Chapter 796: The Leafless Tree

Han Fei was sitting on the leaf for a rest.
If he guessed right, there should be more than one ambush on the way to find the Leafless Tree.

For now, it seemed that the humans had taken the upper hand.
After all, the leaf from the Leafless Tree that Luo Xiaobai gave him indicated that humans had had contact with the Leafless Tree.

Han Fei even suspected that it was the Leafless Tree that took the initiative to contact human beings for help.

Just when Han Fei was about to let Little White continue to search for the Leafless Tree, suddenly, the Demon Purification Pot moved and began to spin.

Han Fei immediately got up, perceiving his surroundings.

Then to his shock, he saw an old face on a big tree not far away.

Han Fei felt a chill down his spine. What is this?! A human face?

“Who are you?”

A golden harpoon instantly appeared in Han Fei’s hands.
He looked at the big tree coldly, ready to launch an attack at any time.

The tree’s face laughed and said in an old voice, “Aren’t you all looking for me? I’ve come by myself, so you don’t have to look for me.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip.
“Are you the Leafless Tree?”

The eyebrows on that face were raised.
“Yes! You can call me that.”

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed.
“Why did you show up to me?”

Han Fei really wondered why this tree showed up in front of him.

The face’s mouth was moving, saying, “I’ve been watching you.
You have no feelings for those sea demons but are very friendly to humans.
So I guess you’re not a sea demon, right?”


Han Fei was shocked, wondering, How did the Leafless Tree find out? Is his range of perception so large?

Han Fei was expressionless and looked at the Leafless Tree.
“How can I be a human? I am a sea demon indeed.”

The tree’s face smiled without saying a word, and it took a moment before saying, “When I began to guard this passage, the one travelling with you was not even born.
After so many years, this place has become a new demon forest.
Nothing can escape my eyes.”

Han Fei glanced at the bracelet in surprise.
Shu Shan was discovered!

Han Fei asked in surprise, “So what? Why are you looking for me?”

The tree’s face said, “You have a different smell on you.
It is a smell I am familiar with.
I felt it more than 30 years ago.”

Han Fei’s pupils suddenly constricted.
More than 30 years ago again? What a coincidence!

Han Fei tilted his head.

The tree’s face raised his brows.
“Actually, it’s not up to me whether to open the passage or not.
It needs an opportunity.
However, this opportunity hasn’t come yet.
You came too early.

Han Fei’s expression remained unchanged.
“Oh, really? When will it come?”

The tree’s face smiled and said, “An opportunity is an opportunity.
The moment it comes, in that second, you will know.
It’s not up to me.
However, when the opportunity comes, it is also the moment I’ll get out of the sea of suffering.”

Han Fei pondered for a long time.
“You mean, that opportunity has something to do with me?”

The tree’s face nodded slightly.
“It must be! I just have a feeling.
In fact, you are really special, looking different from the ordinary Half-Mermen and always trying to kill them.”

Han Fei sneered.
“Are you sure?”

Han Fei laughed.
He didn’t quite believe what the Leafless Tree said.

Then he stopped smiling and stared at the tree’s face.
“How do I know if you are the Leafless Tree? Also, what’s your purpose for coming to me?”

The tree’s face sighed and said, “I need someone to come and save me.”

Han Fei frowned.
“There are so many strong masters among human beings.
Why don’t you turn to them for help? Can I help you kill all these sea demons alone?”

The Leafless Tree said, “I’m not sure whether the human beings are all good people.
However, I’ve already notified some of the people who hold my leaves.
However, the sea demons are too many, and they are destroying my foundation.”

“What do you mean by ‘destroy your foundation’? Since you can perceive all of us, it means that you’re very powerful.
Can’t you get rid of those sea demons yourself?”

The old face of the Leafless Tree was full of sadness and he sighed.
“I’m not as strong as you imagine.
Otherwise, the sea demons wouldn’t have come to kill me.
You should know that this demon forest is actually a passage, which was sealed by a strong master, to prevent some top experts from passing through.
In fact, killing me can’t open the passage, but can gradually remove the seal.
Do you know what this means?”

Han Fei frowned.
“If the seal is removed, the strong masters can come in and then forcibly open the passage?”

The Leafless Tree nodded.
“Will opening the passage and connecting to the Sea Demon Forest cause a huge change? Even I don’t know.
However, this will not only affect humans and sea demons, but also our Sea Demon Forest.”

The bracelet trembled, and Shu Shan said, “He was right.
No one knows what the consequences will be.
Humans once fought side by side with the demon plants in the Sea Demon Forest.
At that time, it was said that the Sea Demon Forest was devastated.
After all, although the demon plants you saw were very powerful, it wasn’t that difficult probably to kill them when people figured out their fighting methods.
For example, you just got the Heritage Dredging Fruit from the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon, didn’t you?”

Han Fei pondered for a while.
“You said someone is destroying your foundation? How are they doing so?”

“I have two main foundations.
One is the Hundred-Year Tree Demons and the Thousand-Year Tree Demons that you’ve discovered.
This is like an array.
The more damaged the materials of the array, the more unstable the foundation.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Are they the array foundation?”

The Leafless Tree’s branch shook slightly.
They grow here and have already been inseparable from this passage.
However, this is secondary.
It’s not that important if they’re alive or not.
Once there are too many of them, it’ll erode my strength.
The other is that I’m the eye of this array, so once the ground veins here are destroyed, my strength will be greatly reduced.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Ground veins? What are they?”

“There are three sea demon teams that know how to destroy the ground veins.”

Han Fei asked bluntly, “Then what can I do for you?”

“The ground veins can be destroyed, but can also be repaired.
However, I need someone who I trust to do this.”

Han Fei thought, I don’t even know if I can believe you! How can you trust me so easily?

“But I’m a sea demon! How can you trust me so much?”

Suddenly, a burst of light appeared in front of Han Fei’s eyes, in which there was a vine leaf.

As soon as he saw this vine leaf, in Han Fei’s mind, the Demon Purification Pot spun frantically.

“Wow! The vine leaves of the Demon Purification Pot?”

Han Fei gasped in shock and looked at the tree’s face.

The Leafless Tree said, “I felt it since you came in.
Although I don’t know what it is, I know you need it.
Unfortunately, I can’t give it to you now.”

Han Fei’s eyes flickered.
“When can you give it to me?”

The Leafless Tree’s branches and leaves shook.
“Wait for the opportunity.
You’ll come again.”

Since the tree knew the vines of the Demon Purification Pot, coupled with the reaction of the Demon Purification Pot, Han Fei could be sure that what the Leafless Tree said was true.

Han Fei asked, “How can I help you remedy the ground veins?”


Suddenly, more than 20 red thorns appeared from under the seabed.

“Thousand-Year Demon Spines?”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Why are there so many Thousand-Year Demon Spines?”

Before Han Fei’s eyes, a complete map of the secret realm appeared, which was like an irregular rectangular map.
However, this secret realm seemed to be very large, so he had never been to its border before.

On the map, he could clearly see where he was.
On the map, there were more than 20 red dots marked out.

The Leafless Tree said, “The ground veins in these places have been destroyed.
As long as you put these Thousand-Year Demon Spines there, I can control the ground veins.
Have a try and then you will know if I am lying to you or not.
There have been wars in these places.”

Han Fei nodded.
“OK, besides, since you can control those Hundred-Year Tree Demons and Thousand-Year Tree Demons, can you protect the humans?”

The Leafless Tree sighed.
“No, I can only control the Hundred-Year Tree-Demons but not the Thousand-Year Tree-Demons, and the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon may even try to hurt me.”


The Leafless Tree explained, “After becoming a Thousand-Year Tree Demon, the Tree Demon has already acquired intelligence.
Staying in this secret realm will infinitely suppress their strength.
Only by killing me and escaping out of here can they have a chance to grow.
Especially the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon, his strength is already extremely strong in a certain sense.
If it weren’t for the seal, they would have already escaped out.”

“No wonder.”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip.
No wonder. If I were locked in this forest with my strength suppressed at the peak of the Demonization Realm, I would also try to find a way to kill the Leafless Tree and run away!

Han Fei nodded.
“Okay! I’ll help you repair the ground veins.”

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