Chapter 762: Still A Single Blow

Han Fei came out so fast that the others outside were all surprised.

Someone whispered quietly, “Did he not go inside?”

Someone responded, “He must have gone inside.
Don’t forget, this guy killed Yu Pi with one blow.
Although I don’t like him, I can’t deny he’s very strong.
I think he must have reached the end of the body-refining demon realm.”

Someone looked at Han Fei with a weird look and whispered to the person next to him, I heard that this Azure Sea Blue Demon has an inherited Overlord Body.
Although I don’t know what it is, this body-refining demon realm should be simple to him.
However, the spiritual demon realm is another story, where there are half as many people as this one.

These people thought they were speaking through voice transmission and wouldn’t be heard by Han Fei.
However, they didn’t know that Han Fei’s spiritual power had far exceeded them.
As early as when he had just become a Hanging Fisher, he could already hear others’ sound transmission.

Leaving the body-refining demon realm, Han Fei continued to walk forward while wondering, Spiritual demon realm? So, ordinary secret realms only temper one’s physical and spiritual power? Um, this is something that humans don’t have.
Otherwise, such a place would be overcrowded!

After walking for about ten kilometers, Han Fei saw a lot of people gather around the entrance of another demon realm cave.
However, compared with the previous body-refining demon realm, the number of people was indeed a lot less.

Before Han Fei arrived, someone said, “There he is.
He came so soon! Isn’t he going to explore the body-refining demon realm?”

Someone grinned and said, “I heard that this Yu Fei is very arrogant.
I am afraid that his purpose is not ordinary demon realms, but the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm.”

Someone nodded.
“I agree, but I don’t know if the spirit demon realm can stop him.
If it can’t, the rise of this Azure Sea Blue Demon is just around the corner.”

Someone added, “If the demon realm stops him, it means that he is not as strong as he looks, at least not strong enough in spiritual power and soul.”

These people were waiting there to watch the show.

When Han Fei passed by them, he suddenly stopped and said to the nearest Half-Mermaid, “Why are you all outside?”

Not expecting Han Fei to talk to her, the Half-Mermaid paused for a moment.
Considering Han Fei’s extraordinary background, she responded, “No one is supposed to stay in demon realms for long.
We are just resting outside, and will go in later.”

Han Fei nodded and said indifferently, “Thank you.”

Han Fei walked in again.
The environment was the same.
The same gray mist blurred his vision again.

Different from the last body-refining demon realm, what Han Fei felt was a suppressing power when he entered this place.
At first, the intensity was roughly equivalent to that of a peak-level Hanging Fisher.
If he guessed right, this power would be stronger as he went further inside.

“Huh! Use a suppressing power to temper one’s spiritual power? Then if the spiritual power reaches its limit, will this suppressing power stimulate a breakthrough in spiritual power?”

Han Fei still walked forward without hesitation.
However, when he walked less than 300 meters, he saw some people floating in the water, raising their heads and meditating.

Han Fei thought, If only there was a human powerhouse here.
Then human beings would be able to eliminate the backbone force of sea demons.

Ordinary suppressing power had no effect on Han Fei.
Xiao Zhan had taught them this course before, and in the face of the strong, they could even make a breakthrough with the help of his suppressing power.

Even when facing Xiao Zhan, Han Fei was able to resist his suppressing power, so this demon realm should be a breeze for Han Fei.

Sure enough, when he walked more than 1,000 meters deep, the number of sea demons increased.
After 2,000 meters, however, the number of people began to decrease.

Walking 5,000 meters deep, Han Fei reached the end, and the pressure he felt was only the suppressing power of a peak-level Hidden Fisher.
Except for slight dizziness, Han Fei didn’t have any special feelings.

“It seems that ordinary demon realms don’t work for me…”

Han Fei was fast in and fast out.
It only took him about half an hour.

When he came out, many people didn’t speak but were smiling bitterly.
Judging from the direction Han Fei was heading, he was obviously heading straight for the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm.

Someone immediately sighed.
“Sure enough, the Azure Sea Blue Demon who can walk into the Ten Thousand Demon Valley is definitely something.”

Someone else sighed.
“I heard that he’s an awakened legendary creature.
Then why did he choose to become an Azure Sea Blue Demon? Why not become a Half-Merman?”

Someone rolled his eyes at him.
“Do you think he could choose this? This process depends on chance.
Even with the slightest change in the direction of awakening, after transformation, the direction of cultivation may change.”

Someone sighed.
“What would happen if his name gets recorded on the Demon Stele?”

Immediately, many people were silent.
Demon Stele! There were only 100 names on each floor.
It would be a glory for anyone.

Almost all Heavenly Talents in the Ten Thousand Demon Tower had tried to get their names recorded on the Demon Stele! This was a great honor.
Who didn’t want it?

However, it was very difficult.
If anyone’s name could be recorded on the Demon Stele, the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm was no longer that “Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm”.

The Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm occupied one-third of the entire cultivation canyon.

As soon as Han Fei came in, he found that someone was carrying a golden harpoon and practicing combat skills.
The man’s harpoon rolled up a wave of seawater, which rolled hundreds of meters away.

When Han Fei was about to walk past him, the man grinned at him.
“Here you come.”

Han Fei glanced at him in surprise.
“Are you talking to me?”

The man smiled coldly, waved his hand, flattened the sea, and put away the harpoon.
Then he looked at Han Fei arrogantly.
“I heard that you are an awakened legendary creature, and have never been defeated.
Like the last guy you killed, I want to see if you are really a genius.”

Han Fei was speechless. Just because I’m an Azure Sea Blue Demon, so many people want to challenge me? Are you out of your mind?

Han Fei didn’t think the man would be weak, but the weapon he was holding…

Han Fei glanced at him coldly.
“Is this your weapon?”

The man smiled, the golden harpoon disappeared from his hand, and an ultra-quality demonic weapon appeared.
“Let’s play fair.
I heard that you only accept life-or-death duels.
I happen to be the same way.”

Han Fei snorted in his heart. This fellow is shameless! Since he has a golden harpoon, he must have an Immortal Seal.
And he says, “play fair”? Does he want to kill me?

But Han Fei wouldn’t flinch.
When he was still an intermediate Hanging Fisher, he was able to defeat enemies of higher levels.
Now he was going to be a peak-level Hanging Fisher, he certainly wasn’t afraid of this man!


Han Fei carried the harpoon in his hand and activated the Majestic Mystic Spell.
He thought for a while and decided to test whether the Sea King’s Secret Method was really flawed.


A white flame appeared on Han Fei.
Sure enough, as soon as he used this secret method, he felt a throb in his heart as if something had been pulled away from inside him.


Han Fei activated the Dance of Light, a mixture of demonic energy and spiritual energy rushing into the harpoon crazily, which turned into a cold flash of light, piercing through the waves.
The seawater exploded three times in a row, and three circles of water enveloped Han Fei, flashing past.

The Half-Merman also activated the Sea King’s Secret Method, but what he said was the “Sea King Strike”.

Han Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly.
This was the strongest blow Yu Ji had ever used, and it seemed to be able to summon some kind of power.

Therefore, Han Fei secretly strengthened the Majestic Mystic Spell.
The two people collided like human-shaped missiles in the sea.


Huge ripples spread out in all directions, and two hemispherical energy shields collided, bursting out waves of ripples one after another.

Unfortunately, the impact only lasted for a short time.
Han Fei’s harpoon skewed slightly, and he flashed, moving forward by half a meter.


Han Fei’s harpoon pierced the Half-Merman’s heart.
The latter didn’t expect Han Fei to be able to use the Flying Flower Demon Flash under such circumstances.
Although he had noticed the slight pause of Han Fei, he had no chance to take any action.

Seeing the remnants of the Half-Merman falling down, Han Fei put away the harpoon and said lightly, “You are weaker than me both in speed and strength.”

After this battle, Han Fei decided to abandon the Sea King’s Secret Method.

Although he didn’t know the origin of this secret method, it didn’t seem to work well for him.
The Majestic Mystic Spell was much better than this secret method.

Han Fei was sure that this secret method was flawed.

Han Fei had only walked ten steps when the resurrected Half-Merman appeared behind him, his eyes full of disbelief.

He looked at Han Fei in astonishment.
“How can your speed be so fast?”

Han Fei answered without looking back, “Overlord Body! If you attack me again, you won’t have a third chance.”

The man’s face turned dark.
Han Fei’s strength was beyond his expectations.
He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but somehow he felt that Han Fei was not using the Dance of Light, rather some sort of human spear technique.

A lot of people had seen this scene.
They were shocked.
This Heavenly Talent couldn’t even resist a single strike from Han Fei?

Several dozens of kilometers away, several Heavenly Talents were thinking, Is there going to be a second Chixue Huan?

One of them was Han Fei’s acquaintance, which was Yu Yun who was defeated by Han Fei that day.
The woman’s eyes flickered, and she suddenly said to the person next to her, “What if I kill him?”

The person shook his head slightly.
“You can’t! That would offend Master Chixue.
After all, if Han Fei rises, he will be the second non-Half-Merman in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.
He’ll definitely be on good terms with Master Chixue.”

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