Chapter 880: If You Don’t Take Now, There’ll Be Nothing Left

“The Pioneer Group? Is Sister Qin related to this?”

After Ye Xingchen left, Han Fei searched the Sea Spirit’s body and found a Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Then, he discovered more than thirty thousand kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid in it.

He was quite shocked.
Didn’t they say that nobody went to battle with good stuff? Why did this one carry some?

More than thirty thousand kilograms! To be more exact, Han Fei believed there had to be around thirty-five thousand.

He must’ve looted it recently before he came to battle.
He didn’t expect that he would be killed here, but looks like I’m the one who gets it in the end!

Han Fei almost couldn’t stop himself from smiling.
He had truly become rich.
With the thirty-five thousand kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid, he could become an intermediate Hidden Fisher.

Big Yellow turned into a little cat again and looked at Han Fei curiously.
“Why are you so happy?”

Han Fei instantly dropped his smile and looked at Big Yellow as well as Luo Yu who was going to take the body of the Sea Spirit away.
He looked up at the sky and said casually, “Big Yellow, it’s not easy for human beings to survive in this chaotic world that’s savaged by sea demons.
Difficulties and hardships are what we must live with…”

Luo Yu was stunned.
Why was Han Fei suddenly being sentimental?

Also, the life of human beings wasn’t really that hard, was it?

Then, Han Fei suddenly became solemn.
“As part of humankind, I’m grieved to see all this.
I can’t sleep in peace unless the ferocious sea demons are annihilated!”

The people who listened to Han Fei’s speech were all touched.

Someone remarked, “It seems that Han Fei isn’t as bad as he’s said to be.
He’s a good guy!”

Someone nodded.
“Yes! The Dark Hunter Legion must’ve been smearing him.
They’re horrible!”

Someone said, “Is that the devotion of a top-level expert?”

Someone was excited.
“He’s a role model to all of us!”

Suddenly, Han Fei flapped his wings and looked at Big Yellow.
“Big Yellow, battles are going on in the front line.
I can’t sit by.
As a cat, you should enjoy your life and have as many fish as possible.
You shouldn’t come with me.”

Luo Yu was moved.
“Han Fei, the battles ahead are too dangerous for us…”

The more she talked, the lower her voice became, as she realized that Han Fei had already killed a Sea Spirit.

Han Fei looked back at Luo Yu.
“I’m always ready to sacrifice myself.
You and Big Yellow can stay and hold this defensive line.
I’m willing to risk my life.”

As he talked, he dashed to the sky and summoned the Wind God Boat, moving straight ahead.

Han Fei secretly chuckled. Are you kidding me? Two Undersea Chimneys have already appeared, and a third one is coming.
Who can refuse that?

If he could kill one Sea Spirit, he probably could kill another one, as long as the enemy had enough Spirit Awakening Fluid with him…

But of course, his most important task was to look for the third Undersea Chimney that hadn’t shown up yet.

Beating the Sea Spirits wasn’t nearly as important as that.
As a Hidden Fisher, he would rather not confront them if he had a chance.

In the rear.

Big Yellow squatted on the surface of the sea and looked at where Han Fei went.
“What was he talking about? I wasn’t going to follow him!”

Luo Yu said solemnly, “Han Fei is a respectable man.”

After flying for three thousand kilometers, Han Fei saw nothing except the sea creatures that were swimming to the Scattered Stars Island.
There was no sign of the two Undersea Chimneys that had already shown up.

Immediately, Han Fei dove into the water and summoned Little White and Little Black.

Little Black went on a rampage against the sea creatures around, as it was hungry.

Han Fei, on the other hand, pett Little White.
“Daughter, can you find a lot of Spirit Awakening Fluid? Like, really a lot.
I won’t take it if it’s too little…”

Little White wandered around and didn’t seem to find any target.

Seeing that, Han Fei said, “Daughter, don’t worry.
I’ll take you two thousand kilometers ahead.”

A moment later…

In the water.

Han Fei asked, “How is it going? Did you find anything?”

Little White circled for a while and then wavered, looking left and right in turns.

“No need to rush.
We’ll go another two thousand kilometers forward.”

This time, Little White finally confirmed something.
Although it occasionally looked left, it looked to the right most of the time.

Han Fei instantly understood that there was probably a lot of Spirit Awakening Fluid on either side.

He couldn’t help but ask, “Little White, which side has the stench of battles and blood?”

This time, Little White looked at the left side without hesitation.

“Got it.”

Han Fei grinned.
It meant that a huge battle was probably going on at the Undersea Chimney on the left side.

Immediately, Han Fei boarded on a boat and moved to the right side with Little White.

He didn’t want to get involved in the fight.
He would rather wait for the new Undersea Chimney to appear and then secretly fetch all the Spirit Awakening Fluid.

In any case, someone had to get the Spirit Awakening Fluid.
It would be better for him to take it than to let it go to sea demons.

After rushing for almost five thousand kilometers, Han Fei didn’t see any sea demon experts around.

He estimated that the new Undersea Chimney probably hadn’t emerged yet.
When it emerged, it would probably cause noises that would attract experts.

At the bottom of the sea, Han Fei asked, “Daughter, how far away is it? Are there sea demons around?”

Little White moved its body, which made Han Fei frown, as that was an implication of yes.

However, Little White was already focused on one direction.
Since they had already traveled ten thousand kilometers, Han Fei believed that he would arrive at the destination in another ten thousand kilometers at most.

If there were sea demons around, he could always circumvent them.
Could they find the location faster than Little White?

An hour later, Han Fei returned to the old route after taking a turn.

In the water.

“Daughter, how far away is it? Is it longer than the distance we’ve already traveled?”

This time, Han Fei saw Little White wagging its tail.
Also, he heard a vague voice in his head that seemed to be trying to tell him something.

Unfortunately, the voice was too vague for Han Fei to hear.

However, Han Fei did confirm that the new Undersea Chimney must be within five thousand kilometers.

After two thousand kilometers, Han Fei was no longer flying in the sky, because he found that many creatures were gathering at one location.

Damn it, I can’t let those sea creatures beat me to it.

Han Fei invoked the Phantom Glass Wings and moved at a high speed.

The Infinity Water was turned into a giant sword and enshrouded Han Fei.

Han Fei held Little White and Little Black in his arms.
All the aggressive creatures in his way were too scared of the Infinity Water to approach him.

There were a few powerful exotic creatures that attempted to attack Han Fei.

“If you stand in my way of seeking fortune, I’ll just kill you.”

A shark was torn apart by Han Fei and collected in Forge the Universe for cooking later.

However, Han Fei found that more and more creatures were gathering.
There weren’t just fish and lobsters, but also worms, snakes and even plants.

Damn it! I will not share! The Undersea Chimney is mine!

After rushing for hundreds of kilometers, Han Fei discovered that several Red Demons and Half-Mermen were fighting.

I’m screwed, the location is exposed.
The Undersea Chimney is exposed!

The sea demons stopped when they saw Han Fei.
Their first thought was not to kill him but to escape.

“You want to inform the others? Not a chance!”

Han Fei activated the Overlord’s Technique and rushed forward like a ray of light.

He killed seven Red Demons and three Half-Mermen in only a hundred seconds.

One of the Half-Mermen seemed rather strong and tried to use Blood Escape.

However, Han Fei simply shot the eighth arrow of the War Soul Art with the Wandering Dragon Bow and blew it up.

“Heh! What are you thinking? You think I’ll let you walk away?”

After taking care of the sea demon, Han Fei reached his destination three hundred kilometers later.
He found that an Undersea Chimney was rising at a visible speed.

Han Fei said to Little White, “Daughter, keep an eye out for me.
If anything here is as dangerous as Big Yellow, bite me.”


Han Fei: “???”

Han Fei was stunned.
“Where is the danger? How far away is it?”

Then, Little White looked at the rising hill.

Han Fei was surprised.
“There are dangers inside the Undersea Chimney?”

Immediately, Han Fei made up his mind.
Even if there were dangers, so what? Could he let go of the Undersea Chimney because of the dangers?

Certainly not.
He would never refuse the meat being fed to his mouth.

Han Fei instantly locked down the area in a three-meter radius with the Infinity Water.
Whoever trespassed would die.

“Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp, get up and work! Dig into the hill!”

Han Fei didn’t know if digging would work.
However, he sensed that dozens of creatures were digging twenty meters down the hill.
So, he might follow them until the method proved ineffective.

The Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp was smart enough to crawl into a lobster cave and tied up the lobster.

That lobster was only level-49.
Even though it was exotic, it couldn’t resist the Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp’s Void Chains!

Also, Han Fei closely followed it and condensed the Infinity Water into a huge drill.

Han Fei was smart enough to use the Infinity Water as a driller.
He dug into the hill crazily.

He was going to dig to the center of the rising hill, when he had a sense of crisis.

He had a feeling that a terrifying danger would happen if he dug further.

Immediately, Han Fei triggered a thought and controlled the Infinity Water to dig in another way.

He also deployed the Overlord, split some of his soul, and installed an ultra-quality demonic stone in the Overlord.

He intended to go inside together with the Overlord.

Nobody could get treasures without taking risks.
He had a lot of ways to protect himself.
The Law of Gravity alone could keep many Sea Spirits occupied for a long time.

Suddenly, Little White bit him again.

Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
“Daughter, is it more dangerous inside, or is it outside?”

As it turned out, Little White looked towards the outside.

Han Fei instantly took a deep breath, knowing that someone must’ve come.
He had to loot the Undersea Chimney before it was too late.

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