Chapter 920: Spider Camp

In a primitive forest like this, the sky was usually also a restricted area.
Otherwise, the sky would be full of birds, but birds were rare in the sky now.

Besides, he witnessed how the big eagle tore a Hidden Fisher apart with a single claw.
If it wasn’t necessary, Han Fei didn’t want to fly through the sky…

Sure enough, when the Ghost Speed Divine Boat had just flown less than a hundred kilometers away, a huge shadow swooped down from the clouds.
The speed was comparable to that of Han Fei after he had used the Agility of Wind and the Overlord’s Technique.


The sound of the flute was heard, the sky was full of flowing lights and mystic rhythm resounded across the sky.

Fist marks blasted into the air and explosions rang everywhere.

When Han Fei and the others arrived 30 kilometers away on the Shadow Fierce Cat, they saw the Ghost Speed Divine Boat easily torn by the big black bird like a paper boat.

In mid-air, Cao Tian punched towards the sky.
His fist marks shot out, sending the bird’s feathers flying everywhere.

However, the big bird seemed to have some problems with its mental state and wobbled in the air, which must have been caused by Cao Jiaren’s flute.

Han Fei sneered.
“Look, they’ve been shot down! Although Cao Tian has amazing combat power, he can’t just do anything he wants in an unfamiliar world! Who does he think he is?”

Zhang Xuanyu said, “Haha! Aren’t we the fastest ones now?”

Le Renkuang nodded repeatedly.
“This cat is a good mount.
No one can catch up with us, so we don’t need to fight.”

Luo Xiaobai said, “Be careful.
We are being targeted by someone underground.”

The others were all surprised, and Han Fei asked, “Underground?”

The ground could block perception, so it was hard for him to notice anything underground.

Therefore, Han Fei didn’t usually try to perceive underground.
He would generally only perceive two or three meters underground.
However, Luo Xiaobai could control spiritual plants, who could know more than him on this aspect.

The Shadow Fierce Cat ran wildly with all kinds of fancy spiritual plants on both sides of the road, which were probably the kinds of flowers that Youye liked the most.

But the more beautiful the appearance, the more dangerous they were.

They didn’t receive an attack from underground first, but an attack from the mushrooms.


While they were rushing forward, they saw many white flake-shaped things on the ground ahead, blocking their way.

Then, they saw a white umbrella mushroom.

Suddenly, the mushroom deformed.

The mushroom column suddenly opened and they were shocked to discover that this was not a mushroom, but a big spider, a spider bigger than a house.

The spider was disguised as a mushroom, waiting for its prey to come.

As one spider woke up, all the spiders woke up.
One umbrella mushroom after another turned into a big spider.


Han Fei was sweating a little and quickly controlled the Shadow Fierce Cat to sweep past the gap beside them.
All of a sudden, the four people and one cat found themselves in a spider camp.

Puff… Puff… Puff…

In all directions, countless milky white silk strands were projected.

But fortunately, the speed of the Shadow Fierce Cat was fast enough.
It was like a black shadow, jumping and moving among the thousands of silk strands.

Luo Xiaobai manipulated the vines to emerge, blocking more than half of the spider silk.

Zhang Xuanyu exclaimed, “Look, there is a person there!”

Then they found that a guy was curled in a ball on a spider web, with only his head sticking out.
His face was ghastly pale, and he had obviously been dead for a long time.

Luo Xiaobai noted, “He’s a disciple of the Sea Cloud Tower.
They’ve already made it this far in the jungle.
That’s really fast.”


A big spider leaped over brandishing its claws.

The Shadow Fierce Cat flashed from the side, almost rubbing against the big guy.

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged.

Bow-Footed Umbrella Spider

A camouflage jumping spider, its belly is like an umbrella, and its feet are like bows.
It can be disguised as harmless mushrooms of various colors, often hides among the flowers, and catches insects that suck nectar.
Any creatures smaller than them are its prey.
It can jump up to 100 meters high at a time, and its bow-like feet are as sharp as knives.
It fears fire and extreme cold.



22,208 points


Spider Silk

At this moment, Han Fei and the others saw that a large swarm of the spiders jumped up, trying to catch them who were flashing frantically.


Luo Xiaobai clasped her hands and thousands of vines came out.
However, the spiders’ claws swept across, cutting those vines into countless pieces.

Le Renkuang’s face was shaking and he said, “I said it before, I hate bugs.”

Han Fei stretched out his hand, and the Infinity Water turned into an invisible sharp blade, flying away.

At the same time, his spiritual energy shot out of his body.
Spiritual energy flames erupted instantly, and the flying spider silk was instantly burned and melted.

For a time, a large number of spiders jumped elsewhere.
This relieved everyone.

Han Fei said, “Don’t smile too early.
Although they are afraid of fire, this flame is a spiritual energy flame, which is different from a real flame.
Once my control is weakened, they will pounce at us together.”

Le Renkuang immediately said, “If only Xia Xiaochan were here! She could burn this place.”

Han Fei thought, As a refiner, I have always been using spiritual fire in refining, but I forgot to learn a real fire refinement technique.
Otherwise, I’d be able to easily destroy this spider camp.

However, fortunately, this camp of spiders wasn’t large.

Han Fei said, “It’s not far ahead.
I can hold on.
Don’t attack them for now.”

But at this moment, the ground was shaking slightly.
Han Fei perceived and immediately shouted, “Not good! Fly to the sky.”

This was because the Shadow Fierce Cat seemed to be unable to resist the thing underground.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

The four of them lifted off at the same time and flew to an altitude of 100 meters.

A Wind God Boat appeared and Le Renkuang quickly controlled it to fly forward.

Han Fei tried to turn the Shadow Fierce Cat into a shadow.
After all, this big cat was really strong, fast, and responsive.

But the ground collapsed, and a large number of red ants larger than a hand gushed out like spring water.

Han Fei controlled the Shadow Fierce Cat, but only persisted for three minutes before he was surrounded by spiders, spider silk, and flame ants.

Firstly, they were entangled in spider silk, then spiders pounced at them, and then a large swarm of flame ants came up.

Han Fei wanted to collect the Shadow Fierce Cat, but maybe because there were too many things going on, the Shadow Fierce Cat’s soul shook but gave no response.

Han Fei had to retract the Void Lines.
This cat could not be saved.

The others swallowed saliva and looked shocked.

Zhang Xuanyu asked in shock, “It became a skeleton so quickly?”

Han Fei nodded slightly.
“The ants smell like Marching Ants.
However, there should also be their natural enemies here.
Otherwise, they would have eaten everything here a long time ago.”

At this moment, the flame ants and the Bow-Footed Umbrella Spiders were fighting each other.
A large number of small spiders gushed out of the spider’s belly.

Luo Xiaobai shouted in a low voice, “Attention, a bird is coming.”

Han Fei cursed and said, “Wait a moment, you guys keep going.
I’ll go check it out.”

Zhang Xuanyu shot back, “No, let me use the Momentary Time to block it.
As long as we pass the spider camp, we can land immediately.”

Le Renkuang nodded.
“I can use the Sky Swallowing Technique too.”

Han Fei shook his head.
“This one isn’t the same as the one we saw just now.
It’s only over 30 meters in length.
Let me try and see if I can catch it.
If I can, we can fly through!”

Everyone couldn’t help but glance at Han Fei in shock.
Brother, the big cat has just died and you’re going to catch a bird again?

After five minutes.

Han Fei’s Phantom Glass Wings spread out and he flew to the sky.
His golden fish marks blasted towards the big bird.

However, the big bird was very agile.
It moved sideways in mid-air and dodged the attack.

“Oh! It’s really quick!”

When the two were 100 meters apart, Han Fei disappeared with a swish, appeared next to the big bird, and threw out the Void Lines.

However, the big bird turned into a shadow and evaded the Void Lines with an extremely beautiful posture.

“Wow! Good dodging skills.”

A string of information appeared in Han Fei’s eyes again.

Sky Swimming Falcon

One of the fastest raptors in the sky, with a trace of the blood of the ancient falcon, inheriting the Sky Swimming Technique, extremely rare.
Its wings can break gold and crack stones.
Its claws are very powerful and no Divine weapons can resist them.
The sky was its battlefield.
As the king of the sky, it’s not afraid of any enemies in the same realm.




63,258 points

Eating it can enhance blood and speed.

Sky Swimming Feather


Han Fei was shocked.
He didn’t expect that a bird popping up randomly would turn out to be a legendary creature!

Besides, it easily avoided the Void Lines.
Obviously, this law of teleportation was comparable to his flash.

This reminded Han Fei of the Ye Family’s Star Teleportation Technique.
Was there any connection between the two?

At this moment, the Sky Swimming Falcon attacked again.
The king of the sky didn’t fear any creatures.
Besides, it thought that Han Fei was weaker than it.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

“Flash, Flash, Flash!”

One person and one bird kept flashing in the sky.

For a time, no one could win.
Han Fei was almost hit by this bird several times.

Even if Han Fei wanted to use the law of gravity, he didn’t have the time.
He couldn’t use the power so quickly.
Otherwise, this Sky Swimming Falcon would surely be able to kill him.

“Fine! I quit.
Just fly in the sky!”

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