Chapter 115:  To the Heart of the Tribe


 You’ve successfully overtaken the small city of Samara.
 Rank is being elevated.
 Please select an entity to evolve.]

Upper-level Horse-tribe Mid-level Gladiator]

Mid-level Horse-tribe Upper-level Gladiator]

I had a hunch, but it was certainly as expected.
 Although it becomes more difficult to evolve as progress is made towards an upper level entity, it appears the experience has been gained as much as possible, and as anticipated.
 In fact, I wanted evolve twice, but it didn’t seem to work that way.
 However, another evolutionary iteration took place, not too long after the previous one.
  It didn’t feel that bad.

The problem was that the choices were deceptive.
 No matter which one was selected, they all seemed to lead to similar results.

It was difficult to determine whether to upload an entity or occupation in order to yield maximum benefits, but having the characteristics of the tribe of horse people, I’ve decided to pave the way for reaching the upper-level horse tribe since I liked the fact that the horse power increased with every turn of evolution.
 Although the occupation rank was a bit low, relative to the tribe, it won’t end in being an empty shell, if the occupation rank was to be raised from the subsequent evolutions.

As a choice was made, without specifically reading the instructions, I felt the relaxing of the muscles that were tense.
 I also began to feel pain in the forehead.

I also noticed slowly enlarging horn, on my forehead, which I felt it to be too big to begin with already.
 The fangs, although not as big as that of the Ork’s, were slowly growing bigger.

Finally, as I looked down on my body, although not as much as that of the Ork’s, I felt my body was full of muscles.
 The inherent horse power has also been noticeably improved.
 I couldn’t help, but smile as I perceived it as a prudent choice.


“You’ve become stronger…”

Having finished up, Geoff spoke as he came towards me.
 I, too, spoke towards Geoff, feeling upbeat.

“You also… have become stronger beyond recognition.

He did not respond to my comment, but simply raised one corner of his mouth.
 Now, it was the time to put out my hand.
 Many stories were shared through battles, but as there were many things to talk to him about, I put out my hand, and Geoff clasped it.

Then someone else’s presence was felt.
 The fellow that was approaching was Black Spear.
 Geoff, too, was looking at Black Spear.
 The first thing in order was to exchange greetings, rather than looking baffled.
 Black Spear opened his mouth first, looking towards Geoff.

“Good to see you.

Perhaps, he must have heard me call Geoff a brother from a distance.
 Without appearing puzzled, Geoff spoke to Black Spear without hesitation.

“Good to see you.
 New brother.”

A brother’s brother is a brother.
 I laughed in good spirit and in that short time period, the three tribal chiefs began to move to a new place.

The status of the task, left in charge of the tribe members, with respect to locating the survivors in the city.
 As it was determined that the men in the small city, by all means, must request support to Haddam or other small cities in the east, they had to leave the city as quickly as possible.
 As a result, the Mevna assassins were moving about very quickly.
 I, Geoff and Black Spear situated ourselves at a ruined location, and started to observe the men.

The tribe members who were fluidly organizing the area were visible.
 The most readily visible ones were Gark and Hark.
 Interestingly, they were evolved into an ancient Ork.
 It was the prudent choice as they consistently insisted on being in the Ork tribe.
 As I also considered ultimately becoming an ancient Ork, both Gark and Hark would surely enjoy results that won’t be too bad, should they end as ancient Orks.

They must be very glad to be seeing their brothers for the first time in a long while, as they were working with their mouths wide open.

“Gara!  Please remove the boulder over here.

Although it was not a familiar name to me, Gara, the Ogre, must have been close pals with Gark and Hark since the previous tutorial times.
 What was interesting was the fact that he was a double headed Ogre.
 He was somewhat smaller, in size, than Geoff, but he, too, definitely looked strong.

“Ah!  This boulder here?”

“No!  Gara!  The one next to it!”

“Then this boulder?  No.
 That boulder!  Right.
 That boulder!”

Even at a single glance, he looked to be very confused.
 Their heads must definitely be separated into two minds, and watching them talk to each other, I felt relieved to have decided to not evolve into a double headed ancient Ork.

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The Ork warriors and Hob Goblins were all evolved into swordsmen and Orks, respectively.
 Voices of Mevna, Laggya and Hayeon Jung were heard, but by looking at their unchanged physical forms, it seemed that they may have plans to complete their evolutions, once all the pressing tasks were completed.

Turning my sight away from them, I spoke to Geoff.
 I was very curious about how and what made him come this way

“What made you come this way?  Geoff.”

 As a matter of fact, I could have come much sooner.
 I regret not having been able to participate in such battles from the start…”

“ ……….? ”

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