Chapter 200 Elf (2)




I knew that word in Japanese, which confused me.
I knew that humans could not change their race here and wondered whether she was like Jung Hayeon.

However, the elf seemed more surprised, as she now spoke again in a language I did not recognize.
It seemed that the elf had learned Japanese, and I used the Translation Bracelet as I remembered I had it on.


“I am not your enemy.
Please, trust me.”

I could hear her now and saw that she looked ragged compared to others.
While her clothes seemed to be of fine quality, she was dirty like she had spent a long time outside.
Also, the elf was full of scratches that seemed to have been made by branches while running.
However, I could not believe her yet, and thought I would need to listen to her story.

I decided to ignore the relieved elf for now and saw that Mev and Laveua hugged each other as they both cried.

It seemed that Laveua was fine except for a few bruises and the arrow in her wing.
Baek Ahyeon would be able to cure her, and I spoke to Mev.


“Take Laveua back to the village.”



Mev took Laveua to the opposite side on answering me, and she would meet others on the way.
Thinking of Laveus made me livid again, and I saw that there were eight humans held in flames.
I saw one of them trying to push away the flames, but I soon heard flesh burning with a scream.


“What the hell?!”
“I did not hear anything about this!”


I approached them slowly, and it seemed a total of ten including the two already dead had been in the forest.
I cut off one of their arms and ripped all of them apart.
The sight of blood calmed me a little.


“I did not realize she was your daughter…please, let me live.”


I saw a man speak to me in a shaking voice, and he seemed to have thought Mev and I were Laveua’s parents on looking at us.
While I had scoffed for a moment, I felt a strange sensation in my head.
I did not know exactly what he did, but he had done something.




However, it seemed that I had resisted his trick, and I smiled at him.
His face was filled with despair as I crushed his face to the ground.
While there was a loud crack, he did not die just yet.
I stomped on his body as it writhed, and I saw that everyone still alive were looking at us.
I saw those holding arrows, and I planned to spend more time who had shot the arrow.

The problem was that there were three archers.
I spoke to them slowly.


“Who shot the arrow?”


I saw that the three of them realized what was about to happen, and it seemed that they had no time to think about the fact I could speak.
A woman spoke to me first.


“He shot it.”

I saw that she was staring at a man who was missing an arm and a leg.
He shouted in return.


“It’s a lie! She shot it! I saw it with my own eyes.


It was disgusting to see the two of them trying to make the other take the blame.
The third archer also designated the man as the culprit.


“It was that man.
I heard him that he would sell her.”


It seemed that she was not telling me a lie, and while I would kill them all, I would vent out my anger on them first.


“You…damn bitches!”

“Shut up, you pervert!”


The man looked at me helplessly, and I charged some magic before stabbing him in the mouth with a dagger.


-Shut up.


He let out an animalistic scream, but I did not care.
I tore his long hair from his scalp and stabbed him again in the eye.
I heard the smell of burning flesh, and everyone was looking at me in silence as they seemed to think I had spoken to them all.

They all looked at me in fear, but while some of them flinched, everyone remained silent.
Only the man in front of me screamed, and I now did not care if a beast came here drawn to the noise.

It was because I heard some members of my and Goff’s clan come up to me now.

I had been looking down on the man when a magical beast rushed up at me.
As it did not seem strong for its size, I had been about to go up against it when an ogre came running to strike its face.

The beast crashed into a tree, and I saw that it was still alive as it squirmed.


“I am sorry, Blood Dagger.”

I saw Goff sincerely apologize to me, and I also spoke as I knew that it was not only Goff’s fault.


“I also apologize.”

I knew that Goff would be a bit embarrassed, as it was like admitting that the gate Goff’s clan guarded was vulnerable.


“Your daughter is all right.
Your sorcerers and Baek Ahyeon are healing her wing.
It is a relief, Blood Dagger.”


Black Spear also spoke to me, and us three had inadvertently gathered.
Hearing that Laveua was all right lifted a big weight in my chest.


“Who are these humans?”

“I am checking right now.”


I glared at those still alive, and I would wait before checking how Japanese could have come to this land.

It was then I remembered the elf.
She was looking around with a terrified look.
I estimated that she had been chased by the Japanese but was now feeling like she had met a more fearsome predator.


“Who is this woman?”

I needed to check that, too.
The elf was still looking around, as she saw that the place now swarmed with Green Skins.
Gark had brought ogre warriors and archers, and Goff and Black Spear had brought their soldiers too.

She was completely surrounded, but gently bowed to us like an aristocrat.


“I am Elisha, the third prince of the Eveluse Kingdom.
I came here as a messenger to ask for an alliance.”


I stared at her as I knew nothing of this even in my past life.

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