Chapter 770: Blue Feather

Han Fei didn’t like the feeling of going in and coming out inexplicably.

However, where did the crisis that he felt in the Soul Sea come from? Would Little Black and Little White be okay?

Han Fei asked immediately, “Senior, do you say that the primitive spiritual beasts in the Soul Sea will attack each other?”

Shu Shan looked at Han Fei as if looking at an idiot.
“Of course.
Spiritual beasts are also creatures.
Although no one knows where they came from, they will also fight and kill each other.
Many primitive spiritual beasts are very fierce! In general, however, the spiritual beasts that have signed a contract with humans won’t fight and kill each other.
Because they can draw nourishment from the Soul Sea and don’t need to fight.”

Han Fei asked, “When will they fight and kill each other?”

Shu Shan looked at Han Fei strangely.
“It seems that you have just experienced a fight.
This usually happens when the soul energy of spiritual beasts is insufficient, or when they’re provoked.
This is a mystery.
I can’t answer you.”

Han Fei was puzzled.
“Anyway, I’ve never heard of anyone’s spiritual beast die for no reason.
There must be some rules unknown.
Senior, when can I go into the Soul Sea again?”

Shu Shan instructed, “Let’s go out first.”

When Han Fei looked again, he found that the twisted lines on the wall were three lines missing.

Han Fei asked again, “Senior, where have these lines gone?”

But Shu Shan said anxiously, “Of course they were erased.
The things of our human race can’t be left to sea demons, right? The seal of the 72-floor Soul Realm has been broken, so sea demons can come up now.
Forget about the Soul Sea for now.
Come here, I left a lot of things.
Put them away.”

When Han Fei heard his words, his eyes glowed.
Shu Shan was a super-strong expert, and what he left behind must be very precious.

Noticing Han Fei’s look, Shu Shan was annoyed.
“Hey, stop dreaming.
These are my things.
I’ve just asked you to keep them for me.”

Han Fei: “???”

Walking to the side, Han Fei saw a corpse with wine jars around him.
It looked like a drunkard drank himself to death.

Beside him, a jasper-like shell fell on the ground.
There were gloves, a ring, and a bracelet on the man’s arm.

“Sun-Moon Shell?”

Han Fei was surprised. This is a good thing! I’ve only seen this once on the dragon boat! After that, I never saw it again.

Shu Shan said, “Keep them for me for now.
Leave the bracelet, and put the others away.”

Han Fei’s eyes shone. These are all great treasures.
How I want to take them away! However, Shu Shan doesn’t look like a bad person.
And I don’t want to kill an elder of the human race for these treasures.

Han Fei asked in surprise, “Senior, once I go out, they’ll definitely look for me.
Are you sure I can take these away?”

“If my guess is right, you must have a small world, which resisted the power of rules of the 72-floor Soul Realm just now.
Put the bracelet on your arm, and put the other things into your small world.
Well, you can keep the ring as a reward.”

Han Fei asked impatiently, “What kind of ring is this?”

“This is the Universe Ring, and it is a pair with my Universe Bracelet, an ultra-quality Divine Weapon.
Now it’s yours.”

Upon hearing it, Han Fei immediately picked up the ring. Gosh, an ultra-quality Divine Weapon!

After a moment.

After putting away the Sun-Moon Shell, gloves, and the ring, Han Fei heard Shu Shan say, “Okay, put on the bracelet and quickly change back into a sea demon.
Let’s go out.”

As Shu Shan spoke, he turned into a wisp of smoke and directly got into the bracelet.

Han Fei was dumbfounded.
“What? Change back so soon?”

A voice came from the bracelet.
“Nonsense, the seal of the 72-floor Soul Realm has been broken.
Why are you staying here? Take me out quickly.
After all these years, I have had enough.”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“But Senior, if I go out with this bracelet, it’ll definitely be found out.
Can’t you enter my Sea Swallowing Seashells?”

The voice came from the bracelet again.
“Neither Sea Swallowing Seashell nor Sun-Moon Shell can accommodate my Universe Bracelet.
Don’t worry.
They can’t find it.
I’ll be invisible.

As soon as Han Fei grabbed the Universe Bracelet, the bracelet in his hand disappeared without a trace.
Although he could feel he was still holding it, he couldn’t see it although he had activated the Eyes of True Vision.

Han Fei thought for a while, put the Universe Bracelet on, and then held his breath.
After that, he convulsed all over again and fell to the ground.

Outside, countless people were waiting: Han Fei was already on the 72nd floor.
As long as he came out of the 72nd floor, they could know what was on the 72nd floor.

This was why Blue Feather and the others came here.
Otherwise, the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm that only sea demons below level-50 could enter wouldn’t attract the attention of these big shots at all.

Someone said, “Will Yu Fei be directly accepted as a disciple by King Feather when he comes out?”

Someone was thinking.
“It’s possible.
But I haven’t heard of King Feather having the habit of accepting disciples.”

Someone guessed, “If he comes out of the 72nd floor, he will definitely bring out the secrets of the 72nd floor.
Maybe, we’ll have the opportunity to know the secrets too.”

Someone nodded.
“Yes, no matter what he gets, it’ll be withdrawn by the Ten Thousand Demon Tower in the end.”

Someone fell silent before he said, “As the saying goes, it’s the taller trees in the woods that get their tops blown off.
Actually, I don’t think Yu Fei will come to a good end…”

Someone agreed, “If Yu Fei is out of control, he will probably be killed.
However, the big shots don’t have to kill him.
Isn’t it good to use him as a tool?”

More people were shocked.
No one would have thought that one day, an Azure Sea Blue Demon would explore all the 72 floors of the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, taking first place on every floor, which really subverted their imagination.

All those ordinary sea demons felt that Yu Fei was rising.

While everyone was talking about it, they saw a figure walking out of the dark cave.

That figure, as if walking out of an endless abyss, and like a king returning from an expedition, was dressed in darkness and walked with loneliness.

However, Han Fei was carrying a strange jar in his hand.




Ordinary sea demons screamed one after another like tides.
But Han Fei was unmoved.
At the first glance, he saw Yu Ji standing next to the Demon Stele.

However, even if Han Fei saw Yu Ji, he gave no response.

This time he entered the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, he had too many things to digest.
The skyrocketing spiritual power, the disassembled demonic energy, and the Soul Sea Secret Method.

He had too many questions to ask Shu Shan.

He had to hurry to finish the task at hand.
If he guessed right, he would definitely be questioned, but he had already figured out how to deal with it.

In his mind, Shu Shan’s voice rang, As I expected, these are only some inferior sea demons! Huh? There are also big demons… Fine, lest I be discovered, I’ll be quiet.

Han Fei walked all the way down without speaking.
He walked up to Yu Ji and glanced at the Demon Stele.

Then he was stunned. Is my name first on all the floors?

Han Fei thought of Shu Shan’s words.
The Ancient 72-floor Soul Realm was originally reserved for humans.
Now, he believed it! He didn’t find it difficult maybe due to his chances, but anyway, it wasn’t that difficult for him.

And Han Fei felt that even Zhang Xuanyu would be able to explore this Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm.

However, Han Fei just remained deadpan.
“Are you back?”

Yu Ji looked at Han Fei with a complicated expression.
She had never predicted that she had only been away for a few days, but Han Fei had made such an amazing move in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.

Before Han Fei had time to speak, a suppressing power pressed down and a voice rang.
“Everyone, dismiss and continue to cultivate.”

Everyone’s heart did a flip.
It was King Feather.

Sure enough, only a Heavenly Talent like Yu Fei deserved the attention of King Feather.

The Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen, including the Heavenly Talents, all left and dared not to stay.

Yu Ji gave Han Fei a deep look and then left too.

Within ten minutes, no one was left except for only Han Fei who was standing here alone.

Then a luminous figure descended from the sky.
That person looked exactly like a human, but his appearance was rather rough, and his face was covered with tattoo-like weird lines.

He held a brilliant golden harpoon, which was exuding dazzling light.
He wore a shiny gold battle suit that was equally dazzling.

Han Fei couldn’t help but exclaim in his heart, Is this Blue Feather? He looks really cool!

Five people followed Blue Feather, including Chixue Huan who was expressionless and had no eye contact with Han Fei.

Blue Feather’s pupils were pure white.
He looked at Han Fei for a while and then smiled slightly.
“Are you a legendary creature?”


Han Fei nodded stiffly, being enveloped by invisible suppressing power.

“Not bad.”

Blue Feather stared at Han Fei.
“How do you feel about the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm?”

Han Fei knew that in the face of such an expert, he could not neglect in the slightest.
Blue Feather was not someone that would be fooled by his lies.

Therefore, Han Fei raised his head and looked at Blue Feather.
“The first 36 floors refined my physique, but the main purpose was to guide the entrants to disassemble demonic energy.
I tried my best but I only managed to disassemble demonic energy to half its previous size.
However, the effect was amazing.
Although my realm remained the same, my strength had surged.”

Seeing that Blue Feather didn’t have any expression, Han Fei continued.
“The following 36 floors tempered my soul and guided me to memorize some weird characters…”

Han Fei paused and continued.
“In all the other floors, there was only one line of characters.
But on the 72nd floor, there were five lines of characters.
Besides, on the 72nd floor, there is a… Human skeleton? It looked just like you, King Feather…”

Han Fei’s eyes flickered as if very curious about Blue Feather.

As he expected, Blue Feather’s eyes flickered.
“This is also a type of transformation technique.
That corpse is actually the ancestor of our sea demon clan.”

Han Fei was silent for a while.
“Do humans look like that?”

Blue Feather didn’t answer.
“Keep going.”

Han Fei continued.
“That person was surrounded with such jars as these.”

With that, Han Fei lifted the jar in his hand.

Blue Feather said, “This thing has no value, but an ordinary wine jar, a jar containing some kind of magical liquid.”

Seeing Blue Feather still looking at him, Han Fei said, “The last five lines of characters were extremely difficult.
But like the previous ones, I couldn’t understand them.
I’m guessing it must be a cultivation technique or a combat skill.”

Chixue Huan said at this time, “Write these characters down.”

Han Fei nodded, raised his hand, using his fingers as a pen and demonic energy as ink, and wrote in the air.

In a short while, all the five lines of characters were written without missing a character.
Since Shu Shan erased the three lines, it meant that he knew once those three lines were erased, these sea demons would never know the true meaning of these characters.

Chixue Huan nodded.
“I’ve memorized them.
Go on.”

Han Fei thought for a moment.
“There are no treasures on the 72nd floor… But the rock walls are full of murals.
I looked at the murals and witnessed a war.”


Suddenly, Blue Feather’s eyes lit up.
“What kind of a war?”

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