Chapter 930: Ren Tianfei?

On the road, all the bones were aggregating.

In the distance, there were already bones slowly swaying to their feet.

Han Fei immediately put away Little Black and Little White, ran past the bones, and ran towards the front steps. It doesn’t make sense.
Can these bones also climb stairs?

The road seemed to be only more than 20 kilometers long, but as Han Fei started to step out, the bones were gathering faster and faster.
In the blink of an eye, there were hundreds of bones blocking his path.

Han Fei was not afraid and punched out.
Hundreds of skeletons shattered again in an instant.

“Huh! So weak? With such little strength, how dare you stand in my way?”

Han Fei smiled.
If this was all the danger in the Bone Yard, that would be ridiculous!

Therefore, Han Fei judged that the real danger was definitely not these skeletons.

However, this idea only existed for about two minutes because at the forefront, tens of thousands of skeletons were gathering and gradually became a huge skeleton creature.

The upper part above its chest alone was already more than 20 meters high.
In his eyes, large tracts of faint blue soul fire were gathering.

Heh! I knew it wouldn’t be that simple! If there was no serious danger, how could it be called the Bone Yard?

Without its lower half appearing, the big skeleton clapped his big hands and rushed towards Han Fei.
As he clapped his hands, tens of thousands of skeletons followed him.

“Just because you are big doesn’t mean you’re invincible!”


The Art of Invincibility was activated, and Han Fei punched around, like a bright sun piercing the dark clouds, bringing light to the world!

In mid-air, the bone tide was shattered, splashing everywhere.
The huge skeleton was smashed by Han Fei’s fists.
However, the bones seemed to be endless and gathered again.

The strength of this big skeleton was slowly increasing.
Just now, it was only at the level of a junior Hidden Fisher, but now it was already an advanced one, and its power was rising by the minute.

“OK, I quit this game.
I’m going to climb the stairs now.”

As soon as the Phantom Glass Wings spread, Han Fei flew in the air with a swish.

But at this moment, the scene changed again and the bones converged into a tornado, blocking in front of Han Fei.

There was only one road, and Han Fei had to pass it.

“Overlord Technique!”

With the Art of Invincibility, Han Fei was afraid of nothing! Even if he couldn’t beat this big skeleton, he wouldn’t flinch.

Anyway, this road was only 20 kilometers long.
Han Fei rushed into the storm, absorbing the wind with the Phantom Glass Wings, and blasting one hole after another in the tornado.

Han Fei suddenly felt a tingling in his brain, and his soul seemed to be attacked.

How dare you ownerless souls attack me? You’re exactly what I need now.

Han Fei forcibly disentangled some soul fire from his soul, surrounded his body with it, and shouted, “Soul Gathering!”

Immediately, a large swarm of souls flocked to the soul fire.
In a moment, the soul fire suddenly grew several times bigger.
And in Han Fei’s soul perception, various messy images appeared.

Almost for an instant, Han Fei seemed to feel the lives of many people, and he was almost lost.

Sh*t, these ownerless souls are so impure!

However, at this moment, the Demon Purification Pot shook slightly, and a large amount of impurities were removed, which made Han Fei feel much better.

Han Fei was shocked.
Does the Demon Purification Pot have this function? And then he was wondering how Ye Baiyu survived these ownerless souls.
Did he have some special treasure to protect his soul?

Dragged by the soul fire, the ownerless souls turned into a small soul fire storm.

Han Fei took the opportunity to blast through the bone tornado and ran out.
Behind him, three masses of soul fire followed, leading three long ribbons of ownerless souls behind.

“It’s so ridiculous, isn’t it? I haven’t climbed the steps yet, but it’s already so dangerous!”

Han Fei hooked his soul fire with the Void Lines and quickly ran to the front of the steps.
Then he found that on the first step, there was a person sitting… Oh no, to be precise, a corpse sitting.

The skeleton tornado behind him had stopped chasing him, and the ownerless souls also calmed down.
The Demon Purification Pot oscillated slightly, slowly removing the impurities from the three masses of soul fire.

Han Fei picked up an energy fruit and stuffed it into his mouth, looking at the corpse.

“Why are you sitting here? To block the way?”

However, what made Han Fei somewhat depressed was that the person sitting on the first step looked a bit familiar.

Different from the corpses he had seen, this person was not dry.
It seems that his soul was gone, and his complexion was a little yellow.
Besides, the clothes on this person didn’t look ancient.

Huh! Is he one of the people who came last time?

The Sea Quelling Painting appeared only 300 years ago.
This guy was probably one of the people who came here to look for it.

At this point, the skeleton had disappeared as if what he experienced just now was just a test.
The Demon Purification Pot filtered these ownerless souls, which were then collected by Han Fei.

Seeing that there was no danger and the skeleton didn’t seem to want to move anytime soon, Han Fei wanted to take the time to synthesize his fourth contractual spiritual beast.

This time, he had caught only legendary creatures.

The five legendary creatures were the Ghost Eel, Tree Lobster, Ghost Water Poisonous Frog, Wolf of Playfulness, and Sky Swimming Falcon.
If they were synthesized, he would probably get something very powerful!


After waiting for a long time, Han Fei found that the Demon Purification Pot didn’t move at all.

Huh? It can’t be! Is it because there are more than three? But why could I put them into the Demon Purification Pot?


Still no response.

Han Fei frowned. Then why should I catch these things?

Han Fei couldn’t help sighing.
He was really disappointed.

At this moment, Han Fei saw the vine leaves of the Demon Purification Pot moving.
However, they stopped immediately.

“Huh! Wait a minute… Continue to synthesize.”

Han Fei noticed that the vine leaves moved again.
Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly.
Could it be related to the vine leaves?

The Demon Purification Pot now had only two vines.
And he had three contractual spiritual beasts.
Did it limit the number of his contractual spiritual beasts?

Han Fei pondered.
There is a vine on the Leafless Tree.
I’ll see if I can synthesize a new contractual spiritual beast after getting that vine.

After the series of battles, his power had completely exceeded 7 million kilograms, and was going to reach 8 million, but it was still not enough.

It only showed that he made breakthroughs too fast before.

Holding the Blood-Drinking Knife in his hand, Han Fei slowly walked towards the skeleton.
At the same time, looking up at the steps, he didn’t find Ye Baiyu’s figure, so he was very puzzled.

When Han Fei was 10 meters away from this person, his eyes suddenly narrowed.
He rubbed his eyes. What? Is that… Ren Tianfei?

Han Fei’s eyes almost popped out.

The last time he saw Ren Tianfei, he was such a mess.
But now, the one he saw had a resolute look and an upright sitting posture, with his hands resting on his knees seemingly casually, but it felt completely different.
He looked quite dignified!

Han Fei frowned. Is Ren Tianfei already dead?

Han Fei wasn’t so sure.
This “Ren Tianfei” he saw the last time was actually just two drops of his blood essence.
It didn’t mean this old guy was still alive.

“Old Ren… Old Fool…”

Ren Tianfei didn’t respond, sitting there like a sculpture.

Han Fei stepped forward and stopped in front of Ren Tianfei, but he still didn’t respond.
So Han Fei extended a finger and poked him only to find that the body was so hard that it really felt like a stone.

Han Fei blinked.
“You don’t even have a weapon or a battle suit.
Old fellow, are you fake?”

Han Fei calculated the timing.
Ren Tianfei only made 99 Sea Tokens, and the painting was left here more than 30 years ago.

But what if Old Han lied? The Sea Quelling Painting was already here over 300 years ago, or Ren Tianfei had also joined in the war more than 30 years ago.

Looking at the corpse for a long time, Han Fei got bolder.
He sat beside Ren Tianfei and put a hand on his shoulder.
“Hey, you couldn’t have died! I still have the map you gave me! I still want to loot the Zhang Family in the Thousand Star City together with you!”

However, Ren Tianfei’s body gave no response at all, so Han Fei said leisurely, “Forget it, no matter if you died or not, I can still cultivate the third level of the Indestructible Body Art.
Perhaps there will be a fourth, fifth, or sixth level… Oh, your body feels so hard.
You must be a dummy.
I’m going to climb the stairs.”

Han Fei suddenly became more confident.

Since Ren Tianfei was guarding here, he, the heir to the Indestructible Body, should be able to take everything here, right?

At least, he was the most qualified one!

With this in mind, Han Fei suddenly got up, ignored the corpse, and walked onto the first step.

However, as soon as he set his foot on it, Han Fei… Disappeared.

And the finger of Ren Tianfei, who had been motionless, suddenly twitched slightly.

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