Chapter 931: I, Myself Am Invincible

Han Fei looked around blankly. Aren’t I climbing stairs? Why am I here?

With previous experience, Han Fei was very afraid that he may have teleported back hundreds of years.
He didn’t want to go through what happened in the Heavenly Desolate City again.

And why was he in this damn place? Isn’t this the Bone Jar Plain?

Jiang Qin had said that six Law Enforcers had once died here!

Han Fei released his perception and found it still didn’t work.
He looked up and only saw clouds floating in the sky as if everything was real.

Huh! Is this a test?

Han Fei frowned.
He wasn’t sure whether this Bone Jar Plain was the one he had just flown over or some similar place.
If it was, this was the only route to go to the Sky City.
Would he be discovered by others?

Of course, what he was afraid of was not the people passing by.
Han Fei was confident they couldn’t kill him.

At the moment, the most dangerous things were those big jars.

Those jars were like big tanks.
Some littered on the ground individually, and some were piled up together.
He wondered what was in them.

Since I’m already here, let’s check them out.
Enforcers are not omnipotent! Besides, I also have the law of gravity… I should be no weaker than them.

Cheering himself on in his mind, Han Fei strode towards a single jar that lay on the ground.

When he looked inside, he found a corpse curled up inside the jar.
From its body size, it had to be a child.

Huh? If there is no danger here, where does the danger come from?

Han Fei snapped his fingers and thought of the divination technique, but immediately shivered. I feel the danger all around…

Han Fei turned around and looked.
But there was nothing but the jars!

Suddenly, his heart did a flip.
His body twisted in an abnormal posture, and a black shadow flew past his side.

Han Fei hurriedly stepped back and shouted, “Little Fatty, attach.”

Then to his shock, in the jar he just checked, a corpse was standing.
It was the kid’s corpse!


Han Fei gasped in horror because he saw one body after another crawling out of the jars and standing on the jars.
Looking around, corpses were everywhere.

“F*ck! So this is why it’s called the Bone Jar Plain!”

His Phantom Glass Wings spread, but Han Fei didn’t move, nor did the corpses.
However, he found that among all the jars, a corpse in the distance was looking at him.

It looked like a real person.
However, the man didn’t move either.
He just stood there quietly, looking at him.

“Haha! What are you looking at?”

Han Fei shouted, “What? Do you want to gang up on me? Can anyone say something?”

Then he saw that the kid’s corpse who were closest to him, only five or six meters away, had already pounced towards him.

Not only the child, but other corpses also rushed over.
There were adults, children, old people, men, and women…


Han Fei smashed the kid’s corpse with a punch, and his eyes were cold.
“Who else?”

Han Fei felt as though he hit a piece of steel.
The opponent’s body was tough, but its strength was only equal to that of a junior Hidden Fisher.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Han Fei kept punching in all directions, sending many corpses flying.
With the power of more than 7 million kilograms, he could easily crush ordinary advanced Hidden Fishers.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Han Fei didn’t use the Art of Invincibility, but every punch he made carried an invincible momentum.

He found that everyone was moving except for the person looking at him.
Therefore, Han Fei ran straight at that person.

At the same time, he tried to capture the man with the Void Lines.
However, he found that these people had no souls at all and couldn’t be caught by him.

“That’s weird.
They’re really just a bunch of corpses.”

Half an hour later…

Han Fei was full of killing intent.
There were no fewer than 3,000 corpses destroyed by him.
Among them, the strongest one was equivalent to an advanced Hidden Fisher.

However, under the bombardment of punches, the opponents simply had no power to fight back.

But Han Fei was tired!

This meant that every time he shot out a punch, he had to use a lot of energy for the burst of power.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Han Fei flashed and broke through the siege, releasing a lot of clones to fight the corpses.

Han Fei shouted, “You know what, I don’t want to fight.”


Under the terrifying gravity, all the corpses around Han Fei lay down.
These unconscious corpses could do nothing except use their instinctive resistance.

Han Fei flexed his neck and wrist and walked forward step by step.
Even he himself didn’t notice that every time he took a step, the footprints behind him turned golden, and the fearless momentum on him increased a bit.

Han Fei said as he walked, “If the so-called Bone Jar Plain and Bone Yard only have such little power, how can they stop so many people?”

Suddenly, an icy voice sounded, “You are wrong!”


Han Fei suddenly discovered that the law of gravity had failed.
This made him frown.
He tried to use the law of gravity again, but it didn’t work.

“My power?”

Han Fei sneered.
“Even if I can’t use the power of law, so what? Do you think these corpses can stop me?”

The golden fist marks blasted out, and the corpses along the way were all shattered.

Han Fei felt that the long-existing bottleneck of the Art of Invincibility had loosened, and many images appeared in his mind.

“Huh! No!”

Han Fei was surprised to find that the images in his mind showed the strong master fighting on different battlefields.

It was very similar to what he was facing now.
His mind was full of enemies and battles.

It seemed that there was no end to the battle.

Where was Ye Baiyu? Han Fei didn’t know.

If he was on the Bone Jar Plain, would Ye Baiyu be here too? Han Fei was sure he had a Sea Token too.

Then, there was only one answer: different people would encounter different scenes after they walked up the steps.

He was fighting on the Bone Jar Plain, while the others were probably in other scenarios.

Han Fei didn’t know what he was fighting.
The corpses? And why was he fighting them? What’s the point of it?

Three hours later.

Han Fei started to put energy fruit in his mouth.
However, the corpses rushing from all directions didn’t decrease at all as if they were endless.

One day later.

Han Fei felt that his arms were sore, and his reaction time was no longer as fast.
Many corpses were already able to touch him.

However, he had activated the Indestructible Body, so even if he let them attack him, they wouldn’t be able to kill him.

For some reason, Han Fei suddenly dropped his hands, letting the corpses attack him.

One punch, two punches… A hundred punches, a thousand punches.

Han Fei was knocked to the ground and suddenly saw his footprints.
Why did the footprints glow with a golden aura?


Sending these corpses flying with a powerful punch, Han Fei found that there were footprints along the way, which all had a golden glow.

“A road?”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip: was this his road?

But that was not right!

What did it mean? Was his road one of fighting?

Before, when he was in the Abyssal Chasm, he seemed to have seen his road.
The road was very narrow, and there were endless sea creatures ramming at him.

However, on the current road, he just punched, punched, and then punched.
Was this his destiny?

Now Han Fei had forgotten that he was fighting.
He just subconsciously punched, attacked, and walked forward.

He was thinking, What kind of road am I taking?

It was said that after the realm of Hidden Fisher, with each breakthrough, one would have huge changes.
This had been proven by his increase in strength.

But for a long time, he was a little confused about his own path.

From the first combat skill he had learned, to his cultivation of knives, fists, bows, footwork, seals, and even swords…

There were so many things that he had learned, so many that he sometimes forgot some of them.
When he had just become a Hidden Fisher, he felt that he should learn as much as possible and then work out a way to integrate them, like what Zhang Xuanyu did, to carve out a road of his own.

Han Fei believed that if Zhang Xuanyu was climbing these steps, it would be easy for him to go to the top.

But Zhang Xuanyu wasn’t as lucky as him.
Because of that, Zhang Xuanyu couldn’t contend with him.

But since he had great luck, why was it still so hard for him to choose his own road?

He wanted to create a combat skill of his own, a knife technique because he was best at using knives.

But how could combat skills be a road?

Then Han Fei thought of the Cosmic Sword.
He should have refined this sword long ago.
However, every time he thought of it, he just wanted to put it off and had been putting it off until now.

Now he couldn’t help wondering why he didn’t want to refine it yet…

Han Fei suddenly discovered that he seemed to have been instinctively resisting it.

Han Fei subconsciously threw out a punch, smashing a corpse into pieces, and muttered, “Is it my fists? The road of invincibility is a road in itself, isn’t it?”

“No, fist techniques are just a combat skill.
Why is the Art of Invincibility a fist technique?”

Suddenly, the images in Han Fei’s mind stopped abruptly.

Han Fei stopped subconsciously.

At this moment, he forgot that there were corpses around him, but strangely, the corpses didn’t attack him.

He shouted, “Yes! Why is the Art of Invincibility a fist technique?”

“This is the road of that person.
He opened up the road of invincibility with his fist technique.
But the fist technique is his fist technique, and invincibility is not something relating to combat skills.”


Han Fei raised his head.
“Invincibility is invincibility.
What does it have to do with combat skills? I am invincible myself.”

The Blood-Drinking Knife appeared in his hand, and he brandished it randomly as the golden knife light flashed across and all the bones were shattered.

Han Fei took the golden seal again.
The golden glow dazzled and cleared the way through.

Then he pulled out the Cosmic Sword and slashed, and a golden light glared.

Then he used stick techniques.

Han Fei raised his head, his momentum soaring.
“Invincibility is just pure invincibility.
I’m invincible no matter what combat skill I use.
I’m invincible because of me!”


With a crisp sound, the sight in front of Han Fei suddenly changed, and he returned to the steps.

However, now he was standing in the middle of the steps.
Looking down, he could see the fake corpse of Ren Tianfei, and looking up, there was no obstacle anymore.

Han Fei smiled.
“Invincibility is not a technique.
I am invincible.
I am invincible with whatever combat skill I use.”

In an instant, the traces of Art of Invincibility in Han Fei’s mind disappeared.

He had finally mastered the Art of Invincibility.

It could also be said that the Art of Invincibility had disappeared.

With this epiphany, Han Fei felt that his strength had been improved in all aspects.
He had had an epiphany about his realm.

Han Fei clenched his fists.
In terms of strength, he had already had the power of 8 million kilograms.

Step by step, Han Fei walked up the steps.
Without hindrance anymore, he reached the top in a moment.

At this moment, Han Fei saw a person… Ye Baiyu.

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