Chapter 764: Why Don’t You Just Jump To the First Place?

In the gray cave, there was finally no more Soul Explosion Fish, and Han Fei finally had the opportunity to appreciate what demon realm this was?.Why did so many people flock to it?

Except for the rock wall full of fish head holes, Han Fei didn’t find any human or sea demon skeletons here.
He couldn’t help guessing, could it be that no one would die here?

But this was not right.
He had experienced the power of the Soul Explosion Fish, which was not something everyone could withstand!

Han Fei tried to summon Nine Tails to dig a hole.
However, he found that the connection between him and his beasts seemed severed.
Not only Nine Tails, but also Little Black and Little White couldn’t be called out.

Han Fei frowned. The first floor is already so difficult… What about the 72nd floor?

Anyway, he would just try his best and see how far he could get.
The cave was 3,000 meters long and, to be precise, it was more like a passage, a wide one.

At the end of the passage, there was an array on the ground.
Han Fei observed it for a while and recognized it.
This was a teleportation array.
By absorbing demonic energy, it operated on its own.

Han Fei was not very good at teleportation arrays.
So, he tried to keep this array in mind.
Maybe he could modify it into a teleportation array powered by spiritual energy in the future.

After a while, Han Fei had memorized this array.
So he stepped into the array and entered the next floor.


A tearing force came again.
Just like the ordinary demon realm that he had walked through before, this was a body-refining demon realm, where he didn’t need to fight.

But this time, Han Fei obviously felt the tearing force was different.
It wasn’t that the power became bigger and stronger, but there seemed to be an evil suppression, which made this floor several times more difficult to pass than the ordinary demon realm.

However, it wasn’t a big problem for Han Fei.

Han Fei walked all the way to the end and saw that array again.

Han Fei suddenly wondered, How would this body-refining demon realm rank the contestants?

Is it possible that it’s based on the length of time? But that would be ridiculous.

Han Fei closed his eyes, feeling the changes in his body.
After a while, Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes.
His eyes turned white, and the Eyes of True Vision was activated.

Sure enough, he found that in this space, there wasn’t only demonic energy and spiritual energy, but also faint blue dots.

“Huh! Souls?”

Han Fei’s eyelids flickered.
In this space, there were a few soul light spots.

Han Fei frowned and set up a Spirit Gathering Array.
As a result, because his spiritual energy had been transformed into demonic energy, this array gathered a large amount of demonic energy instead of spiritual energy.

At this moment, two problems popped up in his mind.

Was it easier for him to acquire demonic energy than spiritual energy after he became a sea demon? Of course not.
Sea demons fought basically with spiritual energy.
In other words, spiritual energy and demonic energy were mixed in their bodies, but he seemed to have pure demonic energy, although when he attacked, he also used spiritual energy.

In the final analysis, demonic energy and spiritual energy were just two similar things.
Was there a way to transform the two into each other?

Of course, this was not the time to think about this.
Han Fei was trying to control the soul light spots with the Spirit Gathering Art.

He was quite talented in this aspect.
Soon, Han Fei discovered the reason.
The Spirit Gathering Array was still the Spirit Gathering Array.
The array gathered demonic energy because he made a mistake just now and used demonic energy to attract spiritual energy.

At this moment, he couldn’t use his Sea Swallowing Seashell or Forge the Universe, which meant he couldn’t access his spiritual spring reserve.
Otherwise, he only needed to use spiritual energy to attract more spiritual energy even if he was a sea demon now.

So, did it mean that as long as he could split his soul, he would be able to attract more souls?

Immediately, Han Fei began to try.
Enduring the intense pain, he spilt out a wisp of soul that looked like a faint blue flame.
Then he managed to use this wisp of soul to attract many soul light spots.


The Heavenly Talents were discussing.

Someone said, “Can Yu Fei find out that from the second floor up, the knack is to disassemble demonic energy and spiritual energy?”

Yu Yun snorted.
“Who knows? He hasn’t been to the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm before and probably won’t be able to find it! He could get first place on the first floor because of his tough physique.
But from the second floor up, his strong body won’t get him anywhere!”

Only after a while, Han Fei had gathered a mass of soul the size of the original wisp.
Han Fei was hesitating whether to swallow this soul or not?

“Let me swallow it! These are all ownerless souls.
Even if there is a problem, I can just separate them out.”

When he swallowed the souls, he felt refreshed and his soul seemed to have grown a little.


Han Fei was overjoyed.
One’s soul can usually only grow by itself.
One could only develop his soul through either breakthroughs or soul crystals!

Unexpectedly, there was such a way to strengthen the soul…

Fortunately, he accidentally obtained the Soul Splitting Technique in the Snow God’s Temple, and besides, he was a spirit gatherer.
Otherwise, he might not even know that there were ownerless souls here.
Even if he knew it, he couldn’t bring them together!

Han Fei grinned. I should be able to make it on the list now!

“Wait a minute!”

Thinking of the list, Han Fei suddenly looked puzzled.

“That’s not right! There must be very few people who can do this! Although there is a chance, without the Soul Splitting Technique, how could others absorb the ownerless souls here?”

Han Fei once again suppressed the urge to continue climbing up.
Did he get it wrong? The traction power was still on him.
It wasn’t strong, but didn’t feel right.

Han Fei sat down, looking at the spiritual energy and demonic energy light spot and pondering for a long time.

Suddenly, he was surprised to find that the spiritual energy and demonic energy light spots here seemed smaller than those in his own body.

He immediately used the techniques of spirit gatherers to gather a bit of demonic energy at his fingertips.
But then he found that the demonic energy in the outside world was not only smaller than that in his own body, it was literally twice as small.


“What does it mean? Is there something wrong with my demonic energy, or the demonic energy here?”

Han Fei mused for a long time before he decided to disassemble his demonic energy.

Before, when Han Fei was learning refinery, he had tried to refine and break apart spiritual energy.

At that time, the more broken and scattered the spiritual energy was, the higher probability a spiritual energy flame was formed.
Would it be the same case for demonic energy?

Han Fei immediately pulled a wisp of demonic energy out of his body and then tried it.

Sure enough, at first, the demonic energy was unstable.
And then, it began to scatter, forming a flame-like demonic fire.

Han Fei grinned.
“So that’s it! The purpose of this demon realm is to make me disassemble the demonic energy.
Is it because that demonic energy will be very powerful after being disassembled?”

Han Fei gazed at this small wisp of demonic energy, and concentrated his spiritual power on it, carefully splitting it.
He tried so hard that he was sweating profusely.
The demonic energy gradually became about a tenth smaller than before.

“FIck, this is so damn difficult!”

Did he use the wrong method? He had planned to split the demonic energy into halves, but when he tried to do it, the demonic energy dispersed.



Three times.

Outside, there were many sea demons who came from the ordinary demon realm.
Now they had almost lost their patience.
Had it not been for Han Fei taking the first place, they would have left by now.

Someone was surprised.
“What’s he doing in there? It usually only takes half an hour for most Heavenly Talents to climb five or six floors.
Some even eight or nine floors.
But it has almost been an hour, and he is still on the second floor.”

Someone shook his head.
“I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to keep climbing up, and his ranking hasn’t changed at all.”

Someone sneered.
“How hard is it to disassemble demonic energy? Most people come to explore the demon realm after disassembling and replacing their demonic energy in advance.
But he is doing that right here! How long will it take then?”

Suddenly, on the Demon Stele, Yu Fei’s name suddenly appeared as the 82nd of the second floor.


Someone was stunned.
“Huh… Is there something wrong with the Demon Stele?”

Someone’s face changed.
“Damn, did he cheat?”

Someone retorted, “What do you think this is? It’s the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm! Can you cheat here?”

While they were discussing, a figure appeared behind them.
Someone inadvertently spotted that figure and immediately respectfully said, “Miss Yu Ji.”

The person was Yu Ji who was expressionless, and it seemed that the investigation on Yu Yue’s death had been over.

After Yu Ji arrived here, she saw Yu Yun and the others.
Then she looked at the Demon Stele, only to find that Yu Fei had gained the first place on the first floor, which made her a little surprised.
Had Yu Fei broken the record so soon?

Seeing Yu Ji, Yu Yun sneered.
“Hey, Yu Ji, I heard that you wanted to make Yu Fei your henchman? But I’m afraid he’s more gifted than you, isn’t he?”

Yu Ji looked indifferent.
“If he is more gifted than me, then he must be more gifted than you.
Are you still in the mood to watch him?”


Yu Yun’s face was gloomy.
“Humph, sounds like you like him.
Are you going to marry him? Then two weirdos can give birth to a little weirdo!”

Yu Yun’s face turned cold.
“Yu Fei, you’d better watch your tongue.
If you say this bullsh*t again, I’m gonna kill you!”

Outside, it was noisy.

Han Fei was holding his breath.
He had fused the Spirit Fusing Technique and the Spirit Gathering Art, fusing some demonic energy first and then absorbing some with the Spirit Gathering Art.

Finally, the size of the demonic energy shrank by about an eighth.


The crowd was surprised to see that Han Fei’s name suddenly jumped from 82nd to 9th, which stunned everyone, including Yu Ji!

Yu Ji was dumbfounded. Is that guy really a genius?

Someone rolled his eyes. Damn, why don’t you just jump to first place?

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