Little White went away for about ten minutes and swam back to Han Fei with a string of snake fruit in his mouth.
Han Fei was overjoyed.
He didn’t expect such a benefit in studying the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants.

 He looked at the Green Scale Snake Fruit in his hand and a string of data appeared.

  Green Scale Snake Fruit

  a spiritual fruit co-existing with Green Scale Sea Snakes and nourished with the snakes’ saliva.
It can increase the spiritual energy of snake pits.

  Low-level spiritual fruit


  500 points

  Directly eating it can increase a small amount of spiritual energy.
Fishers can build up their bodies if taking it, but it’s ineffective for fishing masters and above.

 There were seven or eight pieces of fruit in this string, which were all thumb-sized, but according to the Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants, a Snake Fruit was as large as a fist.
Was it because these sea snakes were too low of a level?

 Yes, this was just an ordinary fishery.
How could there be so many treasures? Otherwise, fishing masters would all rush to ordinary fisheries for hunting!

 Han Fei swallowed all the pieces of fruit, one fruit at a time.
He wouldn’t bother to save them for alchemy.
That would be too much work, let alone that he knew nothing about alchemy.

It had been about half an hour, but the fighting showed no sign of stopping.
The sea snakes had all been killed and the crabs were busy scrambling for the dead bodies of the sea snakes and fighting one another like mad.

 Iron-Head Fish crashed against the crabs, smashed their shells, and ate the crab roe inside.
Snakebelts were nothing here.
Han Fei saw some Snakebelts swim over, but only a few seconds later, they were cut into countless pieces by crab claws and eaten by the crabs.

 But during this time, Han Fei had absorbed nearly 5,000 points of spiritual energy.
This was the bottom of the sea, where danger and opportunity coexisted.


 Han Fei suddenly felt a pain in his leg.
He patted his leg unconsciously and looked down, only to see his hands covered in blood.

 “F*ck, what is it?”

  Marching Sea Leech



  1 point

  A submarine mollusk that can be used as bait.
When they breed, they forage in swarms and need to eat a lot of food, so everywhere they march over, nothing is left.
When they’re marching in swarms, they are invincible at level-three fisheries and below.

 Han Fei’s expression changed drastically.
He picked up one of these finger-long leeches.
The slippery worm was slapped to death by Han Fei, leaving a pool of blood and mucus.


 Suddenly, Han Fei shuddered and looked back quickly.
The scene he saw almost froze his blood.
Dozens of leeches were drifting over, and behind them, it was a dark and dense mass of leeches.

 Han Fei almost peed.
If there were only hundreds or thousands of them, they might have been eaten up by the fishes along the way.
But Marching Sea Leeches, just like Marching Desert Ants, usually came out in swarms, and everywhere they went, not even a single blade of grass was left.

 “Run! Little Black and Little White, run…”

 Having no time to care about the fighting fishes, Han Fei ejected like a rocket and didn’t dare to delay at all.
Even a fishing master would be turned into a mummy if trapped by Marching Sea Leeches.

 Han Fei exercised the Wandering Dragon Art and quickly slipped away.
Little Black followed behind him and swallowed a Marching Sea Leech from time to time.

 “You foodie, are you still eating? Do you think Marching Sea Leeches won’t eat you because you’re invisible? No, they will devour everything in their path.”

 Han Fei turned his head, only to find that the crabs, Blade Fishes, and Iron-Head fishes that were fighting fiercely had all disappeared.
All he could see was a dense cloud of Marching Sea Leeches.

 “Shit, so fast?”

 Han Fei speeded up, and at the same time, refilled his body with spiritual energy and accelerated to swim towards the surface of the sea.


 Han Fei jumped out of the water, only to find that his white fishing boat seemed to be thousands of kilometres away.
He quickly got into the water again and rushed towards the fishing boat.

 But as soon as Han Fei jumped into the water, he saw a swarm of Marching Sea Leech a few hundred metres away.
He was stunned, Damn it… My fishing boat is on the other side of these Marching Sea Leeches!

 Han Fei almost burst into tears. Are you kidding me? Without a fishing boat, do I have to have a swim race with these leeches?

 Fortunately, I still have the Wandering Dragon Art anyway.
Marching Sea Leeches won’t necessarily win against me! Without any hesitation, Han Fei swam crazily in the opposite direction of his fishing boat.

 Han Fei really regretted that he came to such a remote place.
If there were someone else with him, they could jump into his boat, but now, no one would save him from the swarm of worms.

 Of course, it was not just Han Fei who was running for his life.
There were Blade Fish darting forward around Han Fei, and behind him, there were White Fish and Yellow Fish.
He even saw a big Meat Turtle rise to the surface and run for its life, but the Meat Turtle seemed not to be confident with its speed, so it shrank its head into its shell.

 Han Fei couldn’t help but worry. Do you think you’ll be safe to shrink into your shell? The leeches could easily devour your shell!

 At this time, no fish was attacking Han Fei.
After all, life was more precious than the stomach.
Even fish knew this.

 At the same time, dozens of miles away, dozens of fishing boats were slowly approaching.
Li Hu looked gloomy.
“How could Han Fei defeat Uncle Wolf? Tang Ge must have given him some special treasures.”

 A person standing behind Li Hu said, “Young Master, Li Lang’s ship is badly devastated.
It seems that he had encountered a small fish tide.
Maybe he was not killed by Han Fei.”

 “Stupid! Can a small fish tide in an ordinary fishery kill a fishing master? Besides, Uncle Wolf can become an intermediate fishing master after fusing with his Swordfish.
How can the demonic fishes in a common fishery kill him?”

 Li Hu was very angry.
A fishing master! How valuable a fishing master is! The Tigers only had five fishing masters in total.
Now they had lost one.

 Suddenly, one of his men shouted, “Young Master, we seem to have encountered a school of fish.”

This person was looking and pointing at the distant sea with excitement.

 For fishermen, encountering a school of fish was a good thing.
Almost every fisherman hoped to come across these schools every day.

 Li Hu froze for a moment, wondering if the closer to the border, the luckier one would be? But he still shook his head and said, “Don’t forget our purpose: find Han Fei and kill him.
Uncle Wolf is dead, so Han Fei can’t be safe.
Otherwise, he would have returned to the village long ago.”

 Soon, the fleet led by Li Hu and the school of fish met.
Most of the fishes floated on the surface of the water and swam quickly, with no intention to stay.

 Some people looked at the sea surface and wondered, Well, did you find that the fishes didn’t look right? They are all different species of fish… Why do they appear together?

 Someone pointed to the sea.
“What is there? There is a strange big fish jumping on the sea surface.
It looks like a Swordfish.
Huh? How can a Swordfish appear in an ordinary fishery?”

 Suddenly, someone shouted, “Not good, the fishes are not foraging but escaping! Something is chasing them!”

 Before this man finished his words, another man shouted, “Look, that… That’s not a Swordfish but a person!”

 Everyone was stunned. Are you f*cking kidding me? Someone was swimming in the sea? Did he want to swim to hell?

 In the next moment, they found that that was a person indeed, but he swam faster than many fishes.

 Then the crowd noticed that there was a black, dense swarm of some creatures, but they couldn’t see clearly what they were.

Suddenly, someone screamed, “Run… Young Master, run! Those are Marching Sea Leeches…”

 The fleet was instantly in an uproar and everyone was frightened.
How could Marching Sea Leeches appear in an ordinary fishery? There was a one in a million chance to encounter Marching Sea Leeches in a level-one fishery.
Don’t they mostly appear in level-two fisheries?

 Li Hu was also panicked.
Having no time to think where Han Fei was, he shouted, “Everyone, run!”

 Han Fei hadn’t thought that he would swim faster than the Marching Sea Leeches.
After all, each man had his limits.
He was not a real fish and couldn’t swim as easily as fish.

 But at this moment, he saw hope.
There were fishing boats! He immediately refilled his body with spiritual energy and his swimming speed skyrocketed.


 Before the fleet fled, Han Fei caught the stern rail with his fishhook.
He glided as fast as he could on the sea surface to catch up with the ships while shouting, “Run, Marching Sea Leeches are coming.”

 The members of the Tigers were all stunned, including Li Hu.
He looked back, only to find that it was no one else but Han Fei!

 Han Fei was also dumbfounded. Li Hu?

 In an instant, Han Fei realized that this fleet was here to kill him.

 “Haha, that’s really interesting.
What a small world!”


 Han Fei landed on a fishing boat.
Before Li Hu said anything, Han Fei had hit a member of the Tigers with his Purple Bamboo Rod.


 The level-nine fisher quickly blocked Han Fei’s blow, pondering how he should quickly kill this guy and claim the credit.
But as soon as his rod met Purple bamboo Rod, he felt a great force fall upon him, which bent his rod and almost shattered his insides.


 Without hesitation, Han Fei grabbed this person in one hand and threw him into the sea.


“No, help! Young Master…”

 Li Hu shouted, “Kill him.
Kill him for me.”

 Li Hu shouted at the crowd and steered the fishing boat in panic, trying to make the ship take off.

 There was certainly more than one person on this fishing boat and the other three all rushed towards Han Fei.

 “Go to hell… Explode…”


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