Chapter 846: That’s Han Fei

It all happened too fast.
When the Soul Attraction Pill was tossed out, Han Fei threw out another fist mark of the Cao family.

These life-saving methods should be used when necessary.
As long as the big guy up above could be caught, he wouldn’t hesitate to use the fist marks from Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er at all.

In the wind, Han Fei attached Little Gold to himself.

He could also fly.
Even though his flight wasn’t as steady as the enemy’s, it was at least a pair of legendary wings.

However, to deceive the enemy, Han Fei turned around and fled, extending the Void Lines.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it already!”

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that his soul slightly shivered.
The Void Lines caught the target.

Han Fei was instantly enthused.
He dashed away, and the Void Lines that caught the Wind Sky Wing big shot split up.
The other Void Lines also got close.

However, the Wind Sky Wing big shot seemed to have sensed grave danger.
It rose and flashed a hundred meters away, trying to flee.

Damn it, you can flash? Do you really think you can escape?

When the Wind Sky Wing big shot rose, Han Fei stopped, and a long bow appeared in his hand.

Instantly, all the spiritual energy in Han Fei’s body was extracted, and 25,600 points of spiritual energy were concentrated in the arrow.
The eighth arrow of the War Soul Art was activated.

Han Fei managed to endure the recoil and his arm wasn’t broken, which proved that it was a right decision to become a Hidden Fisher!

If it were before, his entire arm would’ve been ripped and bleeding after the shot.

The War Soul Art could automatically lock onto the target, but it might not be useful in the gales.
After all, the target was a level-63 hero soul.
Without the Void Lines, it would’ve been easy for the enemy to blow up Han Fei’s arrow.

However, the Wind Sky Wing big shot was still caught by the Void Lines, and it had two choices.

The first choice was to stay for a while and break Han Fei’s arrow, and the other was to continue escaping and ignore the arrow.

However, with the War Soul Art, each arrow was more powerful than the last one.
The last few arrows could hurt the soul, and the War Soul Art hero soul was a soul.

It could be hurt very badly if it were shot in the front.

As Han Fei expected, the enemy paused for a moment and flapped its wings, raising four wind blades towards the arrow.

Han Fei grinned.
“It’s over!”

At this moment, another Void Line caught the Wind Sky Wing hero soul, followed by a third Void Line.

Then, with Han Fei’s thought, the Void Lines were split apart into nine.
Then they caught the Wind Sky Wing’s back, head, wings, tail, neck and back…

Han Fei’s brain started to itch, as the enemy was resisting him fiercely.

While flying towards the Wind Sky Wing, Han Fei competed with the Wind Sky Wing over the control of its body.

As he expected, three complete Void Lines weren’t enough to control the big shot.
Han Fei rose to the sky and chased the enemy in a furious wind.

If he had the opportunity to fire another arrow, or to catch the enemy with a fourth complete Void Line, he believed he would win.

The fish started escaping, and the man chased it relentlessly.

Han Fei tried to keep himself at the highest speed to prevent the enemy from going three hundred kilometers away.

At this moment, the Wind Sky Wing big shot was almost a hundred kilometers away.
Han Fei couldn’t help but curse.
He really needed to improve his speed!

You want to run when you’re already caught?

“Soul Splitting Technique!”

Han Fei roared.

Out of the Wind Sky Canyon.

Cao Qiu, Guan Qingyan and Mu Jia’er were waiting hundreds of kilometers away.

Holding her chin, Mu Jia’er asked, “How big do you think the Wind Sky Wing that Han Fei catches will be? A fourteen-meter one? Or maybe a fifteen-meter one?”

Guan Qingyan said casually, “It’s hard to say! Considering Brother Han’s remarkable methods, he might really be able to subdue a 15-meter Wind Sky Wing.”

Cao Qiu smacked his lips.
“Why can’t it be the Wind God Pearl? Something is quite strange with Han Fei.
No place that he’s been to ever ends well.”

Mu Jia’er snorted.
“That’s the Wind Sky Canyon! It’s said that it only appears in the depths of the Desolation Graveyard, and it’s extremely rare.
There’s only a couple of them in the entire Wind Sky Canyon.
The last person who got one found it sixty years ago!”

Suddenly, Mu Jia’er grabbed Cao Qiu’s arm and said, “Look, it’s Sister Mo.”

Cao Qiu snorted.
“Why are you so surprised? Han Fei taught her a lesson.
She couldn’t have entered the Desolation Graveyard.
Also, not that I think little of her, but what could she do in the Desolation Graveyard? Could she possibly defeat so many Wind Sky Wing hero souls?”

Mo Feiyan saw Cao Qiu and the others from a distance.
She asked telepathically, Where’s Han Fei?

Cao Qiu snorted. I don’t know! Who knows? Maybe he’s fighting for a Wind God Pearl!

Mo Feiyan caught up to them and laughed in disdain.
“You think he can get a Wind God Pearl? I’ll just wait for him here.
I have to settle scores with him.”

Who do you intend to settle scores with?

When Cao Qiu and Mu Jia’er were about to argue, a gentle yet firm voice appeared in everybody’s head.

They saw that a woman in white was coming close, floating through the air.

Her long hair and her clothes fluttered in the wind, making her look like a goddess that just arrived from the sky.

Mu Jia’er asked in surprise, “She’s not using wings.
Is she a Law Enforcer or an Explorer? Huh… Jiu’er?”

Guan Qingyan looked cold.
“It’s her… Jiuyin Ling? Has she become a Law Enforcer?”

Cao Qiu was quite surprised for a while too.
Then he waved his hand.
“Xiao Jiu, Xiao Jiu…”

Jiuyin Ling gently nodded at Cao Qiu and then looked at Mo Feiyan.
“How are you going to settle scores with Han Fei?”

Mo Feiyan’s pupils contracted.
“You’ve become a Law Enforcer?”

Mo Feiyan was quite shocked.
She knew that Jiuyin Ling had been cultivating fast, but it was still rather unbelievable that she became a Law Enforcer at such a young age.

Mo Feiyan still played tough.
“That’s between me and Han Fei.
Is it your business?”

Jiuyin Ling slowly stepped down to the tide.
Then, she said as mildly as before, “His business is mine.”




“What does that mean?”

Cao Qiu and the others all widened their eyes and mouth.
What did it mean?

Mu Jia’er shrieked, “Xiao Jiu, have you developed an interest in Han Fei?”

Guan Qingyan’s lips were quivering too.
“That’s really absurd…”

Cao Qiu sat down on his ship.
“Oh, my dear Sea God… Xiao Jiu, have you picked Han Fei for your technique?”

Mo Feiyan was too shocked to say anything too.
She couldn’t possibly imagine how Han Fei and Jiuyin Ling, who belonged to two different worlds, got together.

Considering Jiuyin Ling’s personality, Han Fei should be the last type of person she would choose.
How did this happen?

Jiuyin Ling said as gently as before, “He’s… very special.
I became a Law Enforcer because of him.”


All of them gasped hard, feeling that their brains were turning into paste.

Far away, several experts with eight stars flew close and looked at Jiuyin Ling in surprise.
“You’re already a Law Enforcer?”

Someone laughed.
“As expected of a one-in-a-thousand-year Heavenly Talent.
Since she’s already a Law Enforcer, she might become an Explorer by the age of 20.”

Someone nodded.
Even if she can’t make it by 20, she certainly will by 25.”

Jiuyin Ling smiled and said, “You flatter me, Seniors.”

Someone shook his head with a smile.
“It’s not flattery at all.
I’ve never seen anyone level up as fast as you! It is truly astonishing!”

When they laughed and discussed, two streaks of brilliance soared to the sky on the horizon.
One of them was green and the other was golden and red.

Someone asked in surprise, “What’s that?”

Someone shook his head.
“It’s too far away.
I can’t see it clearly.
Has a strong Wind Sky Wing been born?”

Someone laughed.
“What are you talking about? It’s clearly a predator hunting.”

Mu Jia’er asked in surprise, “What’s that? The light looks beautiful.”

Cao Qiu snorted.
“We’ve got our wings.
Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with us.
That fierce battle must be dangerous.”

Everybody looked up at the sky, but the two streaks of light were traveling amidst the violent Desolation Gales and couldn’t be seen clearly.

Suddenly, a stream of spiritual energy was launched, and someone seemed to be yelling.
But the wind was too loud for him to be heard.

It sounded like he was cursing.

Han Fei finally shot out a second arrow.
He summoned Little White and Little Black and threw Little White into Forge the Universe.
In such a way, Little Black would remain alive even if it got killed.

Thanks to the boost of the Desolation Gales, Han Fei and his enemy were both moving at an astonishing speed.
They weren’t flying but more like darting like light.

When Han Fei tried to gain control over the Wind Sky Wing’s body, Little Black finally got a chance to bite the enemy, which gave Han Fei a chance to fire another arrow.

“Hey! Son of a bi*ch, take my fourth hook!”

When the fourth Void Line caught the Wind Sky Wing, Han Fei instantly had the advantage.

Han Fei had already stuffed 26 spiritual fruits into his mouth during the rush.
He couldn’t have chased it so far without the energy supply.

“Son of a bi*ch, get the hell out of the Desolation Gale!”

Han Fei had gone through a lot of trouble to drive the Wind Sky Wing hero soul to the edge of the Desolation Gale.
After they left the Desolation Gale, it wouldn’t be as fast, and he would have a chance.


The two of them dashed out of the Desolation Gale.
Han Fei was excited after leaving the Desolation Gale and instantly launched the fifth Void Line.

Instantly, the five Void Lines split up into fifteen lines and all clutched the Wind Sky Wing.

As if knowing that it was in a great crisis, the Wind Sky Wing turned back and attacked Han Fei.
In the blink of an eye, dozens of wind blades and furious Desolation Gales were spurted at Han Fei.



A giant hammer appeared in the void.



Down below, Guan Qingyan quickly rose.

Mu Jia’er was already shrieking, “It’s that fraud, Han Fei… He’s using the hammer of the Guan family.”

Mo Feiyan trembled.
“Han Fei? How is it possible?”

Jiuyin Ling opened her mouth in surprise, “Han Fei?”

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