Chapter 759: Cultivation Canyon

Han Fei found that it had been three months since he ran out of the Scattered Star Island.

His life tablet had probably been shattered to prevent Luo Xiaobai and the others from coming out to look for him.

They probably wouldn’t be allowed to leave the island.
As for Old Jiang, he wouldn’t be so impulsive as to come out to search for him.

But was there anyone to remind Tang Ge? Would he run out to look for him?

Han Fei forced himself not to think about it.
After all, he was already in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley now.

In fact, he initially planned to be taken away by a strong master.
Then, he could demand a lot of resources.

After meeting with Chixue Huan, however, he realized that things were not that simple.
Only Chixue Huan came, and even Chixue Huan didn’t seem to be ready to let him enter the Ten Thousand Demon Tower, giving him no chance to demand anything.

“Fine, let’s take a look at the cultivation canyon first.”

Yu Fu led Han Fei all the way to the west, which was actually on the other side of the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.

Yu Fu respectfully said, “Master, the cultivation canyon has daily cultivation waters, ordinary demon realms, and the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm.
Now you haven’t yet practiced appropriate sea demon techniques and combat skills, so do not enter the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, please.”

“Oh? Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm? What is that place?”

Yu Fu explained, “It’s said that the Ten Thousand Demon Valley was established because of the existence of demonic heritage.
And when the sea demons discovered the demonic heritage, they discovered the demon realm at the same time.
It’s said that it’s only a small demon realm and in the real sea demon King City, there is a truly peerless demon realm.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“Sea demon King City?”

Yu Fu sighed.
“The King City has always been a legend.
Some ordinary sea demons haven’t even been to the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, so they think this place is the King City.
In fact, no one has ever been to the real King City, nor has anyone ever seen a person from the King City.
However, the Ten Thousand Demon Valley can be considered a holy land.
Especially the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, it’s said that no one has ever reached its top floor.
There must be great opportunities there.”

Han Fei was shocked.
“What? No one for so long? Are there so few Heavenly Talents among sea demons?”

Yu Fu shook his head.
“How could there be few in number? There are countless Heavenly Talents.
According to the record of the Demon Stele, there are 68 people who have reached the 71st floor.
And below the 71st floor, each floor has been visited by 100 people given that the upper limit is 100 people… But no one has ever entered the 72nd floor.”

Han Fei was surprised.
“What is the Demon Stele?”

Yu Fu answered respectfully, “The Demon Stele is a rock wall, on which it records the top 100 Heavenly Talents reaching each floor in the history of the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm.
This ranking is not ranked by the number of floors that they have passed through, but the time they arrived.
Even the 100th person on the first floor can be regarded as a Heavenly Talent.”

Han Fei couldn’t help being a little surprised. It seemed that this Ten Thousand Demon Valley is also not simple! After such a long time, the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm remains.

Han Fei asked, “Is Yu Ji on the list?”

Yu Fu proudly said, “Sure! Miss Yu Ji, who has reached the 61st floor, ranks 81st.
That’s why she was accepted as a disciple by Lord Beichen.”

Han Fei was speechless.
“The 81st? What’s this to be proud of?”

Yu Fu said disapprovingly, “Master, the Demon Stele has recorded the most powerful Heavenly Talents in history.
Although it only records sea demons below level-50, it is the accumulation of endless years!”

Han Fei didn’t say anything.
Time can’t tell you anything!

After all, Han Fei no longer thought he was a peerless Heavenly Talent ever since he had met Chun Huangdian.
In terms of talent, no one exceeded Chun Huangdian.

An hour later, Han Fei finally came to the so-called cultivation canyon.

It was more like a training ground than a canyon.
As far as he could see, the canyon stretched for dozens of kilometers.
From Yu Fu’s introduction, Han Fei learned that this place actually extended for more than 120 kilometers, and it was like an ordinary cultivation field.

As far as Han Fei could see, there were some people floating in the water and practicing cultivation techniques, some Half-Mermaids and Half-Mermen fighting vigorously, and some practicing combat skills alone in the water.

At this moment, Yu Fu respectfully said, “Master, this is an ordinary cultivation field.
The further you go in, the more advanced the training fields will become.
But please don’t rush straight in.
If you want to enter the Ancient 72-Floor Demon Realm, you’ll have to fight your way through.”

Han Fei glanced around.
This place was an ordinary training ground for the sea demons.
He frowned and thought, With so many people here, how the f*ck am I going to cultivate?!

Han Fei immediately said, “You can leave now! I’ll go in alone.”

“Yes, Master.”

Han Fei’s arrival would inevitably attract much attention.
Some people had heard of Han Fei’s deeds, but most people didn’t because it had only been less than four hours since Han Fei fought Yu Yun.
And the news that Han Fei was an awakened legendary creature hadn’t been spread out.

Therefore, the moment Han Fei arrived, someone immediately yelled, “Where is the inferior sea demon from? Get the hell out of here.”

A Half-Merman sneered when he found Han Fei was an Azure Sea Blue Demon.
“Ah, an Azure Sea Blue Demon.
Why don’t you go to the Blood Sea Valley? You don’t belong here!”

Han Fei said indifferently, “Get out of the way.”

Another Half-Mermaid sneered.
“What? Who do you think you are? Even Azure Sea Blue Demons are not qualified to cultivate in this canyon.
Leave now!”

Yu Fu hadn’t gone far yet.
Watching this scene, he thought, Are these guys stupid? Why don’t they think about… The reason why Master Yu Fei can come here as an Azure Sea Blue Demon?

Han Fei said leisurely, “Do you want to fight? Then come on!”


Han Fei suddenly flung his harpoon.
This blow was so fast and powerful that the sea was bursting, and the person who stood in front of Han Fei was sent flying hundreds of meters away by this blow.

There were no bells and whistles or magical footwork but only a harpoon stab.
However, no one could resist it.

“What strong power! No wonder you dare to come here.
Let me fight you.”

Seeing that Yu Fu hadn’t gone far, Han Fei immediately turned around and asked him, “Can I kill them?”

Yu Fu opened his mouth, and before he could answer, someone sneered.
“How dare you say this? Yes, you can kill here as long as you can.”

Han Fei turned around and nodded.
“Very good, then I don’t have to reserve any strength.
Who’s next?”

Han Fei’s voice was very cold.

Hearing his words, many people flinched.
They were here to cultivate, not to fight someone to the death!

However, out of a hundred people, there were always one or two dumb*sses who were overconfident.

Immediately, someone stood up, baring his sharp teeth and looking at Han Fei coldly.
Since we’ve stepped on the path of cultivation, we shall not be afraid of death.
Today, let me teach you a lesson that not anyone can come here…”

This man was covered in white flames as he activated the Sea King’s Secret Technique.
A big blue fish phantom appeared, whose head was all blue.
Seeing this scene, Han Fei couldn’t help sneering. It isn’t certain who will teach this lesson!

However, Han Fei clearly felt that this person’s realm seemed not as high as his own.

So Han Fei didn’t even use any combat skills.
He just hurled the harpoon out again.
A huge phantom about a hundred feet high pierced the seawater and whistled, releasing an overwhelming power.

The Half-Merman roared and threw out the harpoon exactly as Han Fei did.
However, the tip of his harpoon flashed with thick demonic energy.

Boom! Click…

The opponent’s harpoon broke, and Han Fei had already swept over and stood behind him.

The harpoon penetrated his body, and Han Fei grabbed the blood-stained harpoon and moved forward step by step as if he had just done a trivial thing.

With a single blow, he killed a Half-Merman.

This scene horrified countless others around.
What’s the background of this Azure Sea Blue Demon?

Someone was shocked.
“Are Azure Sea Blue Demons so powerful?”

Someone backed down.
Not everyone could afford a life-or-death battle!

In the distance, Yu Fu saw this scene and left quietly.

He was guessing, Will Master Yu Fei become the next one to be recorded on the Demon Stele?

After all, he was an awakened legendary creature! In terms of level, he was even higher than ordinary Half-Mermaid or Half-Merman Heavenly Talents.

Han Fei walked very slowly.

However, within a few kilometers, no other sea demons dared to come forward to challenge him.
No one wanted to risk their life to fight against a lunatic like this.

When Han Fei walked more than 8,000 meters, the second person finally jumped out.

However, this man’s body was cut in half by Han Fei with a single blow, and Han Fei was still walking forward without even stopping.

After 30 kilometers, the third challenger appeared.
This person was holding an ultra-quality demonic weapon with a spirit sealed in, and his strength had already reached its peak.

This time, Han Fei performed the Sea King’s Secret Technique.

When a thick white light enveloped him, Han Fei felt a magical power, which seemed to be a branch protruding from the air, or the nectar from the ninth heaven, suddenly fall into his body.

In addition to becoming stronger, he felt very comfortable, just like finally sitting down after standing for a long time or taking a bath in a hot spring.

“No wonder you all like to use this combat skill.”


When Han Fei thrust at the opponent with the harpoon, the Demon Purification Pot suddenly shook.
Han Fei clearly felt a strange throb of the heart.
It seemed that something had gone away from him.

Seeing Han Fei distracted, the Half-Merman blasted out a punch with all his strength.
The horrible force stirred up a wave hundreds of meters high, which beat towards Han Fei.


The harpoon in Han Fei’s hand broke.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Han Fei grabbed half of the harpoon and cut across the man’s chest with it.

The next minute, the man’s chest burst, and blood flowed freely.

Han Fei held the opponent’s harpoon, releasing thick demonic energy and forcibly suppressing the vibrating demonic weapon.

“It just so happens that I lack a good weapon.”

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