The fishing pole was broken.
Han Fei was utterly bankrupt again.

The only thing he had left was a ragged dagger and an inferior knife-fin stuck in the wood.
Gloomily, Han Fei took out a little white fish and began to eat it raw.

Huh! It does not taste bad at all.
The meat is tight and feels like beef.

Han Fei was a bit surprised.
This meat could totally be made into sashimi.
He thought that the white fish tasted worse than the yellow fish and blade fish, but they were surprisingly good.

He finished half of the white fish quickly.
To Han Fei’s surprise, his spiritual energy increased from 20 to 23.
Didn’t the white fish have three points of spiritual energy in total? He had only just eaten half of it.

Han Fei finished the other half of the fish.
His spiritual energy became 26 points.
He was quite surprised.

It was almost dawn.
He had survived the night.
Han Fei sat cross-legged and continued his cultivation.

His wrist became hot again, indicating that a stream of spiritual energy was entering his body, but the amount of spiritual energy was much lesser.

Huh? Why is it lesser now?

Han Fei opened his eyes in surprise and noticed that the three moons were about to disappear.

The absorption of spiritual energy has something to do with the three moons?

More than an hour later, the enormous sun revealed itself on the horizon, unleashing the morning sunlight.

Han Fei, feeling that his wrist was burning, stopped cultivating, and opened his eyes, only to discover that his wrist was smoking with purple light.

Before he rose, a fire had risen on his wrist.

Han Fei immediately got back to his feet and extended his hand into the water and checked the Demon Purification Pot in passing.
His spiritual energy had turned from 26 into 108.
He was instantly surprised.
Was it because of the purple light just now?

Han Fei almost fell over while he considered.
The ocean was boiling, waves rising everywhere.

Han Fei saw countless fish swimming towards him as they began to jump merrily.
For a start, a few little white fish smacked Han Fei’s face.

Not just that, a big yellow fish knocked into Han Fei’s belly, making him double over in pain.
Han Fei then saw a tentacle lobster flying.


Wasting no time, Han Fei dived into the fish cabin and closed it.
Soon after he closed the fish cabin…

Dum! Dum! Dum!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Too many fish were falling on the deck.
Tentacle lobsters were also crawling up there.
Han Fei even saw their tentacles through the gaps.

When Han Fei tried to take another look, a knife swooshed into the cover and almost stabbed him.

Several minutes later, a lobster leg pierced through the cover of the cabin.

“Bro! Please go!”

Han Fei held his breath.
If a tentacle lobster broke it, he would be cut into pieces!

Huh, wait, can I try absorbing it?

Han Fei immediately hugged the leg without letting it go.

“Absorb it! Demon Purification Pot, absorb it!”


The cover of the fish cabin was almost lifted.

At first, the tentacle lobster struggled hard and nearly flipped the boat over several times, but gradually, it weakened.
Han Fei was delighted that the Demon Purification Pot was useful.

Five minutes later, Han Fei felt that the lobster leg stopped struggling in his arms.
Its spiritual energy must’ve been devoured by him.

After a couple of minutes, the noises on the deck finally stopped.
The fish seemed to have leaped back into the ocean.
Han Fei finally summoned the courage to open the cabin.

A yellow fish, startled by Han Fei, bumped into Han Fei’s head.
He almost cried in pain.

Confirming that no dangerous creatures were on board, Han Fei jumped out of the fish cabin, only to discover that the deck was a mess.
Too many fish, including a blade fish, had been cut into pieces.

Other than that, the boat was laden with stones from green turtles.
As far as he could see, three of them were dead on the deck.

Some of them were minced, and some were cut into halves.

Han Fei was flabbergasted.
How sharp were the tentacles of the tentacle lobsters to cut the green turtles?

Han Fei turned around and looked at the three-meter-long tentacle lobster, which seemed to have been boiled.
It had a particularly huge head and a short body.
Like dry wood, it was now paralyzed on the deck.

But soon, Han Fei became excited.
His spiritual energy increased to 156, which meant that the tentacle lobster provided 48 points of spiritual energy to him, the same amount a Swallowed Spirit Soup could provide.

Besides that, the eight fish cabins on the boat, except for the one he had been hiding in, were all full of fish.

Han Fei laughed aloud, counting his fingers and murmuring to himself.

There are a lot of white fish.
The calabash can have dozens of them… The yellow fish are plentiful, too… Huh, why is the water in this cabin red?

When Han Fei looked at the fish cabin, he saw something swimming through it.

Han Fei kicked the cover and closed the cabin.
If his guess was correct, that must be a Snakebelt.

The snake-shaped fish had killed half of the passengers on a boat yesterday.
He certainly couldn’t beat it if it ran loose.

Han Fei had made up his mind to let the stronger experts open this cabin after he returned.

So, Han Fei held yellow fish in his left hand and green turtles in his right hand.
After absorbing them, he kicked the bodies off the boat.
Although the fish could still be sold after they were dead, the money was not as important as his secret.

A dozen minutes later, Han Fei was shocked again.

Han Fei had 814 points of spiritual energy!

Han Fei breathed heavily.
The storage of the Demon Purification Pot had no upper limit.

Han Fei enjoyed the sunlight on the deck, delighted.
He had thought that it would take a long time before he saved a thousand points of spiritual energy, but one night turned out to be almost enough.

Should I do it again tomorrow night?

What Han Fei did not know was that, if he told someone else about it, they would think that he was crazy to train in the morning under the sun, which would’ve burned other people into ashes!

He cleaned up the boat and intentionally left some traces.
He also cut the tentacles of the tentacle lobster and kicked it into the water, because he couldn’t explain why such a huge lobster was lying here in one piece.

The sun was already high, and many boats were descending from the sky.

One of them came straight toward where Han Fei was.

Wang Jie came with another two supervisors.


Wang Jie did not check if Han Fei was all right, or notice the dark circles around Han Fei’s eyes.
He and his subordinates were shocked at the mess on Han Fei’s boat.

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