even say a word, Baek Ahyeon swallowed my alter ego in her mouth.
Of course, it was difficult with Baek Ahyeon’s small mouth, but nevertheless, she wanted to somehow put it in her mouth, so she continued to put it all the way down to the root, making a happy expression.


“Oopf… mm…”


” haa..
haa… ”


Even though it seemed difficult to breathe for her, she continued to move her face up and down, making a happy expression, and without realizing it, I started stroking Baek Ahyeon’s head.


“I am so..


“ Ooomf… ”


To me, it’s like volunteering, but she seemed to be trying to satisfy her own desires as much as possible.
Come to think of it, unlike her face, her hands were stroking my whole body.
It was all that she could reach with short arms.
At best, it was all about the lower body and upper body, but she was very cute to be constantly touching it.


Suddenly looking ahead, Elisha was looking at this side with a very bewildered expression.
In an instant, our eyes met.
Her face was red, but the most red among them was none other than her ears.
I could see her averting her gaze in an instant, but she was definitely looking this way.



A little bit of ejaculation had risen, so strength went into the lower part of the body, but Baek Ahyeon moved her hands and mouth even more quickly, probably because she noticed that this was a signal.


In the end, she had no choice but to let me ejaculate in her mouth, but Baek Ahyeon was constantly moving her neck with a very happy expression.


With an exaggerated gurgling sound, it was continuously sucking my member.


In fact, even when I was a human, I was not without sexual desire, but after I got a green skin body, I got better in every way.
Seeing Ahyeon Baek like that, it is natural to be excited once again.
No, it didn’t go away in the first place.


“Please excuse me.


I burst out laughing when I saw her trying to get on top in a hurry without even wiping the cum around her mouth.


Nevertheless, Baek Ahyeon came up this way and began to slowly climb up, rubbing my crotch with her thigh.
She lifted her waist slightly and tried to align herself with this side, but the amount of water was so much that it was dripping.


In the interim, I felt a warm and tightening sensation in my alter ego.
Baek Ahyeon lowered her waist.


” haaa…haaa… ”


As she continued to touch my back with her feet and hands and moved her body in unconventional movements, a loud sound came from Baek Ahyeon.


“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my savior.


My body trembled a little at the movement of constantly looking at her tremble on top.
In fact, it would be correct to say that I was also extremely excited.
She was not as beautiful as Jeong Hayeon or Jang Ye-ri, and Baek Ahyeon and Mev were also far from my taste, but they aren’t not beautiful either.
But when you see this kind of thing, you can’t help but to be excited.


Unknowingly, after putting Baek Ahyeon on the bed, I started to tease her with my back moving in earnest, and a small scream of joy came out.




But seeing her hugging me tighter, it seemed even more delightful to see me like this.
Elisha, who had been looking this way, was now looking back, and there was no way that she could not hear the sound.
This is because, like the elves in the novel, the elves here have more developed hearing than humans.


It was a simple voice to one side, but it was clear that to the other side it sounded like a high-end stereo speaker.
Perhaps she was cursing her sense of hearing.


“Aaaaaaaaaah haaa ahh! ”


In such a situation, it is natural to wonder why Baek Ahyeon shouts louder and louder as if to make others listen.



I laid Baek Ahyeon on her back, and then I made her lie on her stomach, Baek Ahyeon immediately lifted her ass, knowing what I wanted.
The situation was a little different from what I said at first, but Baek Ahyeon seemed to be enjoying herself enough, so it didn’t really matter.


“Ha ha..
ah… uhhhhhhh”


When I pushed her back, Baek Ahyeon was lying on her stomach and trembling.
She rose to the climax in an instant.
Her whole body and  toes were trembling, but this time I did not wait for Baek Ahyeon.
As I started to move my waist while holding her hair, a high-pitched scream continued.



“I am happy… my savior… ah.


When a fairly loud scream erupted, the elf glanced at this side with a restless expression.
As she was working while looking at Elisha, Baek Ahyeon and Elisha naturally came to face each other.
Baek Ahyeon made a V sign with her hands.


” hehe… ”


Of course, Elisha was startled, and she quickly turned her head, but a smile came out when she saw that.


I could definitely confirm my feelings that Baek Ahyeon was jealous.
Baek Ahyeon in this case gets very cute.
Continuing to stare at Jang Ye-ri’s ring or looking at women approaching me with eyes that say she doesn’t like them very much is something that Mev and Jeong Hayeon rarely show.


In the case of Mev, she is not very jealous in the first place.
In the case of Jeong Hayeon, I don’t know how she feels inside, but she’s quietly watching me, probably because of the influence of her becoming green skin.
In the case of Jang Ye-ri, she has an obsession with being the first wife and concubines, but it is difficult to see this as true jealousy.
It is definitely different from Baek Ahyeon’s case.


What Baek Ahyeon has is definitely an obsession.


Of course, she doesn’t purposely show it.
However, looking at the same provocations and occasional appearances, I could immediately sense that she was obsessed with me.
Her obsession stretched to everywhere, but was especially visible when you looked at how she wants to have children.


As the ejaculation continued to rise, I hugged Baek Ahyeon’s body.
Actually, I wanted to spend the day like this, but there was still work to do, so I had to move, but Baek Ahyeon seemed to regret it more than I did.


Knowing that the work was over, Elisha looked back once more, but looking at my naked body, she hurriedly turned her head again.
I don’t know why I looked back even though I didn’t have to look back, but it wasn’t a bad feeling.



“Sorry… I’m sorry.


” It does not matter.


As I got up from the bed, Baek Ahyeon continued to look at me with a sad expression.
But when I didn’t say anything, she quietly began to put on my clothes.
I looked at Baek Ahyeon and opened my mouth.


“I will visit you tonight.


Baek Ahyeon’s face brightened greatly, but to her dismay, an answer came from a different place.


” Yeah?! But I……I’m not ready yet…”


It was Elisha with a very surprised expression on her face.

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