Naturally, Han Fei didn’t hesitate, as human beings were outnumbered by the sea demons.

Seeing that Han Fei was on board, Luo Yu simply controlled the boat to fly to the sea.

Han Fei closely followed her.
As a Hidden Fisher, he was here to help with the battle, and he could fight anywhere.

After flying for about five hundred kilometers, Han Fei saw an overwhelming number of boats in the sky, and countless Hanging Fishers were working together to hunt the powerful creatures.

He also saw at least fifty Hidden Fishers who flapped their wings and flew in the sky.

Some were fighting the sea demons that glided to the sky, some were fighting on the surface of the sea, and some were fighting with their fishing poles as other people.

Because the sea demons had sent so many creatures to battle, they could easily hit their target.
Even if they missed the target, they would still hit the creature behind it.

It was the first time that Han Fei had witnessed the Guild of Fishers’ way of fighting.
Those people were all using their fishing poles as weapons.

Han Fei saw that a Scorching Fire Fish was caught and cut in halves.
He also saw that dozens of long swords were attached to someone’s fishing hook and cutting the sea crazily.
He also saw that someone was darting their hook like a sword and killing a creature with every attack.

Han Fei was quite surprised at their way of fighting.

He followed Luo Yu to the front line.
Luo Yu didn’t have time to talk to him.
She simply recalled the boat, unfolded her wings, and slew a sea demon in the sky.

In terms of numbers, the sea demons had more experts than human beings did, by a margin of forty.
Some humans were fighting two or even three enemies at the same time.

Also, Han Fei occasionally saw other top Half-Merman experts flying close from far away.

Han Fei looked at Big Yellow.
“Big Yellow, can you do without wings?”


Big Yellow said proudly with its head held high, “I have an awesome flying technique, but I can’t take any action just yet.”

Han Fei knew that Big Yellow was as powerful as a Law Enforcer, and all the people fighting here were the level of Hidden Fishers.
The enemies must have Law Enforcer experts who observed the battle too.

Han Fei scanned with his senses and detected a Half-Merman fifty kilometers away, who wore a golden battle suit and held a golden harpoon.
He didn’t do anything but simply watched.

Seeing that Han Fei was still on the boat, someone shouted, “Bro, come down here and help!”

Han Fei said to Big Yellow, “Then I’ll recall the boat.
You can fly on your own.”


Han Fei recalled the boat and quickly unfolded his Phantom Glass Wings.

The moment the Phantom Glass Wings unfolded, everybody who was fighting at the heights, including the sea demons, were quite shocked.
Who was this guy? Why were his wings so weird?

“Han Fei?”

“The Phantom Glass Wings?”

“Hey! He’s a tough guy!”

Behind Han Fei, the Hanging Fishers who were killing enemies by fishing all exclaimed.

“He’s a bigshot!”

“He’s a tough guy!”

“I didn’t expect that such a brutal man would help the Guild of Fishers.”

Luo Yu was surprised too.
She didn’t expect that the person that she invited for help at random would turn out to be Han Fei.

Without a word, the moment Han Fei showed the Phantom Glass Wings, three sea demons already came for him.

Han Fei detected two beginner sea demons and one mid-level sea demon.
None used a golden harpoon, which suggested that they were no Heavenly Talents.

At that moment, Han Fei grinned.
“Only three? Do you have no respect for me at all?”


In the sky, Han Fei moved like a streak of light.
When he was several dozen meters from the enemy, an enormous scorpion phantom and a water statue punched him.


Han Fei disappeared and emerged behind one of the Half-Mermen, leaving a glow behind him in the air.


After only one attack, the sea demon was cut into pieces by Han Fei.


Han Fei blinked in the void so fast that, even though the mid-level sea demon blocked Han Fei’s three attacks, the other Half-Merman was cut into pieces by Han Fei with one attack too.


The last Half-Merman roared, “This man is ferocious! Come and help!”

Han Fei could understand the sea demons’ language.
He sneered. Do you think anybody can help you? Do you have no respect for the Phantom Glass Wings?

Shua! Shua!

Two wind blades were slashed out, and the Half-Mermaid blinked again.
At the same time, the Void Lines caught the Half-Merman precisely.

The Half-Merman felt a life crisis in every direction.
He had no idea where to run.

“Blood Escape!”

“Escape my ass!”

Before the Half-Merman could escape, he had been tied up by the Void Lines.


Han Fei slashed and executed him.

Not that Han Fei didn’t want to control the Half-Merman, but he couldn’t reveal his trump card just yet.
If the Half-Merman fell under his control so quickly, it would raise a lot of people’s attention.

Han Fei grinned.
“No Immortal Seals and no Dying Strikes? I can kill as many people like him as there are!”

Han Fei was saying that for the Sea Spirit sea demon far away to hear, as he was quite confident of his progress and eager to fight a real expert.

In only three seconds, three sea demon experts had perished, which shocked Luo Yu and other people.

Someone laughed.
“As expected of the genius who has acquired the Wind God Pearl after sixty years.
Smelly fish, you think you can conquer the Scattered Stars Island? In your dreams!”

Luo Yu quickly said, “Stay focused! Don’t be distracted!”

The people on the boats were so excited to see Han Fei brutalizing the sea demons that they almost wished that they could fight alongside Han Fei.

Someone roared, “Let’s work harder! The more enemies we kill, the easier the battles behind us will be.”

Han Fei had killed three enemies in one clash, so he naturally attracted the sea demons’ attention.
Two of them came again.

Both of them were quite extraordinary.
One of them was a high-level sea demon, and the other was a peak-level one.

Also, both of them wore golden armor and carried Semi-Divine weapons, which meant that they had Immortal Seals and Dying Strikes.

But so what?

Han Fei put on the Feather Suit of Wind.

Without using the Overlord’s Technique, Han Fei collided with the high-level sea demon purely with his physical strength.


The noise spread out, and Han Fei was knocked hundreds of meters back.
He felt that his arms were sore.

The strength gap between me as a junior and the high-level demon is truly huge.
Also, the guy didn’t use the Sea King’s Secret Technique at all.

Han Fei estimated that the high-level sea demon had a force a million kilograms higher than his own, which wasn’t too big.
It was just an indirect proof that he had greater potential than his enemies did.

The peak-level sea demon sniffed and stabbed his harpoon through the void.

“The Air Breaking Strike?”

Han Fei blinked away.
Even his remaining shadow in the sky was smart enough to dodge the attack.

Shua! Shua!

Zila… Clang, clang…

After two flashes, Han Fei left two saber auras in the sky and launched them to the sea demon.

Han Fei’s pupils contracted.
He didn’t have much advantage when his Semi-Divine weapon crashed with another Semi-Divine weapon.
However, Han Fei was so fast and the Blood-Drinking Knife was so sharp that he left two wounds on his enemy.

“Humph! You’re too weak to kill me.
You’re asking to be killed, human!”

Shua! Shua!

Han Fei moved unpredictably, making it impossible for the enemies to locate him.

The sea demon pointed the harpoon at the sky, and a round pillar of water rose around him.
Han Fei happened to flash into the pillar of water.

“Hey! You’re smart enough to know that I’m approaching you!”

Behind him, Luo Yu blocked the other enemy and roared, “Careful! I’m here to help you!”

However, Han Fei wasn’t affected at all in the pillar of water.
The Feather Suit of Wind could even block the Desolation Gales and Desolation Water.
It could certainly weather through this.

Han Fei turned his hand upside down and imposed gravity.
Then, the sea demon fell straight to the sea, before the Void Lines caught up to him.

When ten Void Lines were activated, an assortment of pictures popped up in Han Fei’s head.
Some were from the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, and some were battles against humans.

However, Han Fei had no time for that.
He waved his hands and unleashed an immense power from the sky, knocking down the high-level sea demon who was stabbing a harpoon at him.

“My technique can move a mountain and astound the soul.
Let’s see if you can take it!”


The sea demon was knocked down by Han Fei.
Then, Han Fei performed the Draw Technique and cut off half of the sea demon’s head.


After another flash, Han Fei caught up to the other sea demon and stabbed him in the neck.

Luo Yu, who had just rushed close, was astounded by what she saw.

Han Fei was in a disadvantageous position a moment earlier.
How did he kill two experts in the blink of an eye?

The enemies weren’t beginner sea demons, but a high-level one and a peak-level one!

Han Fei was stunned for a moment, as he remembered that the sea demon captain didn’t use his Immortal Seal! So, a terrifying force emerged from him and smashed Han Fei.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

Han Fei flashed quickly with the Phantom Glass Wings and pulled Luo Yu away, and the Dying Strike missed Han Fei.

On the other hand, Han Fei had approached the high-level sea demon who walked out of the void.


Exactly at this moment, Han Fei felt a strong pressure.
He didn’t think and simply activated the Overlord’s Technique.

Ignoring the Sea Spirit expert, Han Fei laid his hand on the chest of the high-level sea demon and slit his throat with the Blood-Drinking Knife.

Then, Han Fei flashed and appeared a hundred meters away.

The humans and the sea demons alike were astounded by the battle.

Luo Yu’s eyes bulged.
“The Phantom Glass Wings are truly awesome!”

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