Li Gang quickly took out a bag of pearls from his arms, all of which were mid-quality pearls.

 Han Fei took one from inside and threw it on the ground. These tables are mine.

 Wu Chen was speechless, Didn’t you say you were rich? How could you only leave a mid-quality pearl?


 Purple Bamboo Rod flashed in Han Fei’s hands, and Han Fei suddenly smashed the furnishings in the casino with a spiritual energy explosion attack.

 Someone shouted angrily, “Han Fei, you are looking for death!”

 “Haha, Li Jue, you old bastard, come out! If fights weren’t forbidden on the floating island, your blood would have been dry by now.”

 Someone sneered, “If it weren’t for that, do you think you could have lived to this day?”

 Han Fei smiled.
“Just call Li Jue out.
I’ve killed his son and sooner or later I’ll kill him too.”

 Wu Chen frowned.
“Han Fei, calm down.
Even if you smash the casino, so what? These things will be replaced soon.”

 Han Fei said as a matter of factly, “Then I’ll smash them again.
How dare they touch my barbecue stall! I just return like for like.”

 Wu Chen didn’t know what to say.
In his opinion, Han Fei was not a domineering person.
Why did he suddenly become like this, even though his protector, Tang Ge had been gone? He had smashed six stores in a row before their very eyes, but this casino was different.
It was guarded by a fishing master.

 Li Qing whispered to Han Fei.
“This is Li Dao from the Tigers.
His strength is at the peak of a junior fishing master.
He is quite strong.”

 “OK, keep smashing the casino!”

 Li Qing: “…”

 Everyone else: “…”

 Li Dao roared, “Han Fei, don’t push me.
If you leave right away, I will let you off.
Otherwise, I’ll teach you a good lesson.”

 Han Fei raised the Purple Bamboo Rod in his hand.
“I, Han Fei, challenge you today.
Do you dare to accept my challenge?”


 Li Qing and Li Gang only felt a buzz in their heads.

 Wu Chen’s eyes widened. You, a level-nine fisher, challenge a fishing master? Do you want to die?


 Li Dao laughed as if hearing the funniest joke in the world.
Although there were rumors that Han Fei killed Li Lang, it was not yet known how Li Lang died.
After all, it was at sea.
Anything could happen at sea at night.
But now, Han Fei was challenging him on the floating island! Only God knows who gave him this courage.

 Li Dao smiled.
“I was trying to work out a way to catch and kill you, but you’ve simply sent yourself to me.
If I don’t accept your challenge, people will laugh at me! Let’s fight then.”

 Wu Chen felt nervous.
“Han Fei, you’d better give it a second thought.
This is not a joke.
If you lose, no one can help you.”

 “I, lose? In my life, I have never lost.”

 Everyone was speechless.
Why are you still bragging at this time? You have never lost because people were afraid that they would beat you to death!

 Some people started to hoot, especially the members of the Tigers.
Many people wanted Li Dao to torture Han Fei hard.


 There was an open space respectively in the north, south, east, and west of the floating island.
With some sparse trees in these open spaces, they were originally used as training grounds for fishing skills.
But at the moment, a large group of people came to the east training ground.

 The shocking news that a fisher challenged a fishing master quickly spread, and there were more and more people coming to watch.
Soon, the training ground became tightly packed with people.

 Wu Chen was the witness of this challenge.
He looked at Han Fei with a complex look.

 Li Dao asked, “Can we start?”

 “I’m ready to crush your head anytime.”

 Wu Chen gave the official order, “Start.”

 Han Fei immediately launched a spiritual energy explosion attack with his Purple Bamboo Rod.
Li Dao smiled coldly.
This brat wants to play spiritual energy explosion attacks with me? Do you really think this lame combat skill can hurt me?


 In an instant, Li Dao’s hands went numb.
His face changed greatly.
The blow was really powerful! In terms of power, this guy’s strength was already comparable to that of a fishing master.

 However, Li Dao sneered, “Physical strength is not important in combat.
Thousand Shadow Rod, kill!”

 Han Fei had seen this Thousand Shadow Rod.
He had selected this combat skill from the village library, but Jiang Qin threw it away.

Han Fei almost laughed. What makes you believe you can move faster than me?

 Han Fei activated the Crazy Devil’s Rod.
With a chuckle, he jumped over like a gust of wind.

 Clang! Clang! Clang!

 Han Fei and Li Dao were fighting fiercely with an extremely fast speed.
All the audience could see were shadows of rods, which dazzled their eyes.

 Li Dao’s face changed drastically.
He can keep up with his speed! And why does he have such great power in every blow?


 Li Dao couldn’t keep up with Han Fei’s speed anymore.
Suddenly, his chest was poked and his face was hit by the Purple Bamboo Rod.
He was sent flying through the air, half of his face was dented, and his cheekbones were cracked.

 “Damn… Fuse!”

 Everyone was astounded.
Come on, you’re a fishing master! Does a fishing master need to fuse with his spiritual beast in a fight with a fisher?

 Wu Chen was also dumbfounded, but he was really shocked by Han Fei’s strength. Is he really a level-nine fisher?

 Li Dao dared not look down upon Han Fei again.
This was a life-or-death battle.
If he didn’t take his enemy seriously, he might be killed.

 A fat black fish suddenly rushed into Li Dao’s body.
His momentum suddenly increased and he roared and pounced at Han Fei.

 Someone shouted, “Watch out! Iron-Headed Fish has iron-like skin and bones.
Now the hardness of his body has increased by at least 30%.”

 Han Fei murmured, “Oh, 30%?”


 Everyone was surprised to see that Han Fei’s body suddenly inflated, the blue veins on his body stood out, and his eyes turned bloodshot.


 Li Dao was sent flying again, faster than the last time.
Blood was gushing out of his mouth when he was still in mid-air.
He asked himself, Why did Han Fei suddenly become so strong?

 Before Li Dao hit the ground, he saw a rod flying at his head.
Li Dao turned pale with fright, but what could he do in mid-air?


 Li Dao fell heavily to the ground and his face was almost smashed by the rod.
Although he had fused with his Iron-Headed Fish, he still could not withstand such a violent blow.
The hardness of his body was improved by 30% after he fused with his spiritual beast, whereas Han Fei doubled his strength when he activated Fury.
It was as plain as daylight which one was stronger.

 Han Fei pierced Li Dao’s chest with the Purple Bamboo Rod.
Then he shouted at the members of the Tiger who were scared out of their pants.
“Tell Li Jue that I will send him to see his son soon.
Tell him to wait.”

 Then Han Fei’s face twitched and his body seemed to be deflated.
He changed back to his original appearance.


 Han Fei stumbled and almost fell.
Fortunately, the battle ended quickly.
It seemed that he still couldn’t control Fury very well because this combat skill was too strong.

 Li Gang and Li Qing were stupefied at what they saw.
Seeing Han Fei stumble, they quickly stepped forward to help Han Fei stand up.

 Everyone present was shocked.
A fisher killed a fishing master, which happened for the first time in the Heavenly Water Village.
Not only did Han Fei kill Li Dao, he was not injured at all, not even had his skin been scratched.
What kind of a monster-like talent did he have?


 The Tigers.

 Li Jue’s eyes flickered with a cold gleam.

 “Did Han Fei kill Li Dao?”

 “Yes, Leader, I saw it with my own eyes, but Han Fei seems to use a secret technique.
Although he killed Li Dao, his spiritual energy seemed to be exhausted.”

 Li Jue narrowed his eyes. Han Fei must die! At first, he killed Li Lang and then Li Dao.
Two fishing masters of the Tigers have been killed by him.
This guy is growing too fast. He even wondered if Han Fei had hidden the true level of his spiritual heritage.
Otherwise, how could he be growing so fast?


 At the village leader’s home.

 “What? Han Fei killed a fishing master?”

 The village leader was stunned. Did Old Jiang teach him some powerful combat skills? That could explain it.
Old Jiang was the most mysterious person in Heavenly Water Village, and also the only one who he couldn’t see through or defeat.
Han Fei was really lucky.
Was this the reason Han Fei refused to go to the town?


 On this day, no matter the East or West Fair, the entire floating island was talking about this matter.
This was the biggest event in the Heavenly Water Village for decades.
A fisher killed a fishing master! No one had ever heard of it before.

Late at night.

 Han Fei asked Li Qing, “Where is the treasure house of the Tigers?”

 Li Qing hurriedly stopped Han Fei.
“Young Master, you’d better not go there.
That is heavily guarded by the Tigers.
Not only fishing masters, but also at least dozens of peak-level fishers are guarding this place.
If anyone intrudes, Li Jue will soon arrive in person.
The consequences are unpredictable!”

 Han Fei retorted, “Do you think I’m stupid? I certainly won’t just break into it.
I just want to observe the terrain and wait for a proper chance.
Don’t waste my time, just tell me!”

 “It’s at…”


After Li Qing left, Han Fei sneered. Li Jue, do you want to cut off my source of wealth and spiritual energy? Fine, I’ll take all your treasure first. 

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