Chapter 203 Alliance Proposal


I was deeply interested in Lee Wanyong’s report.


“I see that elves tend to avoid fights and love peace.
Us Green Skins would probably not understand them.”


Hakajin spoke first, and it seemed like a good time to listen to what others had to say.

“Yes, it’s interesting that magicians who use mental magic are mainstream.
I do feel sorry for elves…”


Jung Hayeon agreed to Hakajin, and I thought I could understand the reason why.
The human mind is more complicated than we tend to think, and therefore mind control was a difficult task.
Jang Gi Young could only make Green Skin slaves docile with drugs.

However, the mental magic listed here was quite structuralized.
Complete mind control was possible under certain conditions.
Some spells were still effective even after the caster’s death and simple ones that could make someone like another.
The possibilities were endless.


“However, their military powers seem weak.”


I spoke before Hakajin could.


“If the humans we caught are deemed strong there, the standards seem low.”

“Yes, while the magicians seem strong…”

Jung Hayeon nodded.
I had been surprised that the humans we caught were actually considered strong in their city.
While I had become strong, I could not go against ten really strong humans so easily.

I thought about the fight yesterday and decided it could not even be called such.
They were middle class at the most here, and only the magician was strong.
Since I had resisted the magician’s spell, they would think me powerful.

Every high-class member in my clan except Hakajin could go up against them.


“If they had won an easy victory, this is the obvious outcome.”


Gark had been silent all the while, and he needed to learn to voice his opinion as he was second-in-command in the clan now.
I spoke to him.


“What do you think, Gark?”
“For…for Blood Dagger.
They seem a weak race.”


I sighed at the simple sentence and spoke to Hakajin now.

“All right.
Hakajin, I will leave the rest to you.”


I left Hakajin to organize the documents and headed to the captured elf was imprisoned.
Now was the time to know everything that the princess knew.

Elisha greeted me, and Jung Hayeon and Gark had also come behind me.
The elf looked at Jung Hayeon.


“The world..tree.
I thought I had been mistaken…”


Elisha seemed like she had felt something to Alaune.
However, she could not understand Jung Hayeon’s greeting. I immediately spoke to the elf as I thought she may be able to use translated magic.


-Can you use translation magic?

“Yes, for a short time.
I will cast it immediately.”


They were really better at using everyday magic, and a white light spread over us after Elisha casted a short spell.


“It’s nice.”

Jung Hayeon also nodded, as I did not have to hand her the translation bracelet.
I looked at Jung Hayeon as she opened her mouth.


“I formerly greet you as Alaune, Jung Hayeon of the Blood Dagger Clan.”

“I also greet you again as Elisha, the third princess of the Eveluse Kingdom.”


I had brought Jung Hayeon and Gark so the clan would depend on me less.
I had decided that Jung Hayeon would be apt at greeting guests or prisoners, as she could be both kind and sadistic. Gark was to give him more experience.
Since he was quite intelligent, he would get used to situations like this.

Gark looked uncomfortable now, which made me smile.
I sat back to observe the situation.
Jung Hayeon and I already knew what had happened to Eveluse.

Lee Wanyong had written the following in his report.


[About Eveluse: It is the first kingdom the elves had established at the southernmost land.
As there is a large river at the front and a forest at the back, the environment is suited for elves.
There is no castle but a large tree the elves call the World Tree.
While they could fight a bit, they are now almost ruined after accepting humans’ surrender.
The city has been swallowed up by humans, and it seems that elves had been affected by mental magic.
Princess Elisha seems to have been able to resist this due to her also being a magician…]


She was the princess of a kingdom fallen after trying to accept humans.
It seemed that the Japanese had been partying over there, unlike in this land.
If she was royalty, there would be a high bounty on her head.
The humans being tortured by Baek Ahyeon would have come to capture her for that.

I heard Jung Hayeon speak up.


“I hope to hear about your alliance proposal in detail.”



I saw Elisha’s hand shudder and looked with interest at what she could offer us.

“First, Eveluse is a kingdom over ten thousand years old with many cities.”

“I see.”


It was evident that she was trying to rely on the glory of the past, but it did not interest me.
She continued to speak but only talked about the past.
Elisha’s explanation went on more fervently on seeing me look on with an indifferent expression.
However, Jung Hayeon was listening with a serious expression.


“I heard you call this place the land of the Brotherhood.”


“If your leader helps us, no one in our land will be able to defeat him.”


I never thought I would hear such words.


“Our kingdom has a small problem.
However, if you solve this for us, we will not forget our gratitude and support you in any way we can in the future.”

A kingdom usurped was deemed a small problem.
Jung Hayeon also smiled.


“Can you explain further about that support you’re promising?”
“Yes, yes.
I had a chance to look around.
I see that your buildings are still primitive, and Eveluse can provide you with convenient things.
Your people can live in castles where it is always warm and have soft blankets.
Also, we can change your educational facilities, and if you have any artifact you want…”


I looked at the elf with surprised eyes, and Jung Hayeon was the same.
We were astonished on hearing her think of our village that way.
We chose not to build a castle, not because we could not build one.

The elf continued to speak even more incoherently at our negative expressions.
She went on a while when Gark hit the floor with his fist.
The earth rang, and the elf looked at Gark with a pale face.
It seemed that she knew that she had made a mistake but did not know what it was.
Gark spoke slowly.


“Does that mean that you are looking down on our land…?”


His voice was cold, and I could see the elf’s ears shake.

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