Chapter 757: A Sea Demon Thief

Only in a single day, the news that Han Fei was an awakened legendary creature spread throughout the Ten Thousand Demon Valley.

Those who heard it were all shocked.

This had also led to many people wanting to see what that Azure Sea Blue Demon looked like.
Therefore, Yu Ji’s weapon shop was overcrowded at the moment.

Now Yu Ji’s weapon shop had a purchase restriction, and only 50 high-quality demonic weapons would be sold in a day.

These weapons were not refined by Han Fei.
He was too lazy to do it.
More importantly, he didn’t want to refine weapons for sea demons.

At the moment, he was waiting for someone to come, someone really important.

Han Fei was closing his eyes and meditating, turning a blind eye to other’s perceptions and gazes.
He was teasing the fish.

In Forge the Universe, Little White casually swam around and merrily frolicked among the leaves of the Big Red Trunk.

As for Little Black…

At this moment, in a shop called Yu Xiao’s Weapon Shop, a burly figure appeared silently.

Han Fei lowered his head, looked at his hands, and shook his head slightly.
“A puppet is a puppet.
It is impossible for a puppet to act exactly like a human.
But fortunately, these arrays are simple.”

This person was Overlord.
Beside him, there was an invisible black fish.

As Overlord stomped on the floor, there appeared one, two, three arrays…

Three arrays, three different seals.
After setting up the arrays, Overlord strode into the material room of the Yu Xiao Weapon Shop.

The moment Han Fei stepped into the seal, a buzzing sound rang out.

However, two seals set by Han Fei were also triggered at the same time.
Both the sound and the shock disappeared at that moment.

Han Fei saw two large piles of messy materials placed on the floor and a big pot of spiritual spring that occupied one-fifth of the area of the room.

Hey! Why are there only 30,000 catties of spiritual spring in this shop?

Overlord was expressionless, but the blue flame in his eyes was flickering and seemed extremely eager.


Just in a moment, the material room had been cleared as if it had been licked by a huge tongue.

Overlord looked at Little Black, and the latter then became bigger and bigger and swallowed Overlord in one bite.

Let’s go to the next shop.

Only half an hour after fighting Yu Yun, he felt several powerful perceptions sweep over him.

When the pressure came, the others who had surrounded Yu Ji’s weapon shop all panicked and left.

Yu Fu was too scared to move.
He had nowhere to escape, so he could only stand respectfully in the shop, waiting for the presence of the big shots.

About two or three minutes later, a Half-Merman in a green jade battle suit entered the shop.
This person had an overwhelming murderous aura, and Yu Fu was trembling in fright.

Han Fei suddenly opened his eyes and looked at this person without surprise.

In fact, he sighed secretly in his heart.
He wasn’t sure if his method would work.

He had thought that the one who came would be stronger than this one.
The pressure this person put on him was actually not that great.
Although he was at the level of a Hidden Fisher, he was probably weaker than Xiao Zhan.

The visitor stared at Han Fei for quite a while, but Han Fei didn’t panic at all, looking straight at him.

The man grinned and said, “As expected, an awakened legendary creature is beyond the reach of the ordinary both in composure and pride.”

This person suddenly said loudly, “I am the deputy commander of the Azure Sea Demon Army of the Blood Sea Valley, Yu Xuan.
You are the Azure Sea Blue Demon, so you’re born to belong to my Azure Sea Demon Army.
Follow me, you can choose whatever combat skills you like.
As long as you join us, you can directly command a Hundred-Man Group.
In less than a year, you will be leading a Thousand-Man Group… In the future, if you make your mark, you’ll be the deputy commander of the Azure Sea Demon Army.”

Han Fei blinked, thinking, Isn’t this a bit too much? Is a legendary creature so popular?

Han Fei didn’t know what the Azure Sea Demon Army was.
But he guessed this person must be the deputy commander of the Inferior Man-Fish in the Blood Sea Valley.

Yu Fu once mentioned that there were more people in the Blood Sea Valley than in Ten the Thousand Demon Valley.
He could imagine how many ordinary sea demons this Yu Xuan commanded…

However, Han Fei didn’t want to leave the Ten Thousand Demon Valley for now.
He murmured in his heart, I’ll stay as long as I can here and plunder as many spoils as possible!

If he went to the Blood Sea Valley and stayed with a group of lame ordinary sea demons every day, what could he get?

Han Fei was about to refuse when suddenly someone outside the cave sneered.
“Yu Xuan, your speed is fast indeed, but is your Azure Sea Demon Army qualified to recruit him?”

Then another strong master in a scarlet battle suit came in.
Although this person was smiling, the powerful pressure he released made Han Fei frown.
This person was probably not weaker than Xiao Zhan in strength.

This person entered the weapon shop and sat casually on the refining platform.
Then he reached out and a crab leg appeared in his hand.
He snapped it with a click and started to chew.

Yu Xuan’s face was dark.
“Yu Chen, why does you Crimson Blood Demon Army try to poach our Heavenly Talent?”

Yu Chen grinned.
“My red demon cubs always feel that they are invincible.
If there is a powerful Azure Sea Blue Demon suppressing them, it can surely arouse their ferocity.”

As he said this, he looked at Han Fei.
“I am Yu Chen, the deputy commander of the Crimson Blood Demon Army in the Blood Sea Valley.
You know, Red Demons are difficult to command.
I know you are a Heavenly Talent and you have your pride, but this is a great challenge.
Are you interested?”

Han Fei shook his head slightly.

Yu Xuan was overjoyed.
“What about my army?”

Han Fei continued to shake his head.


Both of them were annoyed, glaring at Han Fei angrily.

Yu Chen said coldly, “Just because you are a legendary creature doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want.
With your identity as an Azure Sea Blue Demon, where else can you go except for the Blood Sea Valley? ”

Yu Fu sank to the ground under the two’s pressure, while Han Fei slowly got up and said resolutely, “I just want to explore the path of cultivation!”

Yu Xuan and Yu Chen glanced at each other, and Yu Chen suddenly laughed.
“Sure enough, the consciousness of creatures of different ranks is different.
In the entire Ten Thousand Demon Valley, there are no more than a hundred people who have the confidence to say these words… You are special.”

Suddenly, Yu Xuan and Yu Chen looked at the entrance of the cave at the same time, and then made way.

Han Fei narrowed his eyes slightly, thinking, The one I’m waiting for has finally come.

The person who came this time wasn’t a Half-Merman, but a Red Demon.

However, this Red Demon was different from the ordinary Red Demon.
He was unusually tall, and his legs had greatly evolved.
There was no tail behind him, and he looked like a deformed human.

However, his face no longer resembled a fish.
Except for the extremely large eyes, he looked more human than any Red Demon Han Fei had ever seen.

Yu Xuan and Yu Chen respectfully greeted this person at the same time, “Master Huan.”

Han Fei’s face changed slightly.
Was this the seventh-ranked Chixue Huan among the so-called Eight Wings of Blue Feather, the only Red Demon ranking among the Eight Wings of Blue Feather?

Chixue Huan glanced at the two of them.
“Go back!”

Yu Xuan and Yu Chen exchanged glances, and responded, “We’re leaving, Master Huan.”

No information appeared in Han Fei’s eyes, and this person gave him a very bad feeling, very depressing and threatening.
Unlike Yu Xuan and Yu Chen, their pressure had to be released.
But Chixue Huan’s pressure didn’t even need to be purposely released.

He stared at Han Fei, and Han Fei was also looking at him.

At this time, Yu Fu was already lying on the ground, not even daring to lift his head.

Chixue Huan said, “Actually, you should go to the Blood Sea Valley.
Only after many hardships are you more qualified to pursue the path of cultivation.”

Han Fei didn’t speak, and Chixue Huan continued, “However, no hurry for that.
You’ve just transformed into a humanoid form, and don’t have any combat skills.
By the way, what is your inherited secret technique?”

Han Fei was silent for a moment, and only after his thoughts became clear, he said, “Overlord body.”


Chixue Huan raised an eyebrow.
“What does this mean exactly? Can you show me?”

Han Fei pondered for a while and secretly activated the Majestic Mystic Spell.
In an instant, his vigor soared and his strength increased exponentially, and he became a peak-level Hanging Fisher.

Chixue Huan grinned, showing his fangs.
“So that’s it? It seemed to be even stronger than the Sea King’s Secret Technique.
Good, you do have a right to be arrogant.”

Han Fei thought, The Sea King’s Secret Technique can only double your strength, but this one can increase your strength fivefold!

Suddenly, Chixue Huan asked, “Did you kill Yu Yue and the others?”

Han Fei didn’t hesitate at all.

He had already considered this question.
He shook his head slightly.
“No, there was a second guardian creature.”

Han Fei wasn’t quite worried.
Little Gold’s Lightning Blade was really strong, and he didn’t wipe off the traces it left behind, so he wasn’t afraid of being investigated.

Chixue Huan smiled.
“Yu Ji said you saved her?”

Han Fei shook his head.
“No, I didn’t.
That creature didn’t attack us.”

Chixue Huan nodded.
“Umm, even if you were a legendary creature, I won’t accept you easily.
Legend, legend… Do you really want to enter the Ten Thousand Demon Tower?”

Han Fei frowned slightly.
This was different from what he thought! He had thought that this person would try to take him away, but it didn’t seem to be the case.

Han Fei thought for a long time.
“I will leave.”

Chixue Huan’s eyes were piercing.
“Where are you going?”

Han Fei said expressionlessly, “Leave the Ten Thousand Demon Valley and pursue the path of cultivation.”

Chixue Huan nodded in satisfaction.
“This is a choice a legendary creature would make.
If you want to stay in the Ten Thousand Demon Valley, I will doubt your purpose.
It seems that you already have a plan for your future…”

While Chixue Huan was chatting with Han Fei, suddenly, an angry roar spread across dozens of kilometers.

“Goddamn it, there is a thief…”

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