Chapter 866: The Water Pacifying Beast

Han Fei had indeed seen the demon sea anemones when he escaped from the sea demon mountains, but he was too busy fleeing to pay attention to the insignificant anemones.

Luo Xiaobai said, “It doesn’t matter.
You don’t know where you’ll meet special spiritual plants at all.”

When Han Fei smacked his lips, Wang Jiao pushed out another water ball.
Inside the water ball was a sealed fish that was gray and motionless inside the ball.

If it weren’t shown as an item, Han Fei would’ve thought that it was a dead fish.

However, the private room wasn’t far away from the podium, so Han Fei could see information.

At this moment, information popped up in his eyes.

Hollow Nether Fish

A very lazy fish.
It will go stealth if it remains still for a long time.
The Hollow Nether Fish has a high spiritual power and can easily pierce through the enemy’s mind.
They can also swallow the opponent’s soul.


Exotic (Ultra-Quality)

10,023 points

Your focus will be improved after you eat this.
It will help a lot with the cultivation of the meditating paintings.

Hollow Nether Eyes

Before Han Fei said anything, Luo Xiaobai looked at Han Fei and said, “I want this fish too.
I may need to borrow money from you.”

Han Fei grinned.
“Okay, it seems that you know the fish!”

Luo Xiaobai nodded.
“It’s a Hollow Nether Fish.”

Le Renkuang asked in confusion, “What’s that?”

Zhang Xuanyu punched him.
“Why don’t you just listen to her?”

Wang Jiao said in a regretful voice, “A lot of you must’ve heard about the Nether Hollow Fish, which are best partners to manipulators.
They can help with the improvement of the soul and the concentration of the mind.
This is a rarely-seen level-53 Hollow Nether Fish.
The initial price is one hundred thousand, and every raise must be higher than ten thousand.”

This time, voices came out of all the private rooms.

Someone said, “Two hundred thousand.”

Someone followed closely, “Three hundred thousand.”

Cao Jiaren suddenly opened her mouth, “Five hundred thousand.”

Everybody in the hall was dumbfounded.
Could a fish really be so expensive?

In a private room on Han Fei’s left side, someone said, “Eight hundred thousand.”

Cao Jiaren didn’t bat an eye.
“One million.”

The girl on her opposite side gritted her teeth.
“A million and two hundred thousand.”

Cao Jiaren shot back, “A million and a half.”

Suddenly, Luo Xiaobai joined the battle and said, “Two million.”


Even the people in the private rooms gasped too, wondering how rich these women were.
Two million? Was that really the price of a fish?

Cao Jiaren looked at Luo Xiaobai in surprise too, but she wasn’t too bothered and simply went on, “Three million.”

Her bid put everybody else into silence.
The girl who bid earlier was dumbfounded.
Was this really the right way of bidding?

Wang Jiao asked, “Customer in Private Room No.23, are you going to bid again? If no…”

Luo Xiaobai said calmly, “Four million.”

“Where are these women from? Does money mean nothing to them?”

Someone remarked, “The auction has just begun, and they’re already fighting so fiercely over a fish?”

Cao Jiaren looked at Luo Xiaobai.
“Five million.
If you pay six million, it’s yours.”

Luo Xiaobai said without hesitation, “Six million.”

Cao Jiaren sat down without saying anything.

Han Fei smiled bitterly, wondering if Xiaobai really had that amount of money.

Wang Jiao quickly settled the deal.
“Six million once, six million twice… Deal…”

A moment later, Han Fei looked at Luo Xiaobai, lost for words.
“Are you crazy?”

Six million high-quality pearls didn’t seem a lot, but they equaled six hundred million mid-quality pearls, which were gone because of Luo Xiaobai’s bidding.

Luo Xiaobai said, “I was rewarded with five million credit points from the last mission, and I have three million left.
I also carry two million high-quality pearls.
You need to lend me another million.”

Han Fei smiled helplessly, “Never mind, just bid as you will.
There’s always enough money for you.”

Zhang Xuanyu said casually, “Han Fei, if you put it that way, I’m feeling the urge to join the bidding too.”

“Get lost!”

The atmosphere of the auction got intense because of Luo Xiaobai and Cao Jiaren.
A bid of six million? Everybody was frightened by them.

Han Fei remembered his Divine Manipulation Technique.
After killing the Clam Girl, he could absorb some of her soul.
It was probably even more effective than the Hollow Nether Fish!

It meant that one of the Divine Manipulation Technique’s abilities was already worth a fortune.

Another dozen items were shown, and almost every private room had joined the bidding, but none made an offer higher than six million.

Han Fei acquired the Phoenix Spirit Ginseng for only 210,000.
He didn’t regret it at all.

At this moment, two soul warriors carried what appeared to be a calf to the podium.
It seemed heavy and covered under a fish skin.

Wang Jiao said alluringly, “The last two items were found from an underground relic.
This one is so mysterious that we don’t know what it is at all.
It could have been a Water Pacifying Statue in the past.
Please take a look.”

Wang Jiao lifted the fish skin, and Han Fei’s eyes bulged at that moment.

“A buffalo?”

He was lost for words.
He had expected something great, but it turned out to be an exquisite buffalo that had all kinds of weird engravings.

Han Fei didn’t know what it was, but he knew that the buffalo couldn’t be simple.

Wang Jiao claimed that it was from a relic, so it had to be a prehistoric relic, or there couldn’t have been buffaloes.

Immediately, someone asked, “Jiaojiao, what is it?”

Someone was stunned.
“I don’t recognize this thing, or the patterns on it! What is this thing for?”

Wang Jiao smiled.
“It’s exactly because nobody recognizes it, that it’s being auctioned.
Why else would such a weird statue be auctioned?”

Someone asked, “Jiaojiao, can you tell us the purpose of this item? What can I get from it?”

Wang Jiao shook her head.
“I don’t know.
Just because we don’t understand this treasure doesn’t mean nobody else can.
The initial price for this item is half a million, and every raise must be higher than ten thousand… The bidding starts now.”

However, nobody bid at all after a long time.

Wang Jiao asked again, “Is there no bidder at all? I’ll ask three times.
If there isn’t a bidder, we will pass this item…”

“Is there no bidder?”

“Is there…”

“Half a million.”

Han Fei opened his mouth.

Everybody looked at Private Room No.23.
Han Fei said, “I can buy this item, but can you tell me the location of the relics where it was found?”

Wang Jiao smiled.
“Guest in Private Room No.23, I’m sorry, but the relics are already ruined and we’ve recovered whatever could be recovered.
Do you still want it?”

Han Fei pretended to be silent for a moment, before he said, “Fine! I’ll take it.”

Luo Xiaobai and the others looked at Han Fei, wondering if there was any secret behind the weird item.

Other people were thinking the same.
Someone intended to bid against Han Fei, but on second thought, they realized that it would be a waste of money if they didn’t know what the item was for.

Zhang Wen suddenly said from his private room, “510,000.”

Han Fei glanced at Zhang Wen and thought that he probably had to put off making friends with the Zhang family and acquiring the seventh level of the True Spirit Fishing Art.
He decided to kill this guy immediately next time they met.

Zhang Wen felt rather scared when Han Fei glanced at him.

Wang Jiao asked, “Do you intend to bid again, No.23?”

Han Fei smiled.
If he wants it, he can have it.
I simply wanted to know the location of the relics.”


Zhang Wen almost vomited blood.
Did that guy want someone to propose a higher bid?

Wang Jiao giggled too.
“Is there a higher bid? 510,000 once, 51,000 twice…”

When Wang Jiao was about to sit down, Mu Ling suddenly said from her booth, “Six hundred thousand.”

Wang Jiao looked at Zhang Wen.
“No.37, are you going to bid again?”

Zhang Wen shook his head.

He only bid against Han Fei to upset him.
He was quite happy that someone took it over from him!

Han Fei didn’t expect Mu Ling to help either.
He had just intended to ask Cao Jiaren to bid for him, but Mu Ling already took it over.

Mu Ling winked at Han Fei, and Han Fei slightly nodded, indicating that he knew she did it for him.

Luo Xiaobai asked in surprise, “Do you know the creature?”

Han Fei nodded.
“I’ve seen it in the Snow God’s Temple.”

Han Fei thought to himself, Wouldn’t I be an idiot if I didn’t know what a buffalo was?

It was the first time Han Fei had seen a buffalo in this world.
Well, although it was just a statue, it was evidently based on a buffalo.

“A stick!”

All of a sudden, Zhang Xuanyu pointed at a stick that was being handed over to the podium.

Han Fei was stunned for a moment.

The item was a purple-and-red long stick.
It was at least a Semi-Divine weapon in Han Fei’s eyes.
No wonder Zhang Xuanyu became so interested.

Le Renkuang mumbled, “Do they really sell sticks here?”

Han Fei instantly said, “Xuanyu, let me tell you, the items here are very expensive.
Why don’t you gather some spiritual energy? I can craft weapons for you after we come back.”

Tempted, Zhang Xuanyu said, “Let’s see how much it costs first.”

Wang Jiao smiled alluringly.
“This stick is from the same ancient relics where the divine statue was dug out.
Also, it’s a low-quality Divine weapon.
I’m sure you know how valuable it is.”

Zhang Xuanyu breathed heavily.
“Han Fei, Han Fei, that’s a low-quality Divine weapon…”

Han Fei rolled his eyes.
“I heard her.
There’s no need to repeat.
Let’s see what the final price will be…”

Divine weapons were very precious on the Scattered Stars Island.
Han Fei had not seen a lot of them.
They were usually not available on the market even if one had enough money.

Wang Jiao said, “The initial price of this stick is two million.
Every new bid must be at least ten thousand higher than the last one.”

Zhang Wen simply said, “Five million.
Those who don’t have money, just quit.
Make your bid on this basis!”

Shi Sanyue stood out and said, “How about we start from eight million?”

Han Fei looked at Zhang Xuanyu and patted his shoulder.
“As your brother, I won’t lie to you.
I can craft a low-quality Divine weapon for you.
Buying it will be too costly!”

Han Fei was rather shocked himself.
How could a Divine weapon be so expensive? If he were to craft two daggers with the Essence of Wind, wouldn’t he make several hundred million?


Han Fei swallowed, envisioning the fortune he could make.

Zhang Xuanyu looked at Han Fei in shock and said telepathically, Wait, are you saying you can make Divine weapons?

Han Fei nodded slightly.

Immediately, Le Renkuang’s eyes were filled with passion.
Even Luo Xiaobai looked at him too.

Han Fei coughed.
“I need spiritual energy.
I can craft weapons for you with two hundred million points of spiritual energy.”

Everyone: “…”

At this moment, the bid had reached sixteen million.

Han Fei clicked his tongue, amazed by the lunatics.

Zhang Wen shouted, “Eighteen million! Is anybody else playing too?”

Han Fei smiled casually.
“Twenty million.”

Zhang Xuanyu and the others instantly looked at Han Fei with a stun.
Can’t you make weapons on your own? Why are you bidding?

Zhang Wen looked at Han Fei with an awful expression.
“Do you have that amount of money?”

Han Fei clicked his tongue.
“I have plenty of money.
The problem is, do you?”

Zhang Wen was so angry that he laughed.
“Are you kidding me? Money is the last thing I’m short of.
Twenty-one million.”

Han Fei shot back, “Twenty-two million.”

Zhang Wen gnashed his teeth.
“Twenty-five million.”

Han Fei fell into silence and stared at Zhang Wen.
“You’re indeed rich.
I simply bid against you to annoy you.”


Everybody was stunned.

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