Chapter 853: Central City

“Stick technique?”

After Han Fei told him why he was here, Zhang Xuanyu looked at him weirdly and asked, “Why are you suddenly studying a stick technique? Han Fei, don’t you think you’re studying too many techniques? You should focus.”

Han Fei replied with a smile, “Don’t worry.
I know what I’m doing.
If everything goes as I plan, I may create my own battle technique someday.”

Zhang Xuanyu’s eyes glittered.
“You’ve thought it through? That is the right approach!”

In fact, Han Fei had this feeling when he made a breakthrough to be a Hidden Fisher.
To be a Hidden Fisher meant to find a path.
So, no matter how many techniques he practiced, none of them would be what he really depended on.

In such a case, he was free to learn anything.
It was even possible that secondary battle techniques could offer him inspiration.

Han Fei said casually, “Just tell me what’s suitable for me… I don’t have too many demands, except that the techniques have to be tough, with a powerful outburst…”

Zhang Xuanyu looked at Han Fei speechlessly.
“If you want my Moment Technique, you could’ve just told me!”

Han Fei laughed.
“Why would I want your Moment Technique? I want a legitimate stick technique that can be used both in offense and defense with a lot of variations.
Your Moment Technique obviously doesn’t meet my requirements.”

Zhang Xuanyu thought for a moment and said, “What about the Nine-Layered Waves in the Furious Sea? Forget it.
It doesn’t meet your requirements either.
Let me see…”

Pondering for a moment, Zhang Xuanyu suddenly became frustrated.
“I’m done thinking! I’ll just give all of them to you!”

Then, Zhang Xuanyu sat on the ground and took out a hundred stick techniques.

To Han Fei’s shock, the guy picked the techniques and started commenting.

“Well, this one is Asura Demon Stick.
It’s demon-level, high-quality, with a lot of weird and unpredictable variations.

“This is the Sky Upholding Stick.
It’s heaven-level, low-quality.
It’s more focused on offense than defense.

“This is the Horizontal Sky Stick Technique.
It’s heaven-level, low-quality.
It’s extremely swift, but it’s not aggressive enough.

“This one is the Glittering Lock Stick.
It’s also heaven-level, low-quality.
It’s great except for its lack of power.”

Han Fei was dazzled when Zhang Xuanyu picked out a dozen techniques.

Han Fei was about to turn him down, when he remembered that he could synthesize them, so he said straightly, “I’ll take all of them.
You can keep talking to your girl…”

“Wait a minute… Who am I going to talk to now that you’ve scared her away?”

Zhang Xuanyu glanced at Han Fei and said, “Did you really get your wings from a level-63 Wind Sky Wing Soul King?”

Han Fei patted Zhang Xuanyu’s shoulder.
“Where else do you think they came from?”

Zhang Xuanyu was lost for words.
“Never mind.
I’ll just wait for a few more days.
Aren’t you going to the Sea of Pearls? Do you want to wait for us to go with you? Although Le Renkuang just became a peak-level Hanging Fisher, he has a great foundation and needs another trip.
Xiaobai is free.
I intend to get some credit points on the sea to be promoted to six stars.”

Han Fei suddenly said, “Hey, wait, don’t you only have five stars? How can you set sail?”

Zhang Xuanyu snorted.
“I can lead a team to go out! I can lead a team of ten people with five stars, but I can’t go further than three thousand kilometers.”

Han Fei asked, “What about me? I’m already a six-star Slaughterer.
Can I take you out?”

Knowing that he had to see Jiuyin Ling if he returned to the Empyrean Waterfall, Han Fei didn’t want to go back anymore.

Laying his hand on Han Fei’s shoulder, Zhang Xuanyu said, “Nevermind, we won’t go with you.
When Le Renkuang and I become Hidden Fishers, let’s go to the Sea of Pearls together! Don’t you need to practice these stick techniques? You can do that while Le Renkuang and I are out.”

Han Fei knew that nothing could possibly stop them in a range of three thousand kilometers, so he became relaxed too.

“Okay, be safe.
I’m going to the central city.”

Han Fei had never been to the central city before.
He only knew that the best stuff and the strongest people were all gathered in the central city.

The cities in the four cardinal directions all seemed prosperous, but the items in those places were generally for those who had six or fewer stars.

However, the central city had a smaller population, who all had more than six stars.
To gain six stars, they had to be at least peak-level Hanging Fishers, if not Hidden Fishers.

Anybody from the central city could be nominated as main characters on the defensive lines.

They could even serve as deputy commanders.

Boats weren’t allowed to fly above the central city.

There were four gates to the central city.
Han Fei had come from the west part of the city, so he came through the western gate.

The city wall wasn’t too tall, and was made of black undersea rocks.
The arched gate looked no different from the city gates that Han Fei remembered.

Nobody was watching over the city gate.

Through the magnificent passage underneath the gate, Han Fei had just entered the city, when he noticed that two old men were playing Fish Dragon Cards in a corner.

The two old men didn’t even bother to look at Han Fei.
There were two plates of snacks on the stone table.

Han Fei couldn’t tell how strong the two old men were, but he knew that they were definitely stronger than him.

Since they ignored him, there was no need for him to greet them, so he simply went to the Logistics Division in the city.

After Han Fei left, one of the old men asked, “Is he Han Fei who acquired the Wind God Pearl? He doesn’t look bad.”

The other old man picked a dried fish and put it into his mouth.
“Well, I was told that Jiuyin Ling became a Law Enforcer because of him.
He’s a capable young man, except that he’s also reckless and disobedient.”

The first old man suddenly took out four identical cards.
“Boom! Give me your money…”

The central city was in the same style as the other cities, although there were many passers-by on the street.

Han Fei only found nine counters in the Logistics Division.
There couldn’t have been more than two hundred people who were looking for resources.

Two hundred wasn’t a small number at all, as all the two hundred people were Hidden Fishers and stronger.
Counting the passers-by on the street and the people in other shops, Han Fei had seen more than a thousand Hidden Fishers.

No wonder the Ten Thousand Demon Valley never dared to wage a total war! The thousands of Hidden Fishers can totally turn the sea around the Scattered Stars Island upside down!

When Han Fei walked into the Logistics Division, many people who were chatting stopped and glanced at Han Fei.

As if he didn’t sense them, Han Fei walked straight to a counter and said, “I would like a seal technique.”

In fact, there would be a lot of stick techniques available here, but Han Fei didn’t want to waste his money on those.

After all, the techniques wouldn’t be as good as Zhang Xuanyu’s, who had bought those techniques to create one of his own, so he had definitely picked the best techniques.

Instead of spending the money here, he might as well go to Zhang Xuanyu and talk to him.

The girl who received Han Fei was only a peak-level Hanging Fisher.
One of her arms was gone.
She must’ve been specially admitted to the central city because of the heavy wound in battle.

She said with a smile, “Please show your waist tag.”

A moment later, the girl quickly gathered a manual of items and gave it to Han Fei.
“You can choose the items here, or in the lobby where you can find chairs.”

Han Fei nodded slightly.

He sat down in the lobby with the manual and opened it, only to find that it had thirty pages, with introductions to eight seal techniques on each page.

Han Fei simply ignored the seal techniques underneath the demon level.

Unparalleled Soul Seal (Demon-Level, Mid-Quality)

Introduction: This is a seal technique that attacks the soul.
It’s extremely hard to cultivate, so it’s lowered to demon-level, mid-quality.
It can shake the enemy’s soul and stun them.

Price: 120,000 credit points

White Cloud Divine Seal (Demon-Level, High-Quality)

Introduction: It contains the power of clouds and water and is suitable for battles in the sky.
You can carry out the power beyond the seal technique with the power of clouds.

Price: 250,000 credit points

Han Fei browsed through the manual and saw 48 seal techniques from the demon level to the heaven level.

He was attracted to a seal technique named Triple Palace Heavy Seal.

The description of the technique was quite tempting.

Triple Palace Heavy Seal (Heaven-Level, Low-Quality) (Incomplete)

Introduction: This is a heavy-seal technique.
When you lay the seal, it will be like moving a mountain.
You can make use of the power of tides and press the seal through the void.

Background: It’s acquired from the remains of an unknown palace near the Scattered Stars Island.
Because most parts of the technique are missing, it’s only listed as a heaven-level, low-quality technique.

Price: 420,000 credit points

Han Fei put on a smile.
Incomplete battle techniques were the last thing he was scared of.
Instead, the more incomplete a technique was, the more he would like it, because it would be a huge bargain if he deduced it.

“Han Fei, what are you reading?”


Han Fei lost balance and fell to the ground, knocking over the chair!

Immediately, he raised all the customer’s attention.

Han Fei raised his head, only to discover that it was none other than Jiuyin Ling, who was like a haunting ghost.

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Didn’t you go shopping? How did you end up here?”

Jiuyin Ling was going to give Han Fei a hand, when Han Fei rose to his feet voluntarily and looked at her weirdly.
He never thought that he could be so popular…

Jiuyin Ling stuck out her tongue.
“I was shopping when I saw you here, so I came over.”

Han Fei bulged his eyes.
“Wait, you’re shopping here? Do you even know what shopping means?”

Before Jiuyin Ling could reply, Han Fei simply said, “Wait for me at the door.
I’ll come out soon.”

Sensing that the other guys were looking at him murderously, Han Fei quickly ran to the counter, only to find that the receptionist was also looking at him weirdly.

Han Fei said grimly, “I’d like this Triple Palace Heavy Seal.
Here’s my credit card… no, waist tag.”

While the receptionist stared at him weirdly, Han Fei accepted the jade slip that contained the Triple Palace Heavy Seal and rushed out in a panic.

He found Jiuyin Ling waiting for him with a smile.

Seeing that all the passers-by were looking at them in surprise, Han Fei quickly led Jiuyin Ling to an empty corner.
“Why do I feel like they all know you?”

Jiuyin Ling pursed her lips.
“Most people in the central city have met each other before.
They know who I am…”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say.
“Sister, why don’t you change first before you go shopping? If you keep wearing this white dress, I think someone will kill me when they see you talking to me again.”

Jiuyin Ling asked in confusion, “Why should I change?”

Han Fei said solemnly, “Look, you’re supposed to observe the joys and sorrows in the human world.
But if you walk around in your pretty white dress, everybody will recognize you as Jiuyin Ling the Law Enforcer.
Then, you’ll only see things that they want you to see…”

So, Han Fei said, “Let’s go! I’ll teach you how to go shopping, but next time, you have to do it alone!”

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