The wasps approached quickly, and information emerged in Han Fei’s eyes.

Magic-Tailed Wasp

An ancient insect, with a large and poisonous body.
Female wasps have a long needle in their tails, which can be retracted or shot out, and is extremely poisonous.
Male wasps can spray poison arrows and are highly aggressive.
Magic-Tailed Wasps have sharp claws and teeth, blade-like wings, and an extremely fast speed.
They often travel in groups.
Don’t go near them if you don’t have to.



16,864 points


Magic-Tailed Poison Sting, Magic-Tailed Poison

Seeing the birds coming, Han Fei immediately flew towards the wasps.
With a swish, he flashed and appeared on the back of a wasp…

And the place where he was just now was drilled through by a big bird.

In a flash, Han Fei saw the big bird’s data.

White-Tailed Fairy

White-Tailed Fairy lives in the woods and feeds on insects, preferably ants.
They usually live in tree holes and their white tails are comparable to Divine weapons.
With sharp beaks, they’re good at pecking their enemies.
Their wings are soft but can be shot out in battle.



18,998 points

Long-term consumption can increase strength.

White Tail Whip

Han Fei immediately gasped in shock. A random bird is so powerful? Level-58! It is equivalent to an advanced Hidden Fisher.


Han Fei saw that a guy dodged the Magic-Tailed Stings, the sharp beaks, and the flying feathers all over the sky.

However, a white whip swept across, cutting the man with his battle suit into two pieces.

“F*ck… Is there no ocean here? This damn land world is even more dangerous than the ocean world!”


Han Fei placed one hand on a wasp’s head and was about to use the Void Lines to control this thing, but a White-Tailed Fairy came at him.


Han Fei flashed again, appearing on the White-Tailed Fairy’s back.
The Void Lines buckled White-Tailed Fairy’s body and controlled its soul.

The wasp attacking him was pecked through and its venom flew across.

In Han Fei’s body, the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect immediately began to work.
In his perception, Luo Xiaobai and the others had rushed more than 50 kilometers away.

Han Fei immediately controlled the White-Tailed Fairy to fly towards the people from the Thousand Star City.

“Hey! Let’s settle our unsettled accounts.
This land is my home court!”

Riding the bird felt much better than riding an insect! The big wings stretched out and he flew across the air.

Sun Mu took all his men to land on a big mushroom.

Han Fei recognized the mushroom.
This was a Poison God Umbrella, which was one of the most famous mushrooms, easy to recognize.
Such mushrooms usually had a symbiotic relationship with the trees around it.

Poison God Mushrooms couldn’t poison people to death, but this mushroom was bigger than a house.
Han Fei wasn’t quite sure about its toxicity.


Han Fei controlled the White-Tailed Fairy to attack them.

Sun Mu immediately changed his face and shouted angrily, “Han Fei, do you want to start a battle when we’ve just gotten here?”

Han Fei laughed wildly.
“This is my territory.
No matter what, I’m gonna kill you first.”

The white tail swept across, and a strong master punched out.

However, Han Fei’s target was never them.


Han Fei activated the Nine Mansions Dragon Seal and shattered the Poison God Umbrella.

For a time, poisonous powder flew all over the sky.

Sun Mu thought this mushroom was just a spiritual plant and didn’t see anything special about it.

However, when a fog spread, his servants immediately shouted, “Young Master, it’s poisonous.”


Han Fei activated the Draw Technique.
Sun Mu flashed out and a servant of the Sun Family was killed.

Han Fei jumped down.

He wasn’t afraid of the mushroom’s poison at all! The Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect was going to evolve and needed to swallow new poisons.


In an instant, Han Fei hacked out and sent another man flying upside down.
Unfortunately, this man was already prepared and managed to escape.

However, the Overlord’s Technique was immediately activated.

That man was chopped to death by Han Fei as soon as he walked out of the void.

“Han Fei, go to hell!”

Sun Mu brandished his sword and slashed straight at Han Fei.
The two of them were locked in a pitched battle.

Seeing this scene, many people gasped in shock.
Are the people from the Thug Academy lunatics? How can they start a fight before they even figure out where we are?


When Han Fei was about to annihilate the servants of the Sun Family when a water dragon roared and pounced on him.


The Art of Invincibility was activated and Han Fei threw three punches at the dragon.

Han Fei grinned.
“Phew, Miss Mo, you want to join in the fun too?”

Mo Feiyan snorted coldly.
“Han Fei, last time you attacked me in the Wind Sky Canyon! Today is my revenge!”

Han Fei’s perception swept across and found that Zhang Wen, Li Heiye, and Li Baizhou were coming.
He gritted his teeth. Sh*t, it seems that he has no chance to kill Sun Mu today.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Hey, wait for me here.
I’ll take care of you one by one.”


The White-Tailed Fairy flew over, Han Fei flashed, sat on the bird’s back, and flew straight away.

Li Luoluo shouted to Han Fei, “Why don’t we go together?”

Han Fei responded, “No, let’s act separately!”

However, Han Fei discovered that Youye and Yue Shier were together and had already landed.

After the others landed, they dispersed and left as soon as possible.
Someone was fighting a big snake on the tree.
The disciples of the Mountain Sea Pavilion were besieging a large land lizard…

However, this had nothing to do with Han Fei.
In his perception, Luo Xiaobai and the others had run more than 80 kilometers away.

“Huh! Where is Senior Brother Dashuai and his wife?”

While Han Fei was searching, he suddenly heard a melody.

Han Fei frowned and turned his eyes to Cao Jiaren on a mushroom, who was also looking at him.

Cao Qiu said to him in voice transmission, Run!

Han Fei’s face turned cold as he saw Cao Tian standing in the air, blocking his way.

Han Fei asked, “What is this? Wanna fight me?”

Cao Tian gave an innocent smile and said, “This time the most powerful contender is you.
Now, the other people of the Thug Academy are not around, so it’s the best time to solve you.”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
While he was hunting others, someone was also hunting him!


Han Fei killed the White-Tailed Fairy with a cut, retracted the Void Lines, and smiled coldly.
“Okay! I had thought that you were the strongest in the Cao Family, but it turns out your uncle is.
Now, let’s fight.”

He perceived Sun Mu and the others were flying in this direction, seemingly not wanting to miss this opportunity.
But was Han Fei afraid of them?


Just at this moment, a cat’s claw appeared in the air and scratched at Cao Tian.

Big Yellow’s appearance surprised Han Fei.
Big Yellow said, “Han Fei, let me help you beat him.”

Han Fei grinned.
“Thanks, Big Yellow, I’ll treat you to a big fish when we’re back!”


Han Fei turned around and held a longbow in his hand.
The eighth arrow of the War Soul Art burst out and darted at Cao Jiaren.
After that, he jumped into the air and punched Cao Tian.

Cao Tian had just blocked Big Yellow’s blow, and hurriedly raised his hands to parry Han Fei’s punch.

Granny Yin said lightly, “Okay, Big Yellow, stop playing.
Let’s go.”

“Meow! Han Fei, I have to go!”

Han Fei was dumbfounded. Sh*t, how can you leave so soon?

“Nine Mansions Dragon Seal!”

A dragon roared and pounced at Cao Tian.
Han Fei took the opportunity to fly away and rush towards Luo Xiaobai and the others.

On the way, a figure flashed by. Is it Ye Baiyu?

Han Fei gave him a sideways glance.
“You can try attacking me.
But if you fail, I’ll kill you.”

Ye Baiyu thought about it and gave up.
He was not sure about beating Han Fei, so he didn’t have to take this risk.

Ye Baiyu smiled.
“I’m just passing by.”

Behind them, Tang Ge and Mu Ling had just come down with a group of disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect.
At this moment, Tang Ge brandished his halberd, yelling, “Cao Tian, let’s fight!”

Han Fei nodded at Tang Ge and ran away.

The Heavenly Sword Sect, ranked first among the seven major sects, was even stronger than the Jade Fairy Palace.
Han Fei wasn’t afraid Tang Ge would be in danger…

If Han Fei had known that he would be in trouble, he wouldn’t have attacked Sun Mu in the first place.

After a while, Han Fei frowned and looked at the huge crack on the ground.
There were signs of fighting on the ground.

But where were Luo Xiaobai and the others?

Han Fei followed their traces, only to find a pool of blood.
Judging from the amount of blood, the blood was definitely an animal’s.

Han Fei pinched his fingers and calculated, and found that the Luo Xiaobai trio seemed to have separated from Chu Linyuan and the others.

Han Fei glanced in his mind.
Little Black and Little White had not yet completed their evolution.
How could he find them in such a huge primitive jungle without Little White’s help?


Suddenly, Han Fei felt the ground shaking.
A hand-sized ant came out of the ground.

“Hey! Little ant.”

Han Fei jumped on the tree and saw a few shadows flashing past with a swish. Are those squirrels? But these squirrels are huge!

This is a lost world, nothing to do with the sea… It has so many land creatures! Did the underground city move away instead of sinking into the ground?

It could be! It was like how the Time Dragon Carp opened up the River Of Time as a living space for Little Time.

There must be a strong master who can open up space and store a new world in it…

This was a strong possibility.

After all, the space in Forge the Universe had expanded again.
If this space was like the kind of space in the Star Shell, it was very likely.

Well, Xiaobai should be able to adapt to this place very well.
If the three of them stay together, they should be safe, as long as they don’t separate.

With a swish, Han Fei disappeared into the forest.

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