“The choice is yours.”

I thought my voice would sound like the devil’s, and I could sense her despair and sadness spread.
I smiled as she bowed her head lower.




“Why are you calling me?”


Lee Jihee was one of the alchemists kidnapped here, and she had majored in chemistry on Earth.
While she had chosen to become an alchemist, she regretted her choice.
Manufacturers were like slaves in a world where the battle was an everyday routine.
While blacksmiths were treated better and the senior alchemists who could make high potions could spend their later years in peace, it was a different story for Lee Jihee.

Her being kidnapped to the monster’s land had actually made her life better, although she thought she would die on the first day. Human children played here, and it was like a human village.
The work was much easier, and she was treated better.
She got her necessities for free and received compensation for her work, and could rest more.

She became better at her work, as the goblins brought rare herbs from dangerous places.
While she could not go outside, she had not been free in her city, as she had no money to have fun.
Here, it was free.
She was allowed to have relationships with other humans, and she had one with Lee Wanyong.

It was fun to see him pretend to look at her with disinterest, and she pressed her lips against his like she wanted to do this.
Lee Wanyong slowly warmed up, and now they were resting comfortably in the bed.


“Why are you doing so much work?”

“It’s a secret you shouldn’t know.”

“You’re not meeting other women like last time, right?”



Lee Wanyong was known to be a man with talents, as he was close to the leader of this clan for unknown reasons.
She had to fight with other women and had let him have some affairs in the past.
He would not have been a choice if she had been on Earth, but she was in the land.


“Do you need to do something for the…clan leader?”

“Yes, I’m going to be busier, and we won’t have time to meet.”

“That’s a shame.”


Lee Jihee barely managed to remember that calling Blood Dagger a monster was taboo to Lee Wanyong.
There had been a woman before Lee Jihee, and Lee Wanyong had become livid when she had called Blood Dagger a monster.
However, even if as he acted like he was deeply devoted, she knew Lee Wanyong was taking in benefits behind Blood Dagger’s back.

It was interesting to see Lee Wanyong take in small benefits and never be extra greedy.
He would eat more meat, spend time with other ogres, or have slightly better things in his tent.

She was most surprised to see him bask flattery onto Kim Yoora and Laveua, who would hold future in the future.
He was amazingly fluent in the Green Skin language, which made Lee Jihee trust him more.
He would survive, which made him an asset for her own survival.
While he may throw her out when things got dangerous, it was better to stick with him.

Lee Jihee went to the kitchen after a nod and gave her hips a shake.
She felt Lee Wanyong watch her without fail, which made her smile.
It was then someone called Lee Wanyong’s name.

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