Chapter 855: Momentary Time


Han Fei lay on his bed, wondering if it was a wrong decision to take Jiuyin Ling out.
Anyways, he had to keep her busy with something.

Everything would be great if she stopped tailing him everyday.

Han Fei heaved a long sigh and mumbled, “The Infinite Ocean, and Sea Establishment.”

He remembered that Mrs.
Yin mentioned that there were no Kings in the Thousand Star City, which implied that there were Venerables there.
The Venerables were three major levels higher than himself.

Never mind.
I should cultivate to be a peak-level Hidden Fisher first.

Without further thinking, Han Fei sat straight.
He had acquired so many stick techniques from Zhang Xuanyu.
He could probably fuse them into an excellent technique!


A lot of spiritual energy was disappearing.
It was not until a hundred seconds later that a battle technique named True Interpretation of Stick Techniques popped up in his head.

“A battle technique?”

Han Fei was quite surprised.
The name didn’t sound impressive at all.

True Interpretation of Stick Techniques

A mixture of thirteen stick techniques that contains their essence.
If you comprehend this book, you can understand the nature of rod sticks.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0/60,000,000

Note: Different people may perceive different things from this art.

Han Fei didn’t study the True Interpretation of Stick Techniques immediately, as the essence of the techniques couldn’t be grasped easily.

Also, Han Fei was not in a hurry at all.
He couldn’t play with the Needle for now anyway.

He was more interested in the Triple Palace Heavy Seal, which he could use immediately after he grasped it.

A moment later…

Han Fei’s spiritual energy storage had dropped to sixty million, and a seal technique named Nine Mansions Dragon Deal appeared in his head.

Nine Mansions Dragon Seal (Heaven-Level, Divine-Quality)

You may make use of the Nine Mansions in the sky and press the seal through the void.
This is a technique for heavy seals.
When the seal falls, it will be like the fall of a mountain, and its roar can shake the soul.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0/60,000,000

Note: A heavy seal is required.
The heavier, the better.

Han Fei’s eyes glittered.
This technique was great and related to arrays.
The seal would be able to travel through the void and smash the enemy as a tide, mountain or boulder.

“This will definitely be fierce…”

Han Fei couldn’t help but remark.
He wondered if it would be possible to attack an enemy from their back with this seal technique.
In any case, if it could shake the soul, it could probably knock the enemy out.

The next morning, Han Fei saw Jiuyin Ling at the door the moment he canceled the cloud array.

Han Fei felt a strong headache.
Holding himself back, he asked, “What now?”

Jiuyin Ling said solemnly, “I’ve given it a lot of thought.
You’re right that I have to experience ordinary people’s lives.
I intend to leave the Scattered Stars Island and live in a village for a year before I come back.”

Han Fei was so delighted that he couldn’t stop smiling.
“That’s great, Xiao Jiu! You’re very smart! Let me tell you, only after you see all the vicissitudes of life can you really understand what it means to be a human.
Congratulations on your new epiphany!”

Jiuyin Ling glared at Han Fei.
“What’s the name of your village?”

Han Fei suddenly had a bad feeling.
“The Heavenly Water Village… Why?”

Jiuyin Ling said solemnly, “Okay, I’m going to the Heavenly Water Village.”

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Han Fei swallowed and asked, “Why are you going to the Heavenly Water Village? Let me tell you, it isn’t exactly the best village.
There are tons of better villages out there.”

Cleverness flashed in Jiuyin Ling’s eyes.
“All the more reason why I should go to the Heavenly Water Village.
The worse the village is, the better my experience will be.”

Han Fei took a deep breath.

However, on second thought, Han Fei decided that she could go anywhere she wanted as long as she didn’t haunt him.
He was no longer in the Heavenly Water Village anyway.

Taking a deep breath, Jiuyin Ling said, “Wait for me to come back.”

Han Fei nodded quickly.
“Okay, no problem: no problem at all!”

Jiuyin Ling looked at her own yard and then Han Fei.
Finally, she controlled the boat to rise and fly away.


Han Fei took a long breath.
The girl was finally gone!

Han Fei stared at the sky and remarked casually, “I hope you won’t be bound by worldly emotions again after you reach the next level…”

Suddenly, Han Fei noticed something yellow on his wall.
He turned around, only to find that Big Yellow was staring at him with widened eyes.

Big Yellow asked curiously, “Did you piss her away?”

Han Fei said angrily, “What are you talking about? I simply directed her to understand the true meaning of life… Hey, are all cats eavesdroppers?”

Big Yellow looked at Han Fei in disdain.
“Are you making breakfast?”

Han Fei felt strength all over his body now that Jiuyin Ling wasn’t around.
He said, “Yes, I am.”

Hardly had Han Fei said that when someone craned his head at the door.
It was none other than Qing Chen.

He was the kind of guy who could emerge from anywhere when he heard food mentioned.

After breakfast.

Big Yellow asked, “Are you going fishing?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, I’m going to fight someone.”

“Then I won’t go fishing either.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Can’t you fish alone?”

Big Yellow looked at Han Fei in disdain.
“The fish are scared off every time you fight.
How can I catch them?”

Han Fei: “…”

A moment later…

Han Fei called out, “Old Du, Old Du… I’m here to challenge you!”

Du Jiangliu walked out of the house unhurriedly.
“Are you sure? The stick technique that you practiced overnight can’t be anything good.”

Half a month passed.

In the sky…

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Two men were colliding fiercely in the sky.
The sticks that they were holding were barely visible.
Clouds and mists were surging as they fought.

Down below, someone remarked in confusion while having dried fish, “Han Fei has persisted for a hundred seconds.
Can he still endure?”

Someone shook his head.
“He must be addicted to fighting.
He has really made fast progress in stick techniques! It’s not easy for anyone to endure a hundred clashes with Old Du.”

Ning Jingyao was lost for words.
“Why is he not practicing with me anymore?”

Someone smiled.
“Why would he? He’s as good at saber techniques as you are.”

Wuming cut in, “He wants to learn sword techniques.”

Ning Jingyao glanced at Wuming.
“Enough! Just because he tried the domain of swords several times doesn’t mean he wants to learn sword techniques from you.
He was simply practicing movement techniques.”


All of a sudden, a stick appeared in the air, and then Han Fei pierced it into the void.
The other end of the stick extended out a hundred meters away.

Du Jiangliu was quite delighted.
“What a great move!”

Du Jiangliu rose like a bird and stuck his shoulder against the stick.
Then, he waved his own long stick and slapped Han Fei’s stick back.

Han Fei caught his breath and said, “That’s enough for the day.”

Han Fei and Du Jiangliu stopped and looked at the boat that was approaching from the sky at a distance.

On the boat, Zhang Xuanyu looked at Han Fei in shock and then glanced at Du Jiangliu.

Zhang Xuanyu was slightly surprised.
“Han Fei, when did you learn my Instant Mystic Spear? But your performance is too lousy.
Let me.”

As he talked, Zhang Xuanyu leaped out and unfolded his white wings.
He grabbed one long stick and said to Du Jiangliu, “Han Fei’s performance of that move is terrible! Let me!”

Du Jiangliu grinned.
“Okay! I didn’t know that Han Fei’s move was actually from someone else’s battle technique.”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Didn’t you lead a team to the sea? When did you go to the Wind Sky Canyon and acquire wings?”

Le Renkuang and Luo Xiaobai arrived, and Le Renkuang snorted.
“To the sea? We were out for only three days.”

Zhang Xuanyu said with a smile, “I couldn’t get a Wind God Pearl anyway.
Those wings with a wingspan of thirteen meters are good enough.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Why didn’t you come to me? I could’ve helped you!”

Zhang Xuanyu smiled.
“Did you not know that no Wind Sky Wings will approach you once you get wings?”


As he talked, Zhang Xuanyu looked at Du Jiangliu and said, “Just one round.”

Du Jiangliu nodded and said unconcernedly, “Okay!”

Han Fei flew away.
He was not as adept at stick techniques as Zhang Xuanyu was.
That guy had practiced nothing but stick techniques his entire life.

Even the Instant Mystic Spear was a derivation of a stick technique.

Zhang Xuanyu was quite serious.
Han Fei keenly noticed that eighty percent of his spiritual power was concentrated on his hands.


Du Jiangliu smiled casually.
The one-round clash was even more exciting than the battle against Han Fei.
At this moment, he was determined to fight as he stepped his feet forward.


Han Fei’s eyes contracted.
He found that half of Zhang Xuanyu’s stick was gone when he exerted his strength.

He hurriedly looked at Du Jiangliu, only to discover that he hadn’t completed his attack yet and he just touched Zhang Xuanyu’s stick.

Du Jiangliu’s expression changed greatly, and he was instantly flung back.

Down below, Wuming quickly opened his eyes.
“So fast.”

Ning Jingyao’s eyes were widened too.
“What a fast move!”

Yue Shier exclaimed, “He’s so fast! I envy him!”

You Ye nodded.
“So fast!”

Du Jiangliu glanced at the blood on his shoulder and looked at Zhang Xuanyu solemnly.
“What’s the name of this attack?”

Zhang Xuanyu put away the stick and grinned.
“Momentary Time!”

Du Jiangliu bowed solemnly to Zhang Xuanyu.

He had learned a lot from the collision.

Han Fei’s eyes flashed. Momentary Time? Why does it sound so familiar?

All of a sudden, he looked at Zhang Xuanyu, wondering if the man had grasped the truth of time.

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