Chapter 907: Soul-Eating Botanical Garden

Han Fei guessed right.
This spiritual plant forest was definitely alive.
Even if it wasn’t alive, there was at least a boss like the Leafless Tree that could control the entire forest.

What Han Fei worried about was that if there really existed something like the Leafless Tree here, it would be dangerous.
In the demonic plant channel, there was strength suppression, so the Leafless Tree could only exert the strength of a Hanging Fisher.

But it was different here, where there was no strength suppression, which meant that the opponent could be very, very strong.

In this case, when necessary, Han Fei felt that he could try to destroy the ground veins and forcibly pull away the strength of that strong master.

However, he didn’t have the seeds of the Demon Shattering Vine.
If he wanted to destroy the ground veins, he would have to go underground and do it himself.

Han Fei walked forward with Li Luoluo, while transmitting, Can you… Destroy the veins and roots of this forest?

Li Luoluo tilted her head innocently. Destroy the ground veins?

Han Fei nodded. If necessary.
It may be of great use.

Li Luoluo smiled. OK, I can make my insects bite the ground veins.
However, I don’t know exactly what the ground veins here are.

Han Fei said, If there are some places that are different from others, it may be more dangerous.
Then, just gnaw off everything underground.

Li Luoluo giggled. No problem.


The water rippled slightly.
Han Fei said, “Let’s go! Let’s see what’s up front.”

After walking less than 10 kilometers, four sea demons suddenly appeared in front of Han Fei and Li Luoluo, including one Heavenly Talent, one intermediate Sea Demon Realm, and one in the advanced Sea Demon Realm.

“Bah! You call this danger?”

Li Luoluo said unhappily, “I don’t think they can pose any threat!”

Han Fei looked at the four sea demons thoughtfully and said leisurely, “The forest wanted us to take this path.
It must be its plan to have us meet these sea demons.
Interesting! Then let’s kill these sea demons as the forest wants.”

Li Luoluo immediately said, “Half and half!”

Han Fei grinned.
“No, let’s see who’ll kill the most sea demons first.”

Li Luoluo was annoyed.
“Come on, half and half! I’m a girl, and I helped you kill 4 Sun Family people.”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Fine! Half and half.”

The four sea demons were excited when they saw Han Fei and Li Luoluo.

The Half-Merman Heavenly Talent’s eyes flowed when he saw Han Fei.
“It’s Han Fei, leave him to me.
And the woman is yours.”


White light flashed, and a golden figure emerged.
The Heavenly Talent used the secret method of Sea God Descends.

On the other side, a waterman, a big fish, and a big mantis shrimp appeared.


As soon as the Phantom Glass Wings spread out, Han Fei flew out with a swish.
In an instant, dozens of golden fist marks burst out.

On the other end, Li Luoluo giggled, and colorful insect grass erupted.

The Heavenly Talent shouted angrily, “Han Fei… You are destined to be my… Agh!”

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Han Fei punched the harpoon, which bent in the hands of the Half-Merman with a single blow, and then crushed his secret method in a flash.

As Han Fei’s figure flashed, he repeatedly bombarded the Heavenly Talent on the ground, muttering, “Bullsh*t, you idiot!”

The Void Lines attached to this person.
The next second, a seal hit down.
It only took Han Fei 2 minutes to knock out the guy.

Then Han Fei turned this sea demon into his puppet.

That sea demon of the peak-level Sea Demon Realm that was controlled by him had been killed, so this guy would be his new puppet.

After reading the information in his mind, Han Fei saw images of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley but nothing about this ancient battlefield.
It seemed that the Void Lines were not omnipotent!

At this moment, Han Fei could only see the chaotic battle scenes in the Sea Demon Colosseum.


Awakened by the screams, Han Fei quickly looked back and found a sea demon had turned into a colorful statue.
The two others were scratching themselves frantically but were soon killed by Li Luoluo.

Li Luoluo looked at the Half-Merman who stood up again curiously and asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

Han Fei grinned.
“He’s controlled by my Soul Technique.”

“Soul Technique?”

Li Luoluo’s eyes widened. Han Fei is so scary! He has mastered such a creepy technique! Fortunately, I’m his neighbor.
Otherwise, I might be in danger.

Han Fei didn’t know what Li Luoluo thought.
In Han Fei’s view, Li Luoluo was the one who was scary.
This woman was so perverted that she turned people into works of art, which was creepy.

After a while, the two grabbed four Sea Swallowing Seashells.

Li Luoluo said, “One piece for you, one piece for me, one piece for you, one piece for me…”

Han Fei said impatiently, “I didn’t expect you to be quite greedy for money.
I’ll take this one, and the other three are yours.”

Li Luoluo snorted.
“Do you think I’m stupid? The good things are all in this one.”

Han Fei scoffed.
You can take half of the Semi-Divine weapons in this one.
Do you want the other things in it?”

Li Luoluo giggled.
I’ve already had too many ultra-quality spiritual weapons.”

The two talked and suddenly looked back, only to find that the sea demons that Li Luoluo had killed were suddenly entangled by countless vines, and then a large piece of vegetation got into their mouths.


Li Luoluo and Han Fei both shuddered. The forest ate them?

Suddenly, Han Fei found that vines were trying to entangle the Half-Merman Heavenly Talent controlled by Han Fei.


The Infinity Water swept over and large swathes of vines fell apart.

Han Fei said coldly, “If it’s for you, you can take it.
But if it’s not for you, you need to leave it alone!”

Sure enough, those vines began to shrink, and everything returned to silence.

Li Luoluo said in surprise, “It’s amazing.
This forest is really alive.”

After Han Fei looked at the people swallowed by the vines and found that their flesh and blood were withering.
He sent out a Void Line, only to find that the souls of these people were gone.


“What’s the matter?”

Han Fei frowned.
“I can’t feel their souls.”

Li Luoluo said casually, “They’re dead, so their souls dissipated!”

Han Fei shook his head.
“How can it be so fast? Hmm… Let’s keep going and see what’ll happen.”

Half a day later.

Han Fei and Li Luoluo had already encountered five waves of sea demons, with more in number each time.
However, fortunately, the two were strong enough.

For Han Fei, even if all these five waves of sea demons were put together, they were not his match.

At this moment.

The weird trees and vines were giving way.
Han Fei and Li Luoluo walked deeper.

Suddenly, Li Luoluo stopped.
“It’s not right this time.
There are a lot of vines and insects gathering around.”

Han Fei’s face turned cold.
“Are insects a problem for you? Can’t you control them?”

Li Luoluo exclaimed and said, “But there are so many of them that I doubt the forest wants to eat us!”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Then try to control them! Control the insects to eat this forest.”

Li Luoluo rolled her eyes.
“How can it be so easy? I can control hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, but how can I control millions of insects?”

As soon as she said so, countless hermit insects and gray vines came from all directions.

However, these insects were divided into two batches and were fighting and biting each other, which must have been because of Li Luoluo.

Han Fei sneered.
“The forest can’t kill us with sea demons, so it wants to use insects and vines? What an evil forest!”


The Infinity Water dispersed, and a hundred meters around Han Fei turned into a sea of knives.
The knives were flying across, and no vines could gather up.

Li Luoluo became serious.
“Han Fei, I’m afraid I can’t block this!”

Then a strange, colorful plant that resembled vines, insects, and grass appeared in front of her, and a colored haze was scattered.


Li Luoluo spouted a mouthful of blood.
“Humph! When I become a Law Enforcer, I’ll flatten this damn forest alone!”

Tens of thousands of colorful insects could hardly resist the insect tide army!

Only ten minutes later, these colorful insects had been gnawed away.

Han Fei stomped and a Spirit Gathering Array appeared.
Silks of spiritual energy shot out of his fingertips and entered Li Luoluo’s body.
The latter immediately perked up, ready to continue to control the insects.

Han Fei said, “Take a rest to recover.
Let me try.”

Li Luoluo still had some insects left, but they were her last resort.

As Han Fei concentrated, the knife that the Infinity Water turned into became smaller and smaller.
At first, it was a long knife, then became the size of a kitchen knife, and finally became the size of a flying dagger.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

The Infinity Water, like a meat grinder, was stirring frantically, and within a hundred meters, anything approaching it was crushed.

Even so, there were still many insects escaping.

However, the insects controlled by Li Luoluo were still here, so these escaping insects all became Li Luoluo’s property.

This process lasted for more than two hours.
In the end, Li Luoluo managed to control forty to fifty thousand new insects.


Han Fei felt dizzy.
“Your turn.”

Han Fei went to take a rest and Li Luoluo took his place.
She said, “We can’t go on like this.
In the ocean, there are almost endless insects! This forest is so vast and there are so many insects.
We can’t just keep killing the insects.”

Han Fei drank several sips of Spirit Awakening Fluid, stuffed mint leaves in his mouth, and slashed to death the puppet Half-Merman that had been following him.
He needed to absorb some soul power.

After half an hour, the insects controlled by Liluoluo were almost all dead, and the corpses of the insects were piled up like a mountain.
Liluoluo’s face was pale.
“Can you still fight?”

Han Fei bared his teeth.

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