Chapter 790: Terrifying Overlord

After Luo Xiaobai took action, she used up all her spiritual energy, and a tremendous number of blue flowers blossomed within a range of two kilometers.

Ye Baiyu roared, “Use all your secret techniques.
Aurora Slash!”

Soundwaves burst out of Chu Xun’s mouth, “Fourth of the Six Styles of Grand Void, Sword over the Waterfall.”

Le Renkuang unleashed all his ultra-quality spiritual weapons that had sealed spirits.
“Torrents of Knives and Swords, Violent War Body, Sky Swallowing Technique…”

Instantly, light was glowing in every direction.
Weird blue plants swept across the area, and swords were raining like a storm.

A sword raged in the crowd, and no attack could possibly hit it.

A dark hole froze three enemies, and nobody dared to approach Le Renkuang at all.

Some of the sea demons changed their expression greatly.
“Human beings can’t wait to attack anymore.
Everybody, use the Sea King’s Secret Technique…”

White flames were set on the thirty Half-Mermen at the same time.
Thirteen golden battle suits and seven water giants appeared in the crowd.

After the first round, sixteen sea demons and human beings were killed.
They all walked out of the void with their Immortal Seals.

About three seconds later, a Half-Merman quickly changed his expression.
“Not good! There’s poison! Take antidotes!”

Han Fei frowned.
Why did he not know anything about the antidotes? It seemed that the Ten Thousand Demon Valley didn’t trust him at all, and he was the only one who didn’t have antidotes.

In fact, Han Fei had himself to blame.
If he hadn’t focused his eyes on the weapon store all the time, he would’ve found that some grocery stores in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley were selling antidotes.

However, none of those antidotes could resist ten kilograms of Poison God.

Half of the sea demons were greatly weakened except for those who wore golden battle suits.

Han Fei asked quickly, “Old man, when are you going to attack them?”

Shu Shan asked, “Why the rush, young man? Be patient.
If you want to finish them off once and for all, you have to intimidate them.
You can’t show up yet.
Send your puppet there and ambush the escapers with your contractual spiritual beast at the edge.”

Han Fei gnashed his teeth.

Han Fei summoned the Overlord and put the bracelet on it.
With his face slightly twisted in face, a blue soul fire disappeared into the Overlord’s eyes.

Little Black opened its mouth, and the Overlord jumped in quickly.

Therefore, at the bottom of the sea that was full of plants, a white Spirit Swallowing Fish was casually swimming to the battlefield.

When Little White was twenty kilometers away from the battlefield, someone noticed it.

A Half-Merman expert was slightly stunned. A Spirit Swallowing Fish? Why would a Spirit Swallowing Fish be here?

Someone found the Spirit Swallowing Fish different from usual ones and much more beautiful and elegant.
The transparent fines and the long tail made the Spirit Swallowing Fish very sacred looking.

Little White swam very fast.
When it was ten kilometers away, many people scanned it crazily as they found it unreasonable to see a Spirit Swallowing Fish here.

However, nobody detected anyone or any creature, so they didn’t stop fighting.

When Le Renkuang sensed the fish, his eyes bulged.
“Little White?”

That moment, Le Renkuang was almost struck by lightning, and the Sky Swallowing Technique was falling apart.

Luo Xiaobai criticized him telepathically, Focus.
I’ll explain to you later.


Le Renkuang was so excited as if he had just taken an elixir.
Something cracked on the top of his head.

He had advanced to a higher level.

The sea demons were roaring crazily, “It’s just the human beings’ dying struggle.
They can’t persist much longer.
Their spiritual energy will run out in twenty seconds.
Victory and glory will be ours.”

Both parties got even more excited.

Five Heavenly Talents who had Semi-Divine equipment were already using Sea King’s Attachment.
They were as strong as human beings.

However, they were still poisoned, and it was hard for them to persist for twenty seconds.

All of a sudden, a crescent saber appeared in front of a human Heavenly Talent.
It shone like the moon and shivered, when it suddenly appeared above a sea demon’s head.


The crescent moon fell and cut the sea demon into pieces.

At the same time, the human beings around him retreated, and an armorist took out a dark red shield in case of the guy’s Dying Strike.


The armorist was knocked hundreds of meters to the bottom of the sea.
He vomited blood and grinned.
“Hahaha! My Tortoise Shield is truly the best defense.”

He was the first sea demon to perish.
His Immortal Seal had already been used.
However, his Dying Strike still made Luo Xiaobai worried.

Luo Xiaobai suddenly shouted, “Everybody, beat them back…”


“Get the hell back!”

“I’m going to cut you into pieces!”

The terrifying attacks quickly separated the two parties on the battlefield.

The sea demon expert roared, “Everybody, human beings are trying to buy more time for them.
Whoever has Immortal Seals, unleash your greatest strength.”

However, a brawny man who was as high as a tower walked out of the void.
He wore red armor that was full of complicated arrays.
He held a giant shield in his right hand and a blue sword in his left hand.
He looked eccentric and creepy.

The sea demons were quite appalled, having no idea where the stranger was from.

The human beings were stunned too, as the guy didn’t come in with him.
Was he a native of this treasure trove?

However, he did look ferocious.
He was like the king of darkness who had just walked out of the abyss.

Someone asked in shock, “Who’s he? Have human beings left any reinforcements here?”

Someone’s eyes bulged.
“He jumped out of the void! Is he a human expert who dug a channel in the void and came in from the outside?”

Le Renkuang looked at the guy who appeared out of nowhere and then at Little White not far away with mixed feelings.

Even Luo Xiaobai was quite shocked too, wondering what Han Fei had been through.

On the sea demons’ side, one of their captains roared, “Two Heavenly Talents, use Sea King’s Attachment to stop him!”

Immediately, two Heavenly Talents, holding back the Poison God, dashed close and launched a Sea God’s Strike.
The seawater was torn apart in two terrible sonic explosions.
Then, they were covered in golden light and tried to kill the Overlord.

Someone exclaimed, “Go away! That’s the sea demons’ most powerful attack! You can’t clash with it!”

Someone said telepathically, Bro, come here!

The Overlord raised his feet and moved forth, and a devastating knife intent burst out of the body of the Half-Merman Heavenly Talent.


The Half-Merman Heavenly Talent exploded, leaving ragged bones behind.

The other Half-Merman was astounded.
What the hell? He didn’t even see how the guy attacked!

However, he had already accelerated to the highest speed, and it was impossible for him to retreat anymore.
He thought to himself, I still have the Immortal Seal, I still have a chance.

The Overlord stepped dozens of meters ahead again and didn’t even raise the ice sword in his hand.

However, a devastating sword aura burst out of the Half-Merman Heavenly Talent again.

After a bam, the Heavenly Talent’s body exploded too.


“Dear Sea God, are my eyes deceiving me?”

“He’s so strong! Is he an expert from the Scattered Stars Island?”

“He’s so cool! I wish I could be like him!”

Human beings were shocked and excited at the reinforcement from the Scattered Stars Island.

On the sea demons’ side, countless people were shocked.
Someone roared, “An expert is here! Run for your life!”

However, vines were growing around them.

Besides, they were already very close to the Overlord.
How could they escape?

Instantly, devastating knife intent burst towards three Half-Merman Heavenly Talents who wore golden battle suits, and they all exploded.

All the Half-Merman Heavenly Talents were caught in desperation.
How were they going to fight? They weren’t scared of the human Heavenly Talents at all…

But where was this brutal guy from? He had killed five top Heavenly Talents after he had just shown up!


Luo Xiaobai had already asked the spirit gatherers to provide all spiritual energy to the manipulators since the moment the Overlord appeared.

At this moment, Luo Xiaobai vomited blood and struggled to continue, “Blue Prison.”

An invisible barrier locked down the area.

When the sea demons were about to flee in fright, the Overlord finally waved his sword.


The seawater was frozen, and sword aura surged more than eight hundred meters.
The seven Half-Mermen on the way, including two Heavenly Talents, were frozen into pieces and cracked without anything left.


Every sea demon was frightened and devastated.
How could they fight the battle? Twelve sea demons had perished, and seven were killed by one attack?

What kind of expert could’ve possibly launched that?

The human beings all swallowed.
Nobody could remain calm.

Even Luo Xiaobai subconsciously swallowed in amazement.

Le Renkuang was dumbfounded, wondering if he was dreaming.

“Run! Run! A human expert is here!”

“Break through the barrier and let’s go!”

“Not good! Why are the top five Heavenly Talents still not back to life? Why are their Immortal Seals not working?”

A captain roared loudly, “Wait, that attack isn’t as powerful as we think.
Don’t panic.
Use Sea God’s Arrival!”

When the sea demons were fleeing in fright, the Overlord grabbed Snowmourne and stabbed it into the ground.

In his eyes, bluish flames were flashing.


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