Chapter 833: Controlling Puppets With Void Lines.

Han Fei was quite curious about the Empyrean Waterfall.
The old turtle that even the Law Enforcers and the Explorers were scared of must’ve cultivated for too many years.

Earlier, the Rock-Holding Turtle had offered him the God Scaring Painting and the Needle.
He couldn’t help but wonder if this one would give him something good.

At least, according to Big Yellow, the turtle wasn’t too frightening.

Han Fei didn’t think that he should be scared if the cat wasn’t.

Thinking about that, he thought that he should try fishing the next day.

At night.

Han Fei poured out a bunch of ultra-quality or even better materials from Forge the Universe.

Back in the treasure trove earlier, Han Fei didn’t give all the materials to Le Renkuang.
At least, he didn’t give away the ultra-quality materials from Yu Hanjia’s shop.

After all, Han Fei was quite short of weapons at this moment.

Snowmourne couldn’t be used easily.

The Needle hadn’t acknowledged him yet.

He didn’t dare to let the Cosmic Sword acknowledge him, although he could.

As for the Golden Harpoon, it was a special weapon of the sea demons…

So, all that Han Fei had left was the Golden Seal and the Infinity Water.

The Infinity Water wasn’t technically a weapon.
Han Fei thought that it could be best used together with the Million Knife Art.
Earlier, he was very bad at arrays, so he used the Infinity Water frequently.

However, it wasn’t as effective as expected, mainly because it couldn’t deal enough damage.
Maybe he had just been misusing it.
After all, such a heavy treasure definitely had other usages.

The day before the previous day, when Han Fei waved a river as a saber in a high profile, he was partly showing his expertise in arrays, and partly fooling other people with the Infinity Water.

It was meant to inform other people that he was quite talented in transforming water into blades.

Of course, he had to forge another Blood Drinking Knife too, and he needed a better fishing pole.
After all, he had to refine Void Lines later.

Han Fei’s priority choice of all the materials was naturally Bones of the Mystifying Dragon, and the nine dragon veins he acquired from Old Han.

The Void Lines weren’t refined in a regular way, but done with the fire in his soul.

It meant that he would lose some of his soul fire after each Void Line was produced.
There wouldn’t be a void until the soul fire was melted into the fishing line.

At this moment, Han Fei gritted his teeth and unleashed three soul fires.
Then, the soul fires were attached to the dragon veins.
Han Fei’s face was slightly twisted when he used the Divine Manipulation Technique, as if something were added to his head.


“A soul line?”

Yes, Han Fei didn’t think the fishing line was a line anymore, but a weird wire in his soul that could be instantly attached to a fishing pole as long as he thought about it.

What surprised Han Fei even more was that the soul line could be split.
In fact, he didn’t have to refine three dragon veins at all.
He only had to create one of them, and it could be split into dozens of lines.

Han Fei was about to moan about his loss, when he realized something else.

Huh! When a line is split into multiple lines, they’re less powerful and controllable.
Okay… In my current level, I can control the lines perfectly if each line is split into three Void Lines.

Han Fei put on a smile.
His three Void Lines could be effectively split into nine, and he could control them free at will.

He tried using his finger as a fishing pole and controlling the materials on the ground with the Void Lines.
Although it was not entirely satisfactory, he could totally control them well.

What an amazing technique! Three lines are enough for now, or my soul will be weakened… Also, I have to create a fishing pole that has a line to trick other people.

Then, Han Fei summoned the Demon Purification Pot with his thought.

Six kinds of Semi-Divine weapon materials, a dragon vein, and a dragon tooth were absorbed.

A moment later…

More than 800,000 points of spiritual energy were exhausted, and a bluish fishing pole drifted out.

Dragon Sting Pole

It’s made of the bones, vein and tooth of the Mystifying Dragon.
The fishing pole and the line are combined.
When not fishing, it can be used as a long whip.

Semi-Divine Weapon

If an exotic mutated creature is attached to this weapon, it might turn into a low-quality Divine weapon.

Receiving the whip, Han Fei grinned.
So to speak, he actually had two kinds of fishing lines.
One was a regular fishing line for regular fishing, and the other was the Void Lines that could be controlled freely.

Apart from these things…

A moment later.

A sharp kitchen knife, a silver long stick, and three stings made of the Thousand-Year Demon Stings were placed in front of Han Fei.

He had a lot of mixed feelings when he saw these things.

He had intended to turn the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow into a Semi-Divine weapon, but he found that he didn’t have enough materials.

It makes sense.
Materials above the ultra quality are hard to come by.
I might as well replace them with Divine weapons in the future.

At this moment, all his weapons were ready.

Apart from the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bow which was still not a Semi-Divine weapon, he had the Blood-Drinking Knife, a Dragon Sting Pole, a Golden Seal, a Demon Execution Sting, and a Silver Stick.

Among them, the Demon Execution Sting was a secret weapon for ambush purposes that couldn’t be used easily.

After everything was done here, Han Fei intended to find a couple of awesome stick and seal techniques.
Then, with the help of the people at the Empyrean Waterfall, he would find one that was most suitable for him.

In the end, Han Fei would use the Art of Invincibility and the suitable technique as his main techniques and the others as supports.

He had already made plans for the Hidden Fisher level, and he was all set to become a Hidden Fisher.

The next morning…

Han Fei’s yard was clean again.
He cooked shrimp porridge for himself and waved his hand to disperse the cloud.

Then, he saw that a man and a cat were staring at him at a corner outside of the yard.

“Qing Chen? Da Huang?”


Qing Chen chuckled.
“Bro, are you having breakfast?”

Han Fei’s eyelids shivered.
Were those two shameless guys waiting for him to eat?

Han Fei was lost for words.
“Qing Chen, this is outrageous.
Are you going to eat my food every day?”

Qing Chen replied lazily, “Of course not.
Brother, come to me for help if you ever need anything!”

Han Fei waved at him helplessly.
“Since you’re already here, just come on in! Big Yellow, I’ll prepare a bowl for you!”


The cat was a cat after all.
Although it could talk, it still loved meowing.

Han Fei didn’t make much porridge soup in the first place, and it was soon eaten up.

Holding the Dragon Sting Pole, Han Fei said, “Okay, the breakfast is over.
I’m going fishing.
Are you coming with me, Big Yellow?”


Han Fei looked at Qing Chen, who patted his stomach and said, “I’m not going.
But I’ll come back at noon…”

Han Fei quickly interrupted him, “No, I don’t cook at noon.”

Qing Chen gazed at him.
“Then I’ll come back at night.”

A moment later, Han Fei and the cat arrived at the Empyrean Waterfall.

Han Fei was still rather speechless.
He asked, “Big Yellow, Qing Chen is quite mysterious.
What does he usually do?”

Squatting on a rock, Big Yellow looked up at the Empyrean Waterfall.
“He climbs.”

Han Fei looked at the waterfall in shock.
“He climbs the waterfall?”

Big Yellow nodded.
“Yes! He was often flushed down at first, but then it stopped happening.
He would cultivate his body up top.”

Han Fei was even more surprised.
“Qing Chen is a body practitioner?”

Big Yellow meowed and swung out its tail, which quickly dangled like a fishing line.

Han Fei was amused.
What an amazing cat that tries to catch fish with its tail! However, he discovered, to his surprise, that the cat tail in the water had transformed and looked no different from any other fishing lines.

Big Yellow meowed at Han Fei.
“Don’t spread out your senses.
You’ll scare off the fish.
You’d better hold back your voice too.
The fish here are very shrewd.”

“Very shrewd?”

Han Fei smiled and stopped talking to Big Yellow.
He seemed to have cast the fishing pole, but the fishing line on it was just a disguise.

Because Big Yellow didn’t spread out its senses, it didn’t know how Han Fei was fishing, so it was easy for Han Fei to use the Void Line.

When the Void Line submerged into water, Han Fei found that he could sense what was within a hundred meters of the Void Line with his spiritual power.
Soon, he found some red half-meter-long fish that had butterfly wings.

Huh? This kind of fish is rather rare.
It must be one of the Butterfly Fish.

Controlling the Void Line, Han Fei slowly approached the nearest Butterfly Fish.
Maybe because of its intuitions, the Butterfly Fish shivered and sank almost ten meters, looking around warily.

Han Fei subconsciously stopped controlling the Void Line.

About ten seconds later, the Butterfly Fish was still absorbing something with its body erect.

Han Fei’s heart slightly shivered. This fish is truly vigilant.
Can it even detect the Void Line?

This time, Han Fei slightly recalled his spiritual power, and his senses were too blurred for him to see the Butterfly Fish clearly.
However, he could still extend the Void Line to the Butterfly Fish.

This time, the Butterfly Fish showed no special reactions.
It rolled its eyes as if it were puzzled.
Then, it kept absorbing, thinking that it was safe.

Nine Void Lines descended around the Butterfly Fish at a low speed.
When Han Fei attempted to clutch the Butterfly Fish with one of them, the Butterfly Fish trembled and tried to run.

Han Fei quickly took action.
Simultaneously, three Void Lines clutched the tail, the head, and one side of the fins of the Butterfly Fish.

“Phew! What a smart fish!”

Seeing that the Butterfly Fish was caught, Han Fei quickly grabbed the other parts of the Butterfly Fish with the rest of the Void Lines.

When the nine Void Lines all caught the Butterfly Fish, Han Fei felt like his eyes were getting blurry.

About ten seconds later, Han Fei discovered that he had the vision of a fish.

The vision was quite strange, with a range of almost 270 degrees.
Everything in his eyesight was deformed.

But that wasn’t important.
Han Fei was quite appalled at this moment.


He gasped hard. So, the Void Lines can catch my prey’s soul and deprive them of their will?

Once a creature was caught and couldn’t escape, he would be able to dominate its soul.

The Divine Manipulation Technique is truly remarkable!

Han Fei’s expressions changed quickly.
Did it mean that he could have multiple clones? Whoever was caught by the fishing lines would become his puppets.
What kind of terrifying fishing technique was that?

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