Chapter 793: Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon

Separating from Luo Xiaobai and Le Renkuang, Han Fei immediately asked, “Old Shu…”

“Call me ‘Big Brother’!”

Han Fei chuckled.
“Big Brother, what does fortune-telling mean? And what does it mean by ‘the chaos in the world’?”

Shu Shan was silent for a long time before he said, “Did you do something terrible so you turned into a sea demon and dared not return to the human world?”

Han Fei was speechless.
“Just answer my question.
Don’t do this wild guessing game, OK?”

Shu Shan said leisurely, “Fortune-telling! Only Explorers or even the Venerable can do that.


The bracelet trembled.
“As for the chaos of the world, it usually appears with a great opportunity.
If someone tries to conceal the great opportunity, it has to be done by at least a Venerable or with a magical treasure!”

Han Fei’s heart did a flip. Wow, it’s so far away from me!

He had only heard of the Venerable but had never seen one.
Would there be any of them in the Thousand Star City?

However, Han Fei was a bit relieved.
The weird astronomical change that Luo Xiaobai said should have gone by now.

However, he couldn’t panic now.

If those people were still there, even if he could go out, he wouldn’t be able to leave immediately and deduce the Void Fishing Art.
Otherwise, it would definitely be noticed.

Han Fei took a breath and said, “No matter what, let’s find the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon first.
Old Shu, what’s the effect of the two Life Fruits?”

Shu Shan snorted.
“Not that great.
They’ll add a bit of vitality, a little better than the 500 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid you just gave me.
By the way, just now I helped you and consumed a lot of energy.”

Han Fei pretended not to hear the latter part of his words, asking in surprise, “Are Life Fruits better than Spirit Awakening Fluid?”

“Of course, which is more important, longevity or talent? Most of the time, any strong person will think the former is more important.”

Han Fei curled his lips.
“But, don’t you just have your soul left?”

Shu Shan was annoyed.
“I don’t want to talk to you! I’m going to sleep.”

Han Fei hurriedly said, “Don’t! I need your help to find the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon.
As you heard just now, even Semi-Divine weapons can’t resist the Ten-Thousand-Year Demon Stings.”

Shu Shan sneered.
“I don’t want to talk to someone who is only a Hanging Fisher but has already got a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure.”

Han Fei: “…”

For Han Fei, finding the Leafless Tree was less important.
The channel was just there and couldn’t be moved away.

Besides, not everything was his responsibility.

Over the past three days, he and Little White had been digging for spiritual fruit in that direction, which felt really great.

At this moment, Han Fei was sitting on some macroalgae.

In his perception, an octopus disguised as part of the macroalgae, was hiding more than 300 meters away from him.

On the ground a thousand meters away, there was a small forest, in which there was a particularly small tree.
It looked like a material above ultra quality and could be used to refine Divine weapons.

Han Fei took out a “peppermint” and stuffed it into his mouth, quietly scanning the small forest.

In addition to the Thousand-Year Tree Demon in disguise, there was also a Hundred-Year Tree Demon that he had discovered…

Besides, he somehow felt a danger there, although he didn’t know where the danger came from.

In fact, Han Fei didn’t want to take a risk now, so he just sat, exploring the underground little by little with his perception.

Not far from the Thousand-Year Tree Demon, there was a bunch of potato-like fruits.
This was why he stayed here.

He had been deadlocked here for three hours and had chewed seven or eight slices of “peppermint”, but he still didn’t move.

Suddenly, Han Fei felt that a team of seven sea demons appeared.

Han Fei was relieved immediately.
Fortunately, it was not human beings.
Otherwise, he would have to think about how to stop them.

He immediately set up a Stealth Array and a Breath Concealing Array, slowing his breathing and watching quietly.

Since those people had come here, they would find it sooner or later.

He didn’t dare to pick the fruits, but he could let them try first.

Han Fei was quite confident in his arrays.
Unless they were in the Demonization realm, they wouldn’t be able to find him!

After a moment.

The seven sea demons had come over.

Their leader looked familiar, but Han Fei didn’t know him, nor the other six, but he had met them.

“Master Yu He, it’s strange here, so many small trees… Huh, there is a Hundred-Year Tree Demon.”

Yu He squinted.
“More than that.
Look at that stick-like thing, I’m 90% sure it’s a Thousand-Year Tree Demon.”

Suddenly, someone was overjoyed.
“Master, there are a bunch of spiritual fruits in the ground, at least 20.”

Yu He had also perceived it.
He licked his lips.
“Tsk, how can a Thousand-Year Tree Demon and a Hundred-Year Tree Demon guard these fruits? Destroy them.”

Han Fei narrowed his eyes.
He saw when Yu He began to attack the Thousand-Year Tree Demon, it had thrust its Thousand-Year Demon Sting at him.


Han Fei felt strange.
Why didn’t the Thousand-Year Tree Demon move?


Suddenly, the seawater became viscous, and Han Fei immediately activated the Eyes of True Vision.

“Huh! What’s wrong?”

But suddenly, a sharp sting popped out of the ground and rose 100 meters high.

The speed was as fast as a flash of light in the sea.


Yu He was horrified.
He had been very careful.
At the moment that light appeared, he instantly turned into a skeleton, and all his flesh and blood had gone.

Three of his fish bones were taken away by this spine.

When Yu He was sent flying, he seemed to bump into a big net.
Seeing this, Han Fei frowned.


The Yin-Yang Divine Eyes were activated, and then Han Fei shook slightly.
There turned out to be an invisible silkscreen on top.
Yes, silk, silk that was completely fused with water.

But Han Fei looked at the small tree again, only to find that the roots of the small tree were connected to nearly 50 small trees.

Wisps of strange forces were transfused into it from the 50 small trees.

Han Fei frowned.
“What? Is this…”

Yu He, severely wounded, tried to escape.
“Come on, run! It’s a Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon.”

Han Fei’s pupils suddenly constricted. Is this the f*cking Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon?

He had thought it was a Thousand-Year Tree Demon.
He had been sitting here without moving, just to see clearly how many Thousand-Year Tree Demons and Hundred-Year Tree Demons there were.

However, it turned out to be a Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon?

“Damn it, the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon can’t be seen even with the Yin-Yang Divine Eyes when it doesn’t launch an attack? At least, I’m sure the Eyes of True Vision is not working here.”

However, while Yu He shouted, spines shot at him one after another like bolts of lightning.

Once a sea demon was hit, he would be hit a second time immediately.
Then, a large number of straw-like vines would dart out in an instant, buckling him.

The Semi-Divine weapons were simply useless in front of the Demon Spines.

A Half-Mermaid reacted quite promptly, and as soon as she was stabbed, she turned into water and escaped.
However, the next second the Demons Spines located her according to the fluctuation of the water, they rushed up to stab her once, twice, three times…

In the blink of an eye, apart from Yu He, only one sea demon who turned into a jellyfish was still alive.

Jellyfish were like jelly and the spines couldn’t kill them.

Unfortunately, when the sea demon’s Companion Spirit tried to take his master to escape, it was stabbed to death in the next moment.

Without the Companion Spirit, the jellyfish was pierced through hundreds of times.
Numerous vines clasped him, then those straw-like things began to suck frantically, and soon the jellyfish became a layer of skin.

In the end, that layer of skin became a dried fish.

As for Yu He, he activated the Sea God’s Arrival, and a golden phantom guarded in front of him.

Clang, Clang, Clang!

Being punctured over and over again, the man quickly floated up.
More than a hundred meters away, Yu He stirred his harpoon frantically, and then Han Fei saw the invisible wire mesh again.

No, to be exact, it was a kind of silk thread.
Although it was terrifyingly tough, it still couldn’t withstand the bombardment of the Semi-Divine harpoon.

Yu He broke out of the net, with a horrified expression on his face.

At this moment, Han Fei knew that the Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon was not invincible.
However, within 100 meters from the seabed, it was.

Han Fei looked down.
He seemed to be sitting only about 50 meters above the ground.

Just when Han Fei was considering whether to flash out, suddenly, a voice rang in Han Fei’s mind.

Aren’t you going to get him? It should be easier to rob him than to rob me.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes. F*ck, I was discovered by this Ten-Thousand-Year Tree Demon?

Oh, yes, he was so close to it.
How could the other party not discover him?

But why didn’t it attack him? Han Fei had no idea.

However, what it said was right.
It should be easier to rob Yu He.
At this moment, Yu He had been jabbed dozens of times.

He failed to block the first blow and was seriously injured.

Han Fei smiled, and looked at Yu He who was not far away from him like looking at a dead person.

“Void Chains!”

“Lightning Blade!”

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