I looked at Gark with interest, as this was the first time he had expressed his opinion so strongly outside of battle.
Jung Hayeon also looked surprised.
The elf gulped as Gark went on.


“A castle is not wide and will block out movement.
The earth and the training fields make us stronger.
We have what you can supply already.
This land is built with our flesh and blood and should not be insulted.”



The elf fell silent, and I clapped inwardly towards Gark.
He had said what I had wanted to say.
When I started to cultivate this land, I thought about incorporating the Green Skin way and their traditions.
I thought Lee Wanyong would be livid to hear this, as he had worked the hardest to help Green Skins adjust.



Elish seemed to have realized her mistake.
She had thought the elf culture a more developed form than ours.
While there may be a more unethical culture than others here, there is no better form.
Elves had their ways, humans had theirs, and we had ours.

I could see why she may have thought so.
Children ran with bare feet, and the land was littered with stones.
However, this was how the fighting folk lived.

I guessed that she may have heard a lot from her sisters and the queen about how glorious Eveluse was.
Her attitude told me that her thoughts centered around the kingdom, and her pride rested there.
As the third princess, she would not have had much diplomatic experience.
As a diplomat, she was an idiot.


“I apologize for my mistake…”


I could see how shocked she was by the way her ears moved.
Her pride in Eveluse had brought this mistake.
While she had done this unintentionally, I wondered how the situation would progress.


“Your statement insults all of us.”

“Please, accept my apology…”


Gark had already cut her off, as he would have killed her if this had not been an official meeting.


“Insulting honor means a fight to the death for Green Skins.
You would have died a painful death if not for Blood Dagger’s benevolence.”


I smiled as the elf’s ears twitched again.
Gark was quite rough, and he was skilled at picking at the elf’s mistake.
As Jung Hayeon remained silent, he was taking this conversation to our advantage.



Gark still seemed angry as he glared at the elf.
After many fights, he had a right to be, as this land was made with our blood and sweat.


“I apologize…”


While Elisha was now shaking all over, I did not feel any pity.
Jung Hayeon intervened there, but she would not lose this advantage.


“I ask again, what could Eveluse give us for our help as your ally?”

“We can offer magical knowledge and other…”

“Be more specific.”

There would be nothing a city already usurped by the Japanese could give us.
I thought that we would definitely win against the Japanese, especially with Jang Ye Ri’s help, but she offered us nothing valuable.

The conversation was going on satisfactorily as Jung Hayeon cut to the chase while Elisha’s head bowed lower.
She had no words, and I could see that Jung Hayeon was doing quite well.


“Do you have anything more to say?”



Elisha’s voice shook, but she spoke up loudly like she had made a big decision.


“I…am the only descendant of the kingdom who has managed to escape and hold all rights to Eveluse.
I am embarrassed to say this, but my body has value.
I will serve you for the rest of my life if you help…”


I was not surprised at the way things were going, and Elisha now looked at me.
To think that her body held that much value alluded to her pride.
While she was beautiful, it was not enough for me to move my troops.

Jung Hayeon was gauging whether I liked Elisha, as she would agree to this unbelievable condition if I nodded.
However, I left the decision to her, and she seemed in a bad mood.

Elisha was beautiful, at least to me, and Jung Hayeon seemed worried that I would pay less attention to her.
As I was spending more time with Mev recently, she would not welcome another addition.
She shook her head as she spoke to Elisha.


“Your body does not hold any value.
You have to prove your own value, not your value as a princess.
Even if you did, I doubt it would be enough.”

“We’re not idiots and already know your kingdom’s situation from the prisoners.
It seems that Eveluse is almost ruined despite its history.
How can we trust you when you have already kept this from us?”


Elisha paled again from Jung Hayeon’s words, and the Alaune kept on speaking in an aggressive tone.


“There is an option.
Give us the entire country.”


“Your entire kingdom.
You have no place there.
When things are over, only a thousand, including yourself, can remain.
Other elves would have to leave the city.
The remaining thousand will live for the Blood Dagger Clan.
We will decide when to take back Eveluse, and you will remain our prisoner.
Those are the only conditions we will agree to.”


The conditions were harsh.
We had no reason to agree to this alliance, as we would go out to other regions in the future regardless of the decision made here.

Eveluse would be a bridge to places we may go after we finish some remaining agendas here.
It may be better for us if Elisha refused as we would strike anyway, and Jung Hayeon seemed to want Elisha to refuse.
That was why her conditions were so harsh.

Jung Hayeon looked like starting afresh seemed a better idea.
Still, my personal opinion was that it would be better if the elf agreed.

Enough time passed for me to think that Elisha would refuse, as agreeing to this offer was like selling her country.
However, she seemed to think that it was a better choice than to live under mind control.


“I agree.”

I did not know how she would be remembered in elf history, but she would be either a savior or an elf who sold out her own country.

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