Chapter 805:Leaving the Sea Demon Forest

Looking at the Immeasurable Sap in front of his eyes, Han Fei guessed that the Leafless Tree must be terrifying if it were outside.

After all, the sap was effective up to the level of a Law Enforcer, and the Hanging Fishers were asked to use it with caution.

Immediately, Han Fei didn’t care about many things but simply said to the Leafless Tree, “Mr.
Tree, try to recover yourself.
I’m going to train.”

A moment later…

Inside the jungle of algae, Han Fei looked at his information.

Han Fei

48 (Advanced Hanging Fisher)

1,982,561 (15,452)


20,001 Meters

Level-Five, High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level-43)

Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

“My perception has had a breakthrough.”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
It was great news that he didn’t have to resort to the God Scaring Painting for the breakthrough.

Han Fei realized that the breakthrough was probably because he had absorbed a lot of unowned souls in the 72 demonic realms and used the Soul Splitting Technique many times, thereby completely digesting those souls.

Han Fei looked at Forge the Universe and found 36 level-two Soul Crystals left.
Those should be enough.
Refining the Soul Crystals was fast anyway.
He could absorb them first before the training started.

He grabbed the Soul Crystals and began to meditate with the God Scaring Painting.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

One Soul Crystal was melted after another.
He absorbed sixteen Soul Crystals in a row and was stuck at the 50th piece on the God Scaring Painting.

“Heh! Let’s continue.”

Han Fei had seen it coming.
He absorbed ten level-two Soul Crystals in a row.
Immediately, he memorized the 51st piece of the God Scaring Painting.

“Huh! The demand for the level-two soul crystals has increased?”

It required three level-two Soul Crystals in the past, and only ten at this moment.

Han Fei spread out his senses and found that the perception range had become 23,001 meters.
He frowned.
“Huh? There’s no change in the perception range?”

Seeing that more Soul Crystals could be absorbed and he had eleven of them left, he absorbed all of them.

A moment later…

“Huh? 24,001 meters and still on the rise? Also, the perception range increased with every piece of the God Scaring Painting that I remember becoming a thousand meters?”

Han Fei put on a bitter smile.
The most painful thing was that he could make breakthroughs but ran out of Soul Crystals.

Without Soul Crystals, the only way to expand his perception range was to meditate with the God Scaring Painting or make breakthroughs.
But meditation would require too much time that he couldn’t afford.

His eyes flashing, he took out about twenty drops of Immeasurable Sap and put half of them into his mouth.

Immediately, Han Fei felt that he was having a fever.
Every drop of the Immeasurable Sap exploded in his body, and surging energy vanished into his flesh and veins.

Han Fei’s eyes widened.
The feeling was as strong as when he absorbed the Candle Dragon Blood.

In particular, the Immeasurable Sap did not just contain enormous amounts of energy, but it was also flowing to his 32 major acupoints.


Han Fei was shocked for a while.
He recognized the 32 major acupoints when he practiced the 108 Desolate God Body.
Then, he never trained with it again.

At that time, he simply considered covering his Indestructible Body with the 108 Desolate God Body, and he never practiced it intentionally.

However, he found that the Desolate God Body was behaving abnormally.
He remembered that the purpose of the Desolate God Body was to create one major acupoint that would be the only flaw on the body.

Immediately, Han Fei practiced the Desolate God Body by making 108 weird postures in the water.

“No, ten drops aren’t enough.”

“Twenty drops…”

“Thirty drops…”

Three months passed in the blink of an eye.

Shu Shan was completely gone during the three months.
He never showed up again.

When Han Fei was sitting cross-legged, the seawater around him seemed twisted.
Eight whirlpools were swirling, and a tremendous amount of spiritual energy was entering Han Fei’s body.

It took Han Fei three months to set up a Spirit Gathering Array on the ground.

With the torrent of spiritual energy, he had reduced the 32 acupoints to eight.
His speed of training was truly terrifying.



Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes, and spiritual energy surged at him.
Abundant spiritual energy in his body was absorbed too.

After a long time, Han Fei rose and spouted a pillar of water that shattered the surrounding seaweed.

“I’ve made a breakthrough! I thought I had to wait until I deduced the fifth level of Void Fishing.”

“My strength and stamina have increased by thirty percent.
As expected of a heaven-level, divine-quality technique.
If I reduce the acupoints into one, I’ll become twenty percent stronger.
That would be great.”

Han Fei

49 (Peak-Level Hanging Fisher)

1,982,561 (17,512)


24,001 Meters

Level-Five, High-Quality

Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fish (level-43)

Void Breaking Technique, Volume Four of Void Fishing (Demon-Level, Divine-Quality)

Han Fei was slightly surprised.
His hard training in the past three months was quite rewarding.
He had made a breakthrough in advance.

Also, he found that the upper limit of his spiritual energy was increased by two thousand points, which was better than any of the previous times.

“Is it because I’ve been whetted enough in all those battles?”

Han Fei couldn’t help but ask, “Mr.
Tree, how are you doing? Can we go out now?”

The Leafless Tree’s big face appeared.
There was no telling if it was his illusion, but the face seemed slightly younger than before.

The Leafless Tree nodded.
“Wait for another three days.
I’ll get you out in three days.”

Han Fei nodded.
He would’ve postponed for a few days even if the Leafless Tree had proposed to send him out immediately.

He had two more things to do before he went out.

Firstly, he had to deduce the Majestic Mystic Spell.

At this moment, the Majestic Mystic Spell was only demon-level, divine-quality.
He never deduced it because he thought a five-time enhancement was good enough.

However, this trip had made him realize that his opponents were getting strong, so he had to grow stronger too.


Inside Forge the Universe.

Information popped up in Han Fei’s eyes.

The Overlord’s Technique (Heaven-Level, Mid-Quality)

Note: This is a secret swallowing technique based on observing the Overlord Mystic Tortoise.
By sacrificing enormous energy, you can summon the mystic tortoise and multiply your combat ability based on your level.

Current Improvement: Eight Times

Shortcoming: The more it improves, the greater energy it will consume.
If it consumes too much energy, the potential of the body will be ruined.

Deduced Art: Unknown

Deduction Cost: 0/30,000,000

He had acquired the Overlord’s Technique with a ten-million point cost.

Han Fei’s lips curled as it was a really good time.
He was confident that even the Sea God’s Arrival might not be as good as the Overlord’s Technique which granted an eight-times improvement.

However, if he were to use the Overlord’s Technique, he would consume a lot of energy.

The Immeasurable Sap that the Leafless Tree offered had been used up.
Thinking that the tree was weakened and wounded, Han Fei didn’t ask for more.

At this moment, while Shu Shan was hiding somewhere, Han Fei came to the Leafless Tree.
Tree, tell me more about the vine.
Why is it here?”

An old face appeared on the tree.
“Last time this treasure trove was opened, human beings and sea demons fought too.
A human expert came to help me with that item.
It has occupied the core of the terrain up till now.
If you want to extract it, this whole place may crush, and the consequences are hard to predict.”

Han Fei’s eyes flashed.
“Oh? Then why did you say that the opportunity hadn’t arrived yet?”

The Leafless Tree said gloomily, “I don’t think it’s full yet.”

“It’s not full?”

Han Fei looked at the Leafless Tree in shock.
“Are you saying that the vine is here for food?”

The tree face raised its eyebrows.
“Yes, it feeds on spiritual energy and other kinds of energy.
I don’t even know if it’s good or bad.
Because of that, I didn’t know whether the human beings were here to help me, or to loot the vine.”

His eyes flashing, Han Fei was deep in thought.
“Who brought this vine in?”

Pondering for a long time, the Leafless Tree said, “The clone of a man named Han Guanshu.
But he did save me last time.”

Han Fei’s heart palpitated. Han Guanshu again?

He felt awful at that time.
If Han Guanshu were connected to him… No, the guy was definitely connected to him, because there was a vine at the bottom of the Steps into the Sea too.
He had already taken that vine, and this was the second one.

Han Fei asked casually, “Mr.
Tree, when do you think it’ll be full?”

The Leafless Tree replied, “Maybe in five years, or ten.
I’m not sure.
It’s up to the vine itself.”

Han Fei was lost for words.
So, he was here already?

Why did Han Guanshu keep the vine in the town? Was it for him? Why? Did the guy know that he would get the Demon Purification Pot?

Han Fei’s head was a mess.
He knew nothing except that a big secret must be involved.
He felt like he was being manipulated.

That was a terrible feeling.
Han Fei didn’t like that.

Han Fei closed his eyes and tried to move the Demon Purification Pot.

However, the Demon Purification Pot didn’t shiver at all.
Did it also know that the vine wasn’t full yet?

Three days passed.

Han Fei was sitting cross-legged in front of the Leafless Tree, when suddenly he opened his eyes and saw a sword coming at a terrifying speed.

His pupils contracted.
“What a fast and aggressive sword! Where’s Mr.

The sword stopped when it was a hundred meters from Han Fei and turned into a person.
It was none other than Shu Shan.

Han Fei was stunned.
“You’ve turned into a sword?”

Shu Shan put on a smile.
“I’m a sword cultivator in the first place.
Isn’t it only natural that I can combine with my sword?”

Han Fei was lost for words.
Why had he never seen anyone else done that before?


Before Han Fei and Shu Shan said more, Han Fei saw that another one of the Leafless Tree’s branches was broken.

Han Fei asked in shock, “Mr.
Tree, what are you doing?”

The Leafless Tree replied, “You take my branch.
You can come back here as long as you break the branch within a hundred thousand kilometers from the tree.”

Shu Shan said lazily, “I won’t come back again.
I’d like to see the world out there.”

Han Fei looked at the Leafless Tree.
“How can I tell when I should come?”

The Leafless Tree’s old voice sounded, “You can come any time you want after the first leaf grows on the branch.”

Then, a dark portal appeared a hundred meters above, and the Leafless Tree said slowly, “I’ll send you to a place one hundred thousand kilometers from the sea demons’ entrance.”

Shu Shan crawled into the portal and said, “Enough.
New world and the Infinite Ocean, I’m coming.”

Han Fei looked at the Leafless Tree thoughtfully and left without looking back.

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