of solid gold from the mines.
The surprising thing was that he had covered it with cheap leather, to be careful.
Lee Wanyong spoke up after Lee Jihee began to drowse.




“Do you want an assignment?”



While Jihee had been assigned some work before, this was the first time Lee Wanyong had given his work from Blood Dagger.


“It’s an assignment to help create mind control spells, and you would need to work with Japanese magicians.
It will be useful in the future.”
“You can’t buy it from the shop, then.”



Lee Jihee nodded, as it was a chance that would go to other people if she refused.


“However, mind control is scary.
It’s not going to be used on us, right?”

“Don’t worry.
The ingredients are too rare to be used on us…probably…”


“You will know later.”


Lee Jihee knew he would not speak and just focused on the assignment.
The Blood Dagger Clan always rewarded results, and she would gain something decent for this.

“It’s not dangerous?”

“Don’t worry.
You will move with Orbo.
Prepare now and go see Hakajin.”

“I understand.”


She took her luggage and went out.
The names Orbo and Hakajin meant this was really important.
Lee Jihee could not make a mistake, as the worst-case scenario was that she would be thrown out.
However, this was a chance valuable enough to take risks.
Lee Jihee looked back to see Lee Wanyong still working, and she had to acknowledge that he was competent as she went out.



Things were going well.
While Park Hyeri was silent, the magician using explosion magic had given us much.
I managed to narrow down the Spider Clan Master’s position and had asked for Jang Ye Ri’s help on how to hold down someone who had teleport skills.
I was even surer by now that the Spider Clan Master was important to Park Hyeri.

Also, placing the Maser under mind control would reinforce the clan.
She would be an invaluable asset as the only teleport user in this land.

I now waited for my guest in my tent.
Baek Ahyeon was someone who could control minds, as she had been able to use people as bombs.
Her followers still served her to an eerie degree, and Elisha looked tense as she waited with me.

Baek Ahyeon had come in elegantly, and she was wearing a sheer dress like she had expected a private call.
Her red lips were sensual, but they frowned on seeing Elisha.
She realized that it was business.


“Have you called? My savior?”

“Yes, sit.”


Baek Ahyeon glared at Elisha and then looked at me with respectful eyes.


“Who is she?”

“You will work with her for now.”

“I see…”


She was like Jung Hayeon as she looked at Elisha’s face.


“Hello, I am Elisha, the third princess of the Eveluse Kingdom.”

“I am Baek Ahyeon, the first disciple of the Great Savior.”


Baek Ahyeon then asked why I had brought her here.
I knew she thought Laveua was a divine child and was anxious to have one of her own.
While I was being careful, it was also difficult for a demon and a human to have a child.
Jang Ye Ri had been an exception.


“I needed to ask you something.”



I hesitated to ask her about mind control outright, but her devoted gaze made me open my mouth.


“How does your propagation work?”


Baek Ahyeon’s face brightened, as this was the first time I had taken an interest in her followers.

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