Chapter 829: 3000-Meter Sword Domain

Early the next morning, Han Fei went to visit the “heavyweight” old guys in the inner circle.

The nearest was the old poison master Ye Qingfeng’s house.

Han Fei stood at the door and knocked.
“Senior Ye…”


Ye Qingfeng replied in a low voice, indicating that he knew it.

Han Fei smiled and said, “Senior Ye, I’m hosting a banquet at home today.
Would you like to come? To be honest, I’m quite skilled in cooking…”


The door of the house opened, and Ye Qingfeng was holding a half-meter-long red centipede in his hand.
He glanced at Han Fei indifferently.
“I’m not going.
I only like to eat poison.”

Han Fei was dumbstruck. What is this guy talking about? He likes to eat poison?!

But he just smiled and said, “Well, I actually like to eat poison too.
As long as the material is enough, maybe I can prepare a poisonous meal for you.
What do you think?”

Ye Qingfeng said leisurely, “Poison meal? You are not trying to cheat my poison, are you?”

Han Fei was speechless. Even though that’s exactly what I’m thinking, don’t give it away!

Before Han Fei could explain, he heard Ye Qingfeng sneer.
“Forget it.
If you want to raise your Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect, you can come to me for a cup of tea every day.
Remember to come near dusk in the afternoon when it’s going to be dark and just right for the toxin to evaporate.”

Han Fei grinned immediately and said, “Thank you, Senior Ye.
Since that’s the case, goodbye.”

Han Fei happily walked to Granny Yin’s house.
He was in a good mood.
Ye Qingfeng’s poison worked very well.
Yesterday, the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect was upgraded.

Although the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect might also upgrade soon even without Ye Qingfeng’s poison, it would take time.

If it drank poison at Ye Qingfeng’s place every day, it should be able to upgrade by two or three levels within half a month.

Han Fei was happily walking when he suddenly felt something was looking at him.

Following his perception, Han Fei froze all over, dumbfounded.

After a long pause, Han Fei rubbed his eyes and stared at the top of the wall of Granny Yin’s house.
That lump of yellow, fluffy… Is that a f*cking cat?


Han Fei hurried over and stopped about 10 meters away from the big yellow cat.
One person and one cat confronted each other.

Han Fei was shocked to read the data in his eyes.

Soul Swallowing Spiritual Cat (Yin Xue’s contractual spiritual beast)

An extremely rare terrestrial creature with a trace of bloodline of the ancient ferocious beast, Soul Swallowing Cat, swift as the wind, with a pair of sharp, soul-devouring claws.
If anyone is scratched by its sharp claws, his mind will be unhinged for three days.



42,256 points

All fish

Soul Swallowing Magic

Arrogant and cold.
Better not approach it.

Han Fei gasped with surprise.
And suddenly, he “meowed” at the cat.


Ye Qingfeng, who was a thousand meters away, spurted the tea out of his mouth and looked at Han Fei dumbfounded. Is this brat crazy? How dare he tease Big Yellow?

However, the cat just glanced at Han Fei contemptuously and said, “You didn’t imitate me right.”

Han Fei blinked his eyes. Right, this cat is a legendary creature, so it’s not strange that he can speak.

Han Fei chuckled.
“I only saw cats in an ancient book, and I’m really curious.
Are you Big Yellow? Let’s go fishing if you’ve got time!”

Big Yellow’s eyes brightened, and he jumped to the ground with a meow, staring at Han Fei and asking, “Where did you read that book? Have you ever seen another cat? Can you show me the book?”

Han Fei answered, “Uh! I can’t find that book now.
I got it from a secret realm called the Snow God’s Temple.
There used to be many land creatures there, and among them, there were cats.”

The Big Yellow meowed and asked, “Where is the secret realm?”

Han Fei smiled and said, “The secret realm has been destroyed.
You can ask Zheng Chaojie about it.
He explored it after the secret realm collapsed.”

Hearing that the secret realm had been ruined, Big Yellow meowed in disappointment, head held high, and walked towards the pond with his tail erect, while muttering to himself, “I’m such a lonely cat!”

The people who were looking at them with their perceptions were all speechless.
Han Fei could even start a talk with Big Yellow!

Seeing that the Big Yellow was gone, Han Fei just walked to the gate of Granny Yin and heard the old lady say, “Come in!”

Han Fei was about to speak when he heard Granny Yin say, “I’m not going to the dinner.
I’m too old for this kind of event.
Don’t forget to invite Xiao Jiu.
I think she would love to go to the banquet.”

Han Fei was speechless. Why? I have nothing to do with her at all.

Granny Yin waved her hand and said, “OK! Old Nangong enjoys crowds.
You can try inviting him.”

The next second, Nangong Xuan’s voice came over, “I’m busy cultivating, so I’m not going this time.
Let’s wait for the next time.”

Rejected by three people in a row, Han Fei was a little frustrated. You guys just have no idea how good I am at cooking.
You’ll regret losing the chance to taste the food I make!

Han Fei came to the outskirts, and when he passed by Youye’s house, Youye poked her head out and smiled at Han Fei, which somewhat fascinated Han Fei.

Now he knew why Senior Brother was beaten by his wife.
Youye must have learned a bewitching art, similar to the one Xia Xiaochan learned.
Fortunately, he had been immune to this kind of art.

Han Fei smiled back at her.
“Youye, would you like to go to my house for dinner at noon? I prepared a banquet.”

Youye nodded.
“Yeah! Okay! When you come back later, take some flowers and plants home from me.
By the way, don’t forget to invite Yue Shier.
That fool will be too shy to go if you don’t invite him.”

Han Fei nodded slightly.
“I see.”

When he passed by the big bluestone, Nameless glanced at Han Fei indifferently.
“If you can enter my 300-meter sword domain, I will go.”

Han Fei scratched his head.
“Is this necessary?”

While they were talking, Ning Jingyao, who was laying on the roof and watching from the sky, laughed.
“Hey, say yes.
Are you afraid of him? Get into his sword domain and cut him.”

Noticing a lot of gazes fall on him, Han Fei was a little helpless. Do people here like peeping so much?

Han Fei thought for a while and decided to accept the challenge to see the strength of the people in the Empyrean Waterfall.

At least, Han Fei was sure that once he walked into this 300-meter sword domain, his relationship with Nameless would go further.

Han Fei grinned.
“Then I’m coming.”

Nameless nodded, and at the same time, lowered his strength to that of a peak-level Hanging Fisher.

After that, Han Fei stepped into Nameless’s 300-meter sword domain without hesitation.


Suddenly, the sky was full of sword shadows, targeting Han Fei’s body.
At that moment, Han Fei could feel at least a thousand sword shadows.

Han Fei stomped slightly, and the Coiled Turtle Array and the Spirit Gathering Array appeared at the same time.
He didn’t use the knife but threw out a punch.

The Invincible Fist Mark shot out 200 meters but was soon shattered by the sword shadows.

Feeling the boundless sword intent, Han Fei became serious.
This man’s swordsmanship was so strong that it was comparable to Sun Mu’s Deity Slaying Array.

Thinking for a while, Han Fei took out a long knife, which was an ultra-quality spiritual weapon.


The knife dazzled like a star river, and the eyes of Ning Jingyao on the roof were shining brightly when he saw the knife.

“Good knife.”

Clang, clang, clang!

The Draw Technique was activated, shattering the sword shadows along the way.
It swept 280 meters across but still didn’t stop.

When he was only 1 meter away from Nameless, Nameless drew his sword and then stuck it back into the sheath in an instant.

“What a fast sword…”

The Draw Technique was shattered by the sword intent, which then swept towards Han Fei at an incredible speed.

Han Fei frowned, and no longer reserving his strength, he thrust the knife into the ground.
With a bang, a scarlet fist mark blasted out.

Facing the fist mark, Nameless suddenly widened his eyes.
He held the hilt in one hand, on which spiritual energy flashed for a full six times before Nameless pulled out his sword again.
In an instant, all the sword shadows around him gathered and integrated into this sword.

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz!

The fist mark and the sword intent were contending, not giving way to each other.
Nameless’s pupils constricted.
His sword intent was actually retreating under the pressure of this fist.
Although it didn’t retreat much, he knew what it meant.

Han Fei was also horrified.
He had injected double the spiritual energy into the fist mark but Nameless actually managed to block it!

Crack, Crack, Crack!

The fist mark and the sword intent dissipated at the same time.

The entire sword domain returned to calm, and Nameless restored his strength to the realm of a Hidden Fisher.

He looked at Han Fei and nodded slightly.
“I’ll go over at noon.
Don’t be surprised.
You were in my sword domain just now.
Otherwise, I would have been beaten by you.”

Han Fei couldn’t help looking at the 300-meter sword domain.
Did this sword domain enable Nameless to resist his fist mark?

Han Fei secretly took a breath.
The Empyrean Waterfall deserved its reputation indeed, and a random person here was so strong.

But Han Fei immediately regained his smile and said, “Ha, I’ll be waiting for you to come by!”

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