“Victory or death!”

“Victory or death!!”

It was the ogres and the half-ogres that smashed through one side of the city gate completely.
This nostalgic feeling that I was experiencing right now felt real, though the buildings between here and the city gate obscured my view.

“Where is my brother?!”

The green skin leading at the forefront, rushing towards the enemy while effortlessly wielding two giant axes.
His eyes brimmed with a glint of fierce red, and the enemies in the rear were being ruthlessly crushed.
The same could be witnessed of the ogres whom seemed to be not carrying any weapons.

They tore into the human forces with only their hardened thick skinned hands and either slashed them, or gruesomely pulled their necks out from their shoulders.
Some men are taken by their feeble arms and ripped apart, others crushed by the heavy stomping feet, while few choked on their own blood, as their throat was torn out by a swinging slap… The enemy force that was safely attacking the green skin rescuers from afar, were now unexpectedly thrust into the frontlines.

The humans gifted to become magicians, who were also safely in the rear – now faced this sudden onslaught in all its entirety; finding the sudden twist of events very troublesome.
The human formation which is now shattered and desperately scrambling to reform some semblance of a last minute defence.
It was in this instant, that the surrounding ocean would threaten to become a sea of smoke, and the human bodies were constantly flying in and out of the air.

In the perspective of the human forces, it is indeed a moment of when lightning strikes within a cloudless sky.
It is this unexpected occurrence, now endangering a large number of their forces, of course in turn also triggers their will to survive.
They rise to the challenge… frantically releasing deadly sharp arrows and destructive magic, but the half-ogres constantly pour into the gaping defensive hole left by the initial charge.
Green skins with arrows pierced throughout their bodies push forward, and the unlucky green skins who rushed into a wave of magic were totally blown into pieces, even a green skin with a big arrow stuck in his chest, kept rushing forward despite those of his fellows now scattered around him in pieces.

“Ah ah ah ah!”
“Gods… Let me live!”

It is really reminiscent of a moment in hell for those dying, but it’s very enjoyable to the victors of the clashing forces still alive, and continuing on to fight for dear life.
The people facing us also looked around the stretch of space between us with an expression that they do not have a sense of what to do now.
Caught between two green skin forces.
It is not surprising that the tribal members of Blood Dagger, who were influenced by drums made of human skins, immediately charged toward the humans.
Looking back, the green skin who evolved into an orc now was striking a huge drum twice the size of his body.
The orc, while climbing onto the podium with the help of the half-ogres holding him, was still yelling and striking on the drum.

“Victory or death!”


The pulsating sounds of the drum awakens the sleeping wildness.
It was in this bittersweet moment that I thought to myself if I was survive this outcome, would I be able to bloom a similar Unique Ability… but first I had to refocus and throw myself into this hellish battlefield.
My fiery eyes started burning red hot, as a wave flushes out a breath of heat from my body.
Before releasing my body to the tense battle occuring, I had to sort things out first and I quickly turned my eyes to the back.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Orcs and trolls distant roaring continues to grow closer.
The same goes for the green skins that stared blankly at the sky.
Sadly they did not seem to be back to their right frame of minds.
But the instinct for battle was obviously surging throughout the entire group despite this… I quickly gave orders towards Hakajin.

“White Zinc and its followers… Including the young ones who have been rescued…”
[ED: White Zinc – who the heck is this?]

Hakajin also nodded with strained redness in his eyes.
The orc warriors along with Hakajin are tasked with protecting White Zinc and little green skins as much as possible.
Of course, should the need arise, I will also have to.
Currently, in this group there is a ticking time bomb that is only waiting to explode.
The same goes for Black Spear and his tribal members, including my clan as well.


“Victory! Only for victory!”

Note that the bomb that I had to put up with finally exploded.
The beginning was one of the male green skins that were under protection.
He rushes to the sides, screaming at the drums to awaken the drug repressed instincts.
A light flickers before an explosion of released rage, they are no longer subject to protection.
It was just as it was when I first landed on the ground.

“For honor! ”
It’s not just the green skins who burst into erupting volcanoes.
I too was blinded by the furore and fired forward.
In my right hand grasped a big sword that was too big to be a sword, and ancient flame glared it’s flames on my left hand, roaring a curse towards the enemies ahead.

Flames popped up immediately around me.
I jumped right into my enemies while Orbos, Garcia and Harcourt followed swiftly behind me.
All the green skins charged towards the enemy, a dam bursting forth.
Swinging my shoulders around the piercing spear, and the guy wearing heavy armor melts smoothly with his armor into a defensive posture.
The position of the spear and axe is promptly replaced.
The movement that my body remembers.
The exercise of practicing images tens of thousands of times every day, was helping me reliably even when I was throwing myself into wild.

Let’s get closer to them.
The Great Sword is rather a bad option for really close quarter combat.
After I quickly put away the big sword, I blocked an attack with the ancient flame sword, which freed up my right hand.
After I caught the arm of a guy stepping away again to form his defensive posture, I yanked it towards me.
Losing his balance and leaning towards me, I then parry his desperate stab with ancient flame while knocking my head forward at same time.
Safely pushing away his spear into the air, throwing his arms up, which left an opening for such a lousy chap.

“Ah, ah!”

Head butting his face with my horns- the guy’s forehead is crushed.
I don’t really pay heed if there is any blood of the pierced guy’s face pouring out onto the horns.
After splitting the body of the guy with my horns in half, shaking my head, the rest of him fell off the horns.
The others are also the same.
Right next to me, Orbo was wielding a shield and an ax with wild stretched out extensive swings.

That large shield quickly transformed into a blunt metal, no longer bearing any semblance of a shield just a long-lasting blood-drenched metal.
Gark and Hark seemed to be unexpectedly not in the usual state of being, and not in the wild.
Their eyes are red, but their movements is not lean.

“Live… live…”
“Ah aaahhh!”
“Reorganize the formation! We reorganize the formation! Gather the shield warriors! Gather!”
“These orc chicks!!!! Stop fucking! Ogre cubs suddenly why…”

The screams of disbelief from the enemy and the sounds of the allies shouting continue to mix.
The situation is completely chaotic.
There is no strategy, or tactics.
This mystery is rather amusing.
Green skins that had run out a long time ago were already dead, and were moving without taking their missing body parts, rushing to grab weapons of a human or green skin.

An orc stabs a human warrior with a sword.
Then another orc, who suddenly came out of nowhere bites into the human’s throat.
Blood gushes out like a fountain, pouring out in a flash and the two green skins look for their next hunting victim.
They soon find a human being surrounded by young goblins in a place, where the guy also happens to turn his eyes toward them at the same time.
Human Archers who were on top of the building also release a barrage of arrows, but they don’t sink the orc to the ground.
An arrow punched through the shoulder, and the orc was soon pierced with multiple arrows looking like a pin cushion to the disbelief of the archers.

“Come on!”

Even in confusion, it is not surprising that human boys including White Zinc are not touched.
They know exactly who their enemy is.
They know for certain which are the enemies who suppressed their instincts, who are from the underground, and who are slaves.
In this situation, the most powerful thing is the unity of each clan and White Zinc working as one.
Thanks to the recovery magic that is popping up from somewhere, these orcs can jump around like this.

“Ah ah ah ah!”
“Ah ah ah! Priest… Priest! ”
“Could you hear me?”
“Oh, you!”

It is instantaneous that the human forces soon collapses.
Jim, who was acting to also handicap matters from within the city, further helped to become a force in killing the defending humans, and the streets were conquered by Goff.
All that remains is to enjoy festival.

The people who tried to escape, and those that fled from the city defense forces were also killed off.
Those who bought slaves or dabbled in the slave trade, were all dying in screams from all the people who were enslaved to build and maintain the city.
It was not that I had any personal feelings of impatience, but it was so cool behold.
The people of White Zinc, literally, were working on behalf of human beings to purify the rotten city.


The screams of the guys seem to be like the sound of music because of the orc that continued to drum along while this was still unfolding.
As I turned my gaze to survey the surroundings, I saw that an ogre formation continuing to rush towards this side.
I also started to run towards them.
The one wielding dual axes like as if it was flying in the air, dodged turning his back and while dodging parted a human head with the on of his axes.


I heard a pleasant sound, but of course I could not stop.
The voice of the brother who called me was getting closer.
The guy who is always on the battle and likes the battle is getting closer.
The Ogre race is not the same build as that of an Orc, but the face of the green skin I first met in the tutorial was definitely there.
I was worried that he could now recognize my face that had changed a little bit.

The ogre started to look my way.
A face with a sagging mouth.
I smiled as I looked at him.
As I recognized him, he was surely recognizing me as well.

“Could you hear me?”

Every time the axe is swung once.
Humans fly into the air by twos or threes.
It was clearly a strong skill.
I also think that it can not be easy feat to achieve, and yet I’m pushing my horsepower to the limit.
Their gazes do not even take the enemy into consideration.
Interestingly, their gazes were locked onto each other.
The interest of a guy who was a sucker for the bloody-soaked look, and always looked the same at the tutorial days.
It was the look of the guy I admired.
I have always been with him in the tutorial.
It was the kind of guy I admired.
I will do the same.


The first friend and brother I met here.
In the middle of a battlefield I was finally reunited with him.
The ogre first opened up to me in a mixture of bottled up sound from a shout and screaming.

“It’s been a while… My brother.”
“Yeah… It truly has been a while.
Brother… ”

Standing firmly.
Originally, it was the size I had to look up, but he got much bigger.
‘I am honest.
‘ As he broke up, he reached for me.
Obviously, in the old days I reached out first.
Goff also remembered that time too.
Human way but not bad.
I grabbed his hand.
A very hard hand showed how much effort he had hard he had been in these three years.
Hot emotion continues to rise in my heart.
It is a bond to be felt.

He was laughing at me like he was.
It is quite romantic as the criterion for a reunion of two green skins in the middle of the battlefield.
There is no need for a futile speech to ask of each other’s best.
He grabbed his two big axes and began rushing straight into the remaining human forces, and I moved along with him.
Since the tutorial days, I have never had a breather of course.

But it feels like I’ve found a missing piece of the puzzle.
My vacant seat now is filled by the ogre’s presence and my presence fills the empty seat for him, thus completing the missing links.
For the last three years we parted ways, I started to feel what happened to him and what happened to me and what enemies I encountered.

“Pooh ha ha”

Half ogres in his clan and as well as the Orcs of my side likewise feel the same sentiments.
Those who once fought like one body surely remembered the way of battle once before.
This united group is very strong.
As they are cooperating with each other, but the same time they are competing with each other, smiles start to trickle out towards the appearance of humans being slaughtered.

“Victory or death!!”
“Victory! Only for victory!”

When the sound of fighting humans continues to subside and the cheering of liberated green skins filled with exhaustion surround the small city of Somora.
A nice voice came in my ears and stuck.


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