Chapter 915: A Complete Victory

No one knew what it was like outside.

Anyway, the battle had become so fierce that everyone seemed to be in a violent wave.

Except for the corner where Han Fei and the others were in, other places had been beaten into mud pits.
With the naked eye, nothing could be seen…

Xue Shenqi and Blue Feather were fighting.
Han Fei even wondered whether they would destroy this ancient battlefield.

After about half an hour, the battle finally ended.

Han Fei said to Old Jiang via voice transmission, Hey, old man, how is it going outside? How many died?

Old Jiang answered, “Four of the Eight Wings of Blue Feather have died, and Blue Feather was severely injured under the siege of two Explorers.
At this moment, he has escaped.”

Han Fei curled his lips. Only four died? I thought they would all die…

Old Jiang snorted. Stupid, Xue Shenqi wouldn’t really kill Blue Feather.
If he killed Blue Feather, what if the Ten Thousand Demon Valley had a stronger leader? So, it is better to keep Blue Feather.

Han Fei curiously asked, What about Qiannian Ying? Is he dead?

At the Explorer level, he’s not easy to kill! However, although we didn’t wipe out the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, we’ve ascertained what they’re capable of.
At least, as many as 32 Sea Spirit level sea demons were killed in the battle.
And the sea demons in the Sea Demon Realm on the ancient battlefield all died.

Han Fei swallowed.
It was already a good outcome!

Han Fei asked, What about human beings? How about the human masters?

Old Jiang chuckled. If it weren’t for protecting human seeds, at most two of the Eight Wings of Blue Feather could escape.
Most humans were protected.
This battle can be considered a complete victory for humans.

Han Fei couldn’t help but admire them.
He thought that the sea demons knew about the Sea Quelling Painting plan, but it turned out the stupid Blue Feather didn’t know of it at all…

He dared to get involved in this matter before he investigated it clearly.
How stupid!

After calming down, however, Han Fei felt that if he were Blue Feather, maybe even if he knew this was a trap, he would still have to jump inside.
Otherwise, if humans grabbed the ancient battlefield, the threat to the sea demons would be greatly increased.

“Tsk! This is an overt plot…”

Anyway, a guy who could be the supreme commander couldn’t be simple! Regardless of whether the sea demons meddled in this affair or not, he could maximize the benefits.
This battle could even determine the situation for the Scattered Stars Island in the next few decades.
What a smart move!

After a while, figures appeared in the air.

Xue Shenqi arrived and nodded at Old Jiang.
And the latter pressed a hand onto the array.
With cracking sounds, the array was soon put away by Old Jiang.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

This time, more than a hundred Law Enforcers had come.
Cao Wudi was back.
Now there were three Explorers here, who were like three pillars for the human side.

There were also masters from the seven sects, members of the big clans from the Thousand Star City, and other Law Enforcers.

Han Fei looked around but didn’t find Old Han.

Huh! Old Han wants me to grab the Sea Quelling Painting, but he is not even here?

The juniors all went to greet their seniors.

Half an hour later, dozens of other people came here.
Han Fei saw that Yue Shier was carried over by a burly middle-aged man.

There were as many as 523 Hidden Fishers.

Han Fei said in surprise, “How are there even Hidden Fishers here?”

Xue Shenqi shouted, “This time, mankind has had a complete victory! More than 5,000 enemies in the Sea Demon Realm were killed.
You’ve done a great job.”


“Doesn’t it mean that the sea demons were almost wiped out?”

“Wow, is this a trap or something?”

“We won…”

Below, the people were in an uproar.

Beside Han Fei, only Le Renkuang exclaimed, “I knew it.
How could such a large-scale battle that is unprecedented in history be that simple?”

Zhang Xuanyu sighed.
“Anyway, I’ve already got a Divine weapon.
I have no regrets.”

As for Xiaobai and Jiang Qin, they were very calm and remained deadpan.

Han Fei sneered at Zhang Xuanyu.
“Do you dare to make it recognize you as its master? That thing may suck you to death.”

Zhang Xuanyu was taken aback for a moment.
“Then what should I do?”

Han Fei shrugged.
“How should I know? Just make do with the Semi-Divine weapon-level stick for now.
Unless you have enough spiritual fruits and spiritual medicine, don’t try to make that stick recognize you as its master.”

Zhang Xuanyu frowned.
“What if it is snatched away by someone?”

Han Fei smacked his lips and said, “Of course, snatch it back.
Others can’t become its master either.
Anyway, it’s now an ownerless weapon.”

However, Jiang Qin threw a pill bottle to Zhang Xuanyu and said, “Take it when you’re making it recognize you as its master.
The pills can bring a lot of energy to you.
However, even if the weapon has recognized you as its master, use it sparingly.
With your current strength, if you use a weapon of this level, it is likely to suck up all your spiritual energy.
Then you will be in danger.”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes lit up.
“Thank you, Senior Sister.
You are too kind.”

Zhang Xuanyu grinned from ear to ear.
His big trouble was solved by these pills that Jiang Qin gave him so casually.

Han Fei was surprised.
“Sister Qin, why do you have this kind of pill? Are there any more? I also have some weapons that haven’t recognized me as their master.”

Le Renkuangalso shouted in a trembling voice, “Senior Sister, don’t forget me…”

Jiang Qin glanced at them lightly.
“There are four pills in the bottle, one for each of you.”

So this was for the four of them!? If Han Fei hadn’t asked, the pills would have all been taken by Zhang Xuanyu.

Jiang Qin gave Han Fei a meaningful look.
“What Grandpa is best at is actually not arrays, but alchemy.”

Han Fei was taken aback for a moment. Has Tang Ge learned all the alchemy skills of Old Jiang?

However, thinking of the battle just now, Han Fei still wanted to learn arrays because an array master could show off his skills just as Old Jiang did just now, but an alchemy master couldn’t.

He could only draw an array combining more than a dozen arrays, but how many arrays were in the array Old Jiang set up just now?

Besides, Tang Ge was his good buddy.
He was happy for Tang Ge.
After Old Han disappeared, the two of them depended on each other for survival.
Now, Tang Ge practiced alchemy and he learned arrays.
Wasn’t it perfect?

With this in mind, Han Fei smiled.

In the sky, more Law Enforcers came over.

“Sir, we’ve taken all humans out of the ancient battlefield.
Is there anyone here who needs us to take them out?”

Xue Shenqi lowered his head and said lightly, “Anyone who doesn’t know the secret of this cave, get out of the way.”

In the crowd, many people whispered to each other.
Some people didn’t know the secret of this cave.

In the end, 102 people walked out.

When these people, after taking a step forward, looked back, their pupils constricted.
Do the remaining people all know the secret of this cave?

Ridiculous! Wasn’t everyone here for the first time? How could they know the secrets of this cave?

Han Fei and the others, of course, didn’t move.
Obviously, Xue Shenqi was about to clear the field.

However, to Han Fei’s surprise, Xue Shenqi said, “Listen well, you are all the Heavenly Talents of the Scattered Stars Island.
But today, you need to know one thing.
The Unknown Place is called this, not because of the Scattered Stars Island, but because of another world buried deep underground.
An underground city that only exists in legends…”


The 102 people were shocked.
They had never heard of this! But why were they being told now?

Xue Shenqi said, “Since you can be here, you have the right to know.
But… Listen, there is a lot of danger there.
If you leave now, you can immediately get the seven-star rank and ten million points of credit and can be a supervisor when you go back.
Anyone wanna leave?”

These 102 people looked at each other, pondering.
On one side there were great dangers, and on the other was a seven-star rank, ten million points of credit, and a promotion.
Which one should they choose?

Someone walked out.
He didn’t even know this secret before, which meant that the others were already prepared, so he might as well leave.

Having someone take the lead, soon a lot of people left.
Some people thought that they shouldn’t rush on the path of cultivation.
If they died in this cave, they wouldn’t have any chance.

Of course, there were naturally some people who refused to leave.
They finally got the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with the strongest people.
How could they let go of this chance? The path of cultivation was full of risks.
They couldn’t flinch.

Danger represented opportunity.
If they were afraid of death, they wouldn’t even have the qualifications to enter this ancient battlefield in the first place.

In the end, 76 of the 102 people were left.

The rest of them decided to take the risk.

A Law Enforcer landed, drawing an array with one hand.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly.
A small teleportation array? Junior Uncle Faceless had once shown it to him, and he also secretly learned it in the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, although he hadn’t mastered it.

The Law Enforcer said, “The people who want to leave, follow me.”

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