Chapter 769: The Soul Sea Secret Method

In this case, this person was so sure that he was a human.
What could he do?

Besides, if this person wanted to attack him, he wouldn’t be able to run away.
But it was also impossible for Han Fi to be possessed by this man because of the existence of the Demon Purification Pot.

Thus, Han Fei hesitated for a while before he chose to change back into a human form in the end.

This man saw Han Fei suddenly lay on the ground, and his muscles burst out, his meridians were protruding, and his face looked hideous and painful.

“Tsk, as I expected, you used a method of transformation, but it seems painful to use.
I wonder where you got this method.
Such a secret method is rare to see.
If in time of peace, it is useless, but now it’s quite useful.”

Han Fei was still struggling in pain, not quite able to speak.
Every time he transformed, he had to experience unbearable pain.
It really hurt.

Han Fei asked, “Can, can… You turn around…”

The man sneered.
“Haha! What? You don’t want me to see you like this?”

That being said, the man still turned around and had no intention of making a move.

Han Fei was relieved to see it.
Otherwise, if the opponent attacked him, it would be the best time now.

After a while, Han Fei’s bones were growing, his skin and flesh changed, and his skull changed shape.

However, now he looked like a human although he was not wearing any clothes.


Han Fei put a robe over his own body, his chest heaving, and he looked relieved.

Han Fei calmed down.
“Senior, what should I call you?”

This person has already turned his head and seemed to be reminiscing.
“My name! It’s been such a long time that I almost forgot my name.
Well, my name is Shu Shan.”

Han Fei had returned to normal.
He twisted his neck a bit and found that it was better to be a human being.
Now he felt very comfortable no matter how he moved.

Han Fei heaved a sigh of relief.
“Senior Shu, I just saw you penetrated by that attack and seriously injured? And the royal family of Mermaids, what did they have to do with this place?”

Shu Shan said indifferently, “When you become a Law Enforcer or above, you’ll find that it’s not easy to die.
Of course, don’t seek death! After all, people are mortal.
As for the royal family of Mermaids…”

Shu Shan seemed to be lost in memory again, and after a long time, he slowly said, “In fact, the sea demons you see now are all inferior species, including those Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen.
This ocean is vast, extending hundreds of millions of miles.
You just need to know that there are countless races in this world, and the Mermaid race is just one of them.
The royal family of Mermaids is ruling this race.”

Han Fei was shocked.
“Many races?”

Shu Shan squinted at Han Fei and said, “I won’t tell you so much now.
Otherwise, it’ll only affect your determination on cultivation.
At different levels, you’ll meet different people.
The sea is vast.
Even if I tell you everything now, it’s useless.”

Han Fei fell silent.
Was Xia Xiaochan a royal family member of Mermaids? After all, she was called “Princess Pearl”, so she probably wasn’t a commoner.

However, there seemed to be some other stories about Xia Xiaochan’s identity, and he wasn’t quite sure what to make of her.

However, with his current strength and ability, even sacrificing the entire Thug Academy, it wouldn’t help.
After all, it was as easy as a pie for Chun Huangdian to move an 800 kilometer-long mountain range…

Who could do that on the Scattered Star Island?

Seeing Han Fei fall silent, Shu Shan just quickly said, “Come on, remember the Soul Sea Secret Method.
I don’t have much time and can’t stay long.
After remembering the secret method, take me out.
I don’t know how many years I’ve been stuck here…”

Han Fei asked in surprise, “The Soul Sea Secret Method?”

Shu Shan chuckled.
“Of course, otherwise, why did I want you to change back into a human? Sea demons seem to be unable to enter the Soul Sea.
I am not sure about this, but at least the secret method of the Ancient 72-floor Soul Realm is the legacy of ancient human masters, so sea demons can’t use it.
That’s why they can’t come up to the 72nd floor.”

Han Fei hurriedly followed Shu Shan forward and stopped in front of a stone tablet.

Extremely excited, he couldn’t help asking, “Can I really enter the Soul Sea with the Soul Sea Secret Method?”

Shu Shan nodded.
In ancient times, the reason why human beings can stand on top of the world is this Soul Sea Secret Method.
However, not everyone can enter the Soul Sea.
That’s why there is the 72-floor Soul Realm! If one can’t get here, he won’t be able to practice the Soul Sea Secret Method.
So, now you know how difficult it is for me to keep waiting here? Today’s human beings are really useless.
They can’t even get in this damn place.
What a shame.”

Han Fei: “…”

Han Fei thought to himself, How can you blame human beings for this? Don’t you see that human beings don’t even have a place to stand on this land? They have been forced to live in the sky.
How can they come to this place that is now sea demons’ territory?

Just like the characters he saw before, about eight lines of characters were engraved on the last wall.
Anyway, Han Fei didn’t understand the meaning of the characters, so he just tried to memorize them.

Releasing his spiritual power, Han Fei began to copy the first line without hesitation.

However, this time Han Fei looked very solemn.
The blocking power he felt this time was more than three times that of the last time.

Seeing Han Fei forcibly copying the characters, Shu Shan frowned.
“Don’t force it.
Gather your spiritual power between your eyebrows and drive it with your soul…”

Han Fei glanced at him. Come on, I’m already doing well enough, okay?

However, Han Fei still did what Shu Shan told him, and the copying speed was 20% faster.

Ten minutes.

Twenty minutes.

Half an hour.

When the last character of the last line was copied by Han Fei, suddenly, countless mysterious symbols appeared in Han Fei’s mind.
Immediately afterwards, the symbols that had been copied before reappeared in his mind.
Then, they interspersed with each other and changed, and finally turned into a circular pattern, just like an array.

“Oh! So they are not characters.”

Han Fei was speechless.
No wonder he couldn’t understand these “characters”! They were actually lines, which were distorted into characters.

Besides, the order was chaotic.
Only when the complete lines were obtained would this picture be formed!

After the picture appeared, before Han Fei had the time to check the data given by the Demon Purification Pot, he shook and his consciousness was instantly drawn away.

When Han Fei opened his eyes again, he found that the world in his eyes had changed.
This was a world being seen with fish eyes.

Han Fei turned his head and looked to the side, only to see that Little White was swimming next to him.
So his soul possessed Little Black once again.


A dazzling light flashed by his side, and a Silver-Scaled Fish swam past him.
The scales of the fish were shiny, attracting Han Fei’s eyes.

In his eyes, information emerged.

[Name] Silver-Scaled Fish [Primitive Spiritual Beast]

[Introduction] A kind of Silver-Armor Fish with strong defensive ability.
Silver-Scaled Fish are fierce by nature, have amazing bite force, and have three silver wheels on the tail.
Its full-strength strike is comparable to that of a high-quality spiritual weapon.

[Level] Level-45


[Contains Soul Energy] 1,559 points

The Silver-Scaled Fish slapped its tail, and a wave fell on him, which was soft and was not an attack.

Han Fei was overjoyed immediately.
Could he quickly improve the strength of Little Black and Little White now?

However, suddenly Han Fei discovered that he wasn’t so bloodthirsty as when he came here for the first time! He seemed to be able to withstand Little Black’s lust for blood completely.

“No way! Little Black, how can you have no desire? Is it because you drank too much Spirit Awakening Fluid recently? Eat!”

Han Fei took the initiative to rush up and took a bite directly at the belly of the Silver-Scaled Fish.

How could the Silver-Scaled Fish expect such a change? Being bitten through, it immediately began to struggle violently.
But what use was this? Han Fei gnawed all the way through and swallowed even the bones of the Silver-Scaled Fish.

When Han Fei finished eating, he found that there were very few primitive spiritual beasts in his field of vision.

Han Fei was taken aback.
Was it because he was too ferocious last time? So the other primitive spiritual beasts were scared away?

Then he saw a crab disguised as a stone, and he rushed over without hesitation and directly bit through the crab shell.

After a while, it seemed that Han Fei’s actions aroused Little Black’s fierceness, and he began to take Little White biting and eating all the way through.


This was the third time Han Fei had seen Little White burst into light, which meant that Little White had been upgraded three times in a row.
This felt really good.

Just when Han Fei wanted to continue to eat, suddenly, he felt a crisis.
When this crisis came, his consciousness suddenly became blurred.
When he returned to his senses, he had already come back to reality.

“F*ck, why am I back?”

Han Fei looked dumbfounded.
He was enjoying eating, but was suddenly pulled back!

Han Fei tilted his head, only to see Shu Shan looking at him with a weird look.
“What did you do in the Soul Sea? I didn’t expect you to be so fierce.
Did you fight with primitive spiritual beasts as soon as you entered?”

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