Chapter 207 Mind Control (2)


[For Green Skins, it was strange that a religion worshipped Blood Dagger among humans.
It is necessary to focus on Baek Ahyeon at this point, as the New and Old Testaments she wrote regarding Blood Dagger is highly evaluated today.
She was an avid follower of Blood Dagger from the beginning…and while this religion began at a small shrine in the Land of Brotherhood, now the second shrine’s size is that of a small city…interestingly, there was a surprising help in building…]


I had not been really interested in Baek Ahyeon’s disciples except for their abilities.
Still, she seemed moved that I had asked about her achievement.


“I…cannot really explain in words.
How about coming with me to see for yourself, savior?”


I thought things over, as it did not seem a bad idea to let Elisha practice.
I saw that Baek Ahyeon’s body was shaking even as she looked at me with bright eyes.


“Then, let us go now.”

“Ah, yes!”
“Elisha, get ready.”



Elisha nodded, and while Baek Ahyeon seemed happy, she seemed anxious, like she had not expected I would move so fast.
This would be the first time I entered her shrine.


“Then, let us go…together.”

“All right.”


Us three began to move to the shrine that Baek Ahyeon and her disciples used on the perimeters of the Blood Dagger Clan.
It was nearby, and while Baek Ahyeon wanted it large and luxurious, we could only satisfy some of her wants due to the lack of supplies.

The shrine gates were quite simple and small, but that was more to my taste.
Baek Ahyeon was explaining to me about the dungeon next to me.


“This shrine is built with one big pillar and several small ones.
The supporting base for the big pillar symbolizes me and…”

“I see.”


The shrine seemed to have been built with some thought, and Elisha seemed surprised at this building.
She would have not been able to see this one, and her face flushed like she remembered what she said.


“Then, let us go inside.”
“Thank you.”

It was strange to think that there were those who worshipped me.
I first saw a statue of me that showed the moment I had first met Baek Ahyeon.
She and I were quite realistically represented, and I saw that the real Baek Ahyeon was praying.
I read the explanation written next to the plate below the statue.


[The blind follower now sees the savior who observes all.
When the savior asked her name, she first spoke her name aloud and then called him savior.
He now spoke that he is the being that will bring her what she desired, which is revenge.
The follower could only nod at his all-seeing eye, and time seemed to stop when he spoke again.

-You will get what you desire at the end.
Wait for the right moment, my lovely disciple.

When the follower bowed and looked up again, he had disappeared.
– Blood Dagger New Testament 1.35]




Things were quite falsified, as she had written according to her tastes.
This seemed their testaments, and I was quite embarrassed that anyone should see this.
I saw that there were other scenes that depicted what she and I had gone through together, and things were glorified in writing.
A notable example was when I had caught Baek Ahyeon when she had jumped from a building in Somorah.


[The savior’s holy army came to judge the fallen Somorah, and the vilified humans were bleeding black blood.
He asked his follower where she was, and she could only say that she saw his glorious self.
He asked her to jump to test her faith, and she did so without question.
He praised that she had passed the test, and the follower found true joy – Blood Dagger New Testament 3.21]


I could see that she had quite an avid imagination, and while I did not mind thinking about the past, I was surprised at how passionate she was.
She had made this shrine into a Blood Dagger museum, and I wondered how she knew my past forms were as there were statues showing me at various states.
The statues were glistening, but Baek Ahyeon quickly went to one of them to wipe it.


“There is dust…”


I had not seen even a speck, but she seemed deadly earnest.
She scared me at how hard she was wiping it, but I could see how she had increased the number of her disciples now.
I had heard that many of the humans who had come here had finished getting their jobs.
This shrine would bring some sort of respect towards me, and Baek Ahyeon seemed happy.
I saw that Elisha was looking at the statues with serious eyes.


-You will get what you desire at the end.
Wait for the right moment, my lovely disciple.


I could see her mumble such words.
Elisha flinched at my gaze and now followed Baek Ahyeon again.


“Please, see this.
This is a dagger that our savior had used in the past.”


I had used daggers as throwaway items in the past, and that one seemed one of them.
There were other collections, and I was surprised to see a dish I used.


“Now, we are going to the chapel.
There is an inquiry room and a rehabilitation room underground.”


“While there are willing disciples, there are those who have strayed too far…”


She seemed to feel sincere pity for them.


“Then, let us go to the chapel.”

I nodded my assent.


“We have been giving service every day.
While it is not our service time, there will be many spending time here after finishing their work.”

I first saw a statue of me sitting on a throne of weapons, and me holding Ancient Flame seemed grand even to me.
The room became noisy when I entered.




“You will get what you desire at the end.”



I was not used to seeing people passionately shout my name and bow to me.
They shouted the same words and phrases, and I interpreted the word ‘end’ as martyrdom for them.
However, after a moment, the room became silent when Baek Ahyeon raised her hand.

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