Chapter 776: Ten Thousand Demon Tower • Earth Fire Platform

Han Fei retracted his soul, and it seemed to have lost a bit during the battle.

But only a little bit.
Han Fei could accept it.
After all, at the expense of this bit of soul, he had grabbed a massive amount of resources, which was a good deal.

Taking back Little Black and Little White, Han Fei didn’t enter Forge the Universe.

Forge the Universe was no longer a place for planting vegetables and fruits.
Those things in it were too fragile to withstand the slightest toss.

The Big Red Trunk lay in it, occupying a large area of space.

Coming all the way from the Sea Demon Mountains, he hunted down thousands of food… Uh… No, creatures, which occupied the remaining half of the space.
At this moment, what was left was only a quarter of the whole space.

Han Fei issued an order in his heart, and a pond appeared in Forge the Universe, and all his Sea Swallowing Seashells crazily poured spiritual spring energy into it.

He had robbed a total of 4 stores.
The first two were small shops similar to Yu Ji’s refining shop.
From the first store, he stole 38,000 catties of spiritual spring, 40,000 catties of spiritual spring from the second, 52,000 catties from the third, and 100,000 catties from the fourth…

He had stolen 230,000 catties of spiritual spring in total, which equaled about 230 million points of spiritual energy and would be enough for deducing the Void Fishing Art again, as well as upgrading his spiritual heritage.

In addition to the spiritual fruits he had, he didn’t have to worry about spiritual energy in the short term.

If he had a chance to return to the Scattered Star Island in the future, he would buy tens of thousands of spiritual fruits as a reserve.

The rest was piles of material and a few divine refining platforms.

Why did he take the refining platforms? That was because, in Han Fei’s view, this item was also very important.
Sea demons could use it to mass-produce demonic weapons and even Semi-Divine weapons.
If he could thoroughly study the arrays on it, it would benefit mankind.

Han Fei couldn’t help but sigh.
“How are Old Guan and Mu Jia’er getting on with their research on Semi-Divine weapons?”

Just when Han Fei was musing, Shu Shan suddenly said, “It’s a humanoid Semi-Divine weapon, right?”

Han Fei was suddenly shocked! However, Han Fei was not afraid of Shu Shan leaking this information and said casually, “Yes!”

Shu Shan was surprised.
“I know you have the method to split your soul, but by what means did you let him out?”

Han Fei flashed a grin.

Shu Shan snorted and said leisurely, “By the way, did you get me some more Spirit Awakening Fluid lately?”

Han Fei said in surprise, “Didn’t I give you enough?”

Shu Shan said helplessly, “You just gave me a few hundred kilograms.
How can that be enough? My soul is a little weak now.
I need at least ten thousand kilograms to regain some strength.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes and said, “Are you kidding me? Do you know how much it costs for a kilogram of Spirit Awakening Fluid? 5,000 points of credit per kilogram in the Scattered Star Island.
Do you know what 5,000 points of credit mean? I can only get this much by killing an ordinary Half-Mermaid.
So you are literally asking me to kill 10,000 sea demons for you!”

Shu Shan sighed.
“So expensive? It was not hard to get Spirit Awakening Fluid in my time!”

Han Fei said after a long pause, “Grandpa Shu, it’s a different era now.”

Shu Shan said in disappointment, “Fine, but if you can get me ten thousand kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid, uh… Or some Life Fruits, I’ll tell you a secret.”

Han Fei was surprised.
Life Fruits were not easy to get either! This fruit could only be produced when an expert in the sea-demon realm died.

Han Fei asked, “What secret is so valuable? Can you tell me?”

Shu Shan sneered.
“Humph! No way.
What if you covet my treasure and kill me? Besides, I’m still young: I was only 800 years old or so when I died.
Don’t call me ‘Grandpa’.”

Han Fei’s eyelids twitched. You call an 800-year-old young?

However, Han Fei immediately asked in astonishment, “Then which realm are you at? You are over 800 years old.
Are you at the Venerable level?”

Shu Shan was angry.
“Go away! Do you think it’s so easy to be a Venerable?”

Han Fei scoffed.
“Believe or not, I’ll become a Venerable one day!”

Shu Shan snorted.
“Remember, it is extremely difficult for a Hidden Fisher to break through to the next realm.
Countless people will be stuck at that step.
Therefore, play safe and don’t rush… Okay, someone is coming.
I’ll be sleeping.”

Han Fei was taken aback by what Shu Shan said.
It was extremely difficult for a Hidden Fisher to break through to be a Law Enforcer?

An idea flashed in Han Fei’s mind and he felt he seemed to overlook something.

Yeah! Teacher Xiao Zhan, he is at least 30 years older than us… No, Mr.
Xiao Zhan was part of the battle leading to the Thug Academy’s downfall, so he is probably more than 40 years older than me…

Han Fei was lost in thought.
For so long, Xiao Zhan had been stuck as a peak-level Hidden Fisher.

Or he became a Hidden Fisher later and then got stuck?

However, anyway, Xiao Zhan was now a peak-level Hidden Fisher.
There was no doubt about this.
He should be at least in his 50’s.

Han Fei thought about his current age. 17? He almost forgot his age, but it should be 17…

Wow! I can’t imagine staying in the realm of Hidden Fisher for 30 years!

Han Fei couldn’t help shaking his head.
This was absolutely unacceptable.
With the Demon Purification Pot in hand and so many opportunities, he wouldn’t be stuck in that realm for that long no matter what.

How vast was the outside world? Only after meeting Chun Huangdian did Han Fei learn his distance.
He didn’t think he had anything to be proud of!

Because of this, every time he saw people looking at him with envious eyes, he told himself that he still had still a long way to go!

“Han Fei!”

Inside the cave, next to the seal.

A conch was vibrating, which Han Fei found was equivalent to a doorbell!

However, Han Fei’s smile suddenly froze: Shu Shan was really strong! He could feel that someone was coming from the other side of the seal.
This showed that Shu Shan was far more powerful than what he showed.

If he wanted to do something to Shu Shan, the result might be disastrous.

By telling him this, Shu Shan was probably warning him: I’m very strong.
Don’t mess around with me.

After leaving the cave, Han Fei saw several sea demons standing in front of the cave.

Someone said, “Master Yu Fei, today, there was a theft in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.
We need to conduct routine inspections.
Please… Open the seal.”

Han Fei frowned.
“Inspect me?”

The person hurriedly said, “No, we know that you’ve just come back from the Sea Demon Colosseum.
This is just a routine inspection.
It’s for everyone.”

Han Fei nodded slightly, waved his hand, and the seal was opened.

Han Fei thought, Just inspect! How can I possibly put my stuff here? Where is safer than Forge the Universe?

Han Fei smiled.
Suddenly, he felt that he was being watched.
When he turned around, he saw that Yu Ji had just walked out of her cave and looked at him.

Considering that they hadn’t seemed to fall out, Han Fei nodded at her.
“What a coincidence.”

Yu Ji: “???”

Yu Ji was speechless. Come on, I live next door.

Soon, the sea demons came out and then went into Yu Ji’s cave.

Han Fei said after a silence, “Don’t you cultivate?”

Yu Ji said lightly, “I already know about Yu Fu.”

Did she mean I killed Yu Fu’s Companion Spirit? Is she trying to hold me accountable? Han Fei thought.


Han Fei didn’t know what to say so he just nodded.

Just when Han Fei was about to go back to cultivate, he saw a Half-Merman swim across the water and land not far in front of him and Yu Ji.

He put his hands on his chest and said, “Master Yu Fei, Miss Yu Ji, please go to the Earth Fire Platform.”

Han Fei asked coldly, “Where?”

Yu Ji said plainly, “Follow me.”

The so-called Earth Fire Platform was actually the bottom of the central area of the Ten Thousand Demon Tower.
There seemed to be a huge chimney, extending all the way to the ground.

On the way, Han Fei saw five huge sea-demon statues, holding a harpoon high in their hands and standing in a pentagonal formation, with the tips of their harpoons put together.

According to Yu Ji, this was the administration hall.
Further down was the chimney entrance.
All the way to the bottom, more than 3,000 meters deep underground, was the Earth Fire Platform.

The so-called earth fire was underground magma.
When Han Fei arrived here, he saw that, except for a round platform, more than 300 meters down was full of magma.
The magma was tumbling and flying in all directions.

There were already more than 100 people standing on the Earth Fire Platform.

Blue Feather was standing high on the Earth Fire Platform, and four of the Eight Wings of Blue Feather were standing behind him.
Among them, for some reason, one of the few people Han Fei had met was missing.
Behind them, there were 21 sea demons in the Sea-Demon Realm.

Han Fei frowned.
“Why are they all here?”

Chixue Huan glanced at Han Fei and didn’t speak to him via voice transmission or give him any hint.

People came over one after another and in the end, a total of about 200 people had come.
Only half of these people were of peak level, and some were level-48 like Han Fei, and some were of lower levels than Han Fei.
But obviously, none of their combat power was weak.

It could be seen that all those who came this time were Heavenly Talents.

Han Fei stood among the crowd, looking out of place, just like Chixue Huan among the Eight Wings of Blue Feather.

Blue Feather looked down at everyone and said coldly, “The Ten Thousand Demon Valley has been waiting for this opportunity for a long time.
The last time I stood here, it was more than 30 years ago…”


Han Fei’s pupils slightly constricted.
Every time he heard “more than 30 years ago”, he would think of the Thug Academy.

It should be okay! Well, this is the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, the territory of sea demons.

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