Green Skin – Chapter 106: Contact (1)

[Green Skins originally referred towards the species which had green skin, such as the Orcs, Goblins, and the Ogres.
Receiving the call from the God of Battlefield, they would move around the continent a bit more often.
However, the appearance of Blood Dagger had widened the range and extent of the Green Skins even more across the Continent.
These words are according to the great and honorable war heroine, Kim Yoora, who was first accepted by Blood Dagger.
If you obeyed his words, Green Skin… omission.
– Excerpt from the fables of the Great Chiefs.]

Of course they did not understand what I was saying.
They still haven’t fully learned the language of the Green Skins, but still many of the children were crying.
Especially, Yoora who stared across at me while she was wiping away her tears.
Unlike the first time that I had seen her, she was showing a completely different side, one befitting of a child.
I thought that this young girl had roughly understood what I had stated despite the short time that she had studied the Green Skin tongue.

The other Green Skins were also a bit surprised at the declaration, but they did not rebuke.
Rather, they began to scream, not expecting that I would welcome them like this.
As a result, I felt good and shouted myself.

“We will admit these Humans into our clan!”

“These young Humans are now part of the Blood Dagger Clan!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

“For Blood Dagger!”

Fortunately, there was no one that held any forms of complaint for admitting these Humans into our clan.
Not sure what was being said, the new young children also began to scream.


“For Blood Dagger!”

Since everyone was raising their voices, the young children also followed suit.
Amongst them, Yoora in the center was also softly raising her voice.

“For…For Blood Dagger.”

Interestingly enough, she spoke using the Green Skin tongue.
They were definitely memorizing the vocabulary, and had prioritized this saying first.
Glancing to the side, I saw Hayeon nodding with satisfaction.
It seems that despite her hatred for Humans, she had a weak side towards children.

“For Blood Dagger!”

Now, they were exhausting their voices as they shouted my name.
I don’t assume these guys will betray me, nor Ahyeon as well.
They consider me a hero that had rescued them rather than a monster.
Unlike Ahyeon who had a specific goal, these little guys were honestly expressing their pure feelings from the benevolence they received.
This kind of feeling wasn’t bad at all.

Then, I began to feel a gaze from somewhere.
Turning around, I saw Black Spear looking over this way with an extremely intrigued look.
Noticing that, I could confirm that they also supported my decision, including Little Finger who was by his side.

Thus, the welcoming ceremony continued to progress.
The Three Goblin Sisters, Ragia, and Mev welcomed the young girls into the clan, and the rough, burly Orc Swordsmen brought over food and continued to hand them over to the children to eat.
Fortunately, there was none that brought over Human meat.
The mother Goblins were also taking care of the Human children like their own.

This was truly satisfying.
It has only been a short while, but these children were showing a sincere appearance.

It was then.
My ring began to glimmer bit by bit.
Then, I was able to hear the good news that Ahyeon had finally arrived in Somorah.

I have arrived at Somorah.]

[Good job.]

I smiled.
Both Ahyeon and the Blood Dagger Clan had grown.
Of course we had grown a lot ourselves, but above all, that woman’s perceptions to people had completely changed.

Maybe it was because of her frequent visits to the slums during her stay at the Sky Dragon Guild.
Or rather it was because there were increased Pagans that were following her lead.
Ridiculously enough, Ahyeon was currently being titled as the West’s ‘Saint’.
At first, it was about thirty faithful followers that called her like this, and now there was over a one hundred.

As the pagans’ beliefs grew in numbers, Ahyeon also became increasingly strong in her holy power, which allowed her to maintain the nickname of ‘West’s Saint.’

[Thank you, Savior-nim.
Knowing that you are happy.
While we were heading to Somorah, our followers had increased a bit for Blood Dagger.]

I wasn’t sure what she was saying, but this religion would eventually identify itself like an amoeba and start swallowing up the whole Continent.

[Good work.
So, how’s Somorah?]

[The atmosphere is a bit dark, but it’s not too bad.
I don’t see any poor people either.]

[Is that so.]

There was one hundred people in the group including Ahyeon.
In other words, there were one hundred bombs.
They will be the ones that will send the signal to attack the city, but before then, they have to do something.

It was to approach and make contact with the slaves inside Somorah.
Originally, Somorah would be completely destroyed in two years due to the rebellion of the slaves.
The one who would raise this rebellion would be the Troll Shaman.
So finding this guy was our first priority.

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