Chapter 800: Identity Exposed

However, on the human side, everyone was dumbfounded!

Many people looked overjoyed and said to Overlord, “Senior, you are still alive!”

Someone scolded, “What are you talking about? Why do you say something so stupid? Senior is certainly still alive!”

Someone asked, “What’d I miss?? Who is this?”

Someone said, “This is the Senior we mentioned before.
He killed 12 sea demon Heavenly Talents in two blows.
He’s extremely powerful.”


Someone was shocked and said, “He’s our trump card!”

At this time, Luo Xiaobai said, “Don’t panic.
I know this expert.
He’s indeed a card up our sleeves.”

Everyone looked at Luo Xiaobai, and the woman in red said, “Why didn’t we know?”

Luo Xiaobai said indifferently, “Inconvenient to disclose.”

Le Renkuang rejoiced in his heart, I didn’t see Han Fei in the past three days.
I was worried he had an accident! Fortunately, he has finally appeared!

However, Le Renkuang was still a bit worried. Han Fei is such a dare-devil! How dare he still pretend to be a sea demon!

Among all the people, only Jiaren Cao made a clear judgment in the first place.


If she hadn’t known Han Fei, she wouldn’t have been able to realize it.
But since she did, she knew that Han Fei was acting.

So she immediately told her team members, “Don’t say anything.
Don’t talk about it.”

Meng Gui stood up and said, “That Inferior Man-Fish is an Azure Sea Blue Demon with extremely strong strength.
We ambushed him but failed to capture him.”

Ning Dong coldly looked in the direction of the sea demons and made a gesture of a knife cutting across one’s neck.

Ning Dong didn’t know what was going on.
He was just venting his emotions.
He really wanted to kill the Inferior Man-Fish because when he was ambushing the others, he was defeated by the fish.

However, just when both sides were brewing emotions…

The bracelet suddenly vibrated on Han Fei’s wrist.
Shu Shan’s voice sounded in his mind, Come on, escape.
Your identity has been exposed.

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. When was my identity exposed? Is my acting not good enough? Every sea demon who knew my real identity has died.
And I even saved Yu Ji to testify for me.

Han Fei asked, “How do you know?”

Among these sea demons, someone has a powerful soul controlling his body.
If I’ve guessed right, he perceives the Divine weapon you snatched.

Han Fei was a bit panicked: he didn’t expect that it was the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp that exposed him…

If the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp was on him, then his answer to Yu Ji’s question… Was very suspicious.

This alone was enough to make them sure that he was lying.

So obviously, he had a problem.

As for why they didn’t attack him immediately was because the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp was in his hand, so they didn’t dare to act rashly.

He was among the sea demons right now.
If he suddenly used the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp, then the sea demons would surely suffer a heavy loss.
Therefore, they just didn’t want to arouse his alarm, waiting for the right time to kill him.

At this moment, he figured out everything.

Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh. It’s all about the detail! I had thought that my acting was very good, and planned to take the opportunity to use the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp!

Although he could still use it now, the results could be imagined.
He was surrounded by so many sea demons.
Once he used the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp, he would be killed instantly.

Han Fei faintly perceived that some sea demons were already gaining momentum and seemed to be targeting him.

“It’s over.
It’s over.
How can I escape?”

At this moment, Han Fei knew that his identity had been completely exposed.
However, he still had a chance to escape.
With the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp in his hand, they weren’t daring to attack him for the time being.

They were waiting for a chance to kill him, and he was waiting for a chance to escape.

Han Fei directly said to the Leafless Tree via voice transmission, Uncle Tree, do you have any way to pull me away?

From the bottom of his heart, the voice of the Leafless Tree sounded, Why?

I’ve been exposed…

The Leafless Tree was silent for a while. There are too many people around you.
I can’t do it now… But if…

Han Fei was speechless. And? Just say it!

The Leafless Tree replied, Try to find a way to reduce the number of people around you, the less the better.

Han Fei was stunned, thinking of how he would do this.

Oh, yes, I have the Bone Transarray Spiritual Lamp.
Even if they attack me, they won’t attack me at the same time.

Han Fei shook the bracelet.
“Big Brother, help.
Can you save me?”

Of course, Han Fei didn’t want to die.
Even when he was facing Chun Huangdian, the first thing he thought of was to save himself after he knew that Xia Xiaochan was still alive.

At this moment, Overlord was not by his side.

He still had a Fist Mark of the Cao family.
But once he used it, Cao Jiaren would definitely perceive it.
Then if she asked Cao Qiu, she would immediately know who he was.

Then Cao Jiaren would know he was the Inferior Man-Fish.

In that case, once he returned to the Scattered Stars Island, he would have to explain why he could turn into an Inferior Man-Fish.

Suddenly, Han Fei’s eyes lit up.
He remembered that the Mirror of Icy Salt could still be used once more.

Han Fei heaved a sigh of relief secretly. There is hope! The Mirror of Icy Salt can copy me.
As long as the timing is right, I can escape.

Thinking of this, Han Fei stopped worrying.
However, he had to be vigilant at all times to prevent others from suddenly attacking him.

After a moment.

A Half-Mermaid leader got up and said, “Prepare.
This battle is not about combat skill but courage.
This time, many people may die.
But if we can kill the Leafless Tree, we can gain great glory and become the heroes of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.”

With that, the Half-Mermaid looked at Han Fei and said, “Yu Fei, I know that your inherited talent is powerful, more powerful than anyone else here.
When we charge, you’ll clear the way for us in the front, okay?”

Han Fei sneered. Clear the way for you? Do you think I’m stupid? Damn, fortunately, I have robbed several refining shops in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.
Otherwise, I would have been acting for so long for nothing.

However, on the surface, Han Fei still said deadpan, “No problem.”

The sea demon nodded.
“Great, everyone, get ready to charge.”

Han Fei participated in the so-called sea demon charge for the first time.
The first condition for charging was the Sea King’s secret method, which was an ability that all Heavenly Talents must acquire.

When Han Fei frowned and used the Sea King’s secret method, he found that all the white flames were faintly connecting into one piece.
And the power seemed to be stronger.

However, the bracelet shook slightly at this time.
“Something’s wrong.
The secret technique you used is absorbing your vitality.”


Han Fei was shocked.
No wonder, every time he used the Sea King’s secret method before, he always felt that something was wrong.

It turned out that this secret method was not without side effects.
On the contrary, its side effects were huge, which was to draw from the user’s vitality.
But who drew the vitality? The Sea King? But wasn’t the Sea King already dead?

Han Fei thought to himself, Something is wrong.
Maybe the Sea King is not dead.
Or, the Sea King has a new heir.
Otherwise, why does he use this secret method to crazily draw the vitality of others?

How many sea demons were there in just the Ten Thousand Demon Valley alone? No wonder almost all the Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen that he had seen knew this secret method.

Han Fei was determined. I’ll never use this secret method again.
You’re not going to suck any vitality from me!

Of course, it was not the time to think about this problem.
Han Fei responded, “I see.
I won’t use it again.”

Han Fei was placed in the front row of the charge due to his strong physique, standing with a captain Half-Merman in a golden battle suit.

Beside Han Fei, a sea demon bared his teeth and roared, “Everyone, charge!”


Above the seabed, smoke and dust billowed.
Everyone rushed forward, and the hazy white flames were connected in one piece.

As soon as Han Fei launched a charge, his speed soared.
He released his perception, waiting for the right time.

However, after only charging for about 3,000 meters, Han Fei noticed that the large troops behind him had slowed down a bit.
Also advancing side by side with him were the five captains.

Han Fei cursed secretly, “Damn it,” and the next moment, the Mirror of Icy Salt was activated instantly.

As if sensing Han Fei’s action, one of the captains suddenly shouted, “Do it!”

In an instant, five Sea King’s Strikes, which were even stronger than the Dance of Light, were activated in an instant.

Clang, clang, clang~


A big shield suddenly appeared behind Han Fei.
No one noticed, at that moment, Han Fei’s figure suddenly flashed.

In the next second, that top-quality shield was instantly torn apart, and Han Fei’s body was instantly blown up.

When countless bright white crystal shards were scattered, everyone’s expression changed.

“Damn it, it’s fake!”


Activating the Flying Flower Demon Flash, Han Fei flashed into the ground.
It was the cave that the Leafless Tree prepared for him.
In the underground caves, there were winding paths leading to different directions.

As soon as he landed, Han Fei set up a stealth array for himself.

However, it didn’t work well.
These Heavenly Talents immediately located Han Fei with their perceptions.

However, at the moment when they were about to attack Han Fei, a blue demon flower suddenly appeared.
Immediately afterwards, Han Fei set up a Breath Concealing Array and escaped in a hurry.

On the human side, many people looked at Luo Xiaobai in astonishment.

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