Chapter 747: A Fearsome Guardian Creature

Although Yu Yue and the others wanted to kill Han Fei, they had already come down, and for the sake of Yu Ji, they couldn’t attack him now.

They were already here.
Instead of fighting Han Fei, they would be better off to find a way to break the seal right away.

However, when they saw the Fateful Poison Grass, they all looked astonished.

Someone exclaimed, “This, this is not a secret realm! It turns out to be a spiritual-plant barrier.”

Yu Yue’s eyes flickered.
“A spiritual plant that can produce a barrier is a rare treasure.”

Yu Ji frowned and glanced at Han Fei.
“Yu Gan, you came first.
Why didn’t you pick it?”

Han Fei replied straightforwardly, “I dare not!”

Hearing Han Fei’s words, everyone withdrew their eager gaze.

Just now, what was in their mind was that this was a rare treasure.

However, how could a spiritual plant conceived between the heavens and earth not guarded by a spirit?

Upon hearing this, Yu Ji nodded.
“Good thing you didn’t do it.
Otherwise, your life might have been in danger.”

At this moment, a Half-Merman said, “If the seven of us join forces, no… The eight of us join forces, no matter how powerful the guardian creature is, we’ll be able to solve it.
As long as we pluck this spiritual plant, the barrier will also be removed.”

Someone agreed.
“Yes! No matter how strong the creature is, we’ll be able to beat it since there are so many of us.
Let’s do it.”

Yu Yue looked at Yu Ji.
“What do you think?”

Yu Ji nodded.
“Yes, we can take it together.
As for who will own this spiritual plant, let’s decide it when we return to the city.”

Yu Yue grinned.
“Okay! That’s what I want to know.”

After that, Yu Yue looked at Han Fei.
“Don’t hold us back, okay? Now let’s go!”

Han Fei thought to himself, I must hold you guys back! But these sea monsters are so ignorant! They couldn’t even recognize Fateful Poison Grass.

But it was understandable.
This thing wasn’t even listed in the “Encyclopedia of Spiritual Plants”, but only in “A Complete Collection of Spiritual Plants in the Infinite Ocean”.

Yu Yue and the other six had rushed towards the Fateful Poison Grass.

Han Fei was speechless.
As the saying goes, the one who knows nothing fears nothing! How do you dare to touch the Fateful Poison Grass? Are you tired of living?

Han Fei had considered plucking that plant just now, but even if he had the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect, he dared not do it.

He wasn’t sure whether the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect could protect him.
This was the Fateful Poison Grass after all!

According to Han Fei’s judgment, the answer was no.
Maybe when he just touched it, the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect would explode with too much poison!

However, the Fateful Poison Grass was going to mature, and he wouldn’t give it up.

However, no matter whether he could resist the plant’s poison, at least he hadn’t seen its guardian creature yet.
Han Fei was not in a state of invisibility, so he certainly wouldn’t rush up recklessly.

Han Fei followed behind Yu Ji, vigilant.


Just as the eight people rushed towards the Fateful Poison Grass, suddenly there was a loud bang and a Half-Mermaid, like a shell, was sent flying.
Her body was embedded into the rock.

“Watch out.”

As soon as Yu Ji shouted, half of another Half-Merman’s body suddenly disappeared.

Then, that half of the body twitched frantically, and blood spurt in all directions.
This horrible scene stunned everyone.

Han Fei was horrified too.
Fortunately, he didn’t make a move just now.
The guardian creature turned out to be invisible! That was really scary!

Yu Ji shouted, “Yu Xin… The guardian creature is invisible and extremely powerful.”

Yu Yue roared, “Attack with all your strength!”

In an instant, Yu Ji, Yu Yue, and another Half-Merman put on a golden battle suit, held a golden harpoon and were burning with white flames at the same time.

Seeing this scene, Han Fei blinked, and then a faint red light appeared in his eyes.
However, this invisible guardian creature couldn’t notice the flow of spiritual energy.
In fact, this guardian creature had no spiritual energy at all.

If he guessed right, this creature not only didn’t have spiritual energy, but also had no vitality.
It had to be some kind of immortal creature.

Only in this way could it be completely invisible just like Little Black.
Although it had already attacked its opponent, no one could even find its location.

However, in Han Fei’s eyes, a touch of a huge, intangible figure appeared in his field of vision.
That thing was completely transparent, and he could only see its general position, not its body.

Han Fei secretly took a breath.
According to his observations, this creature was unimaginably huge.
It was ridiculous that those Half-Mermen tried to beat it with the advantage in number…

In Han Fei’s eyes, information emerged:

Ghost Eel

It’s the hybrid product of the Ghost Serpent and Black Shadow Eel and has fused with the bloodline of the primitive ghost.
It likes to eat death aura and fears vitality and soul attacks.
With sharp teeth of the void, it can crush all weapons inferior to Divine Weapons.
The force of its tail can reach 6 million kilograms.



0 points


Tooth of Void

Seeing this information, Han Fei was shocked.
Isn’t this goddamn creature invincible? It has no spiritual energy and even no body.
As for fear of vitality, what kind of weakness is this?

As for soul attack, unlike Zhang Xuanyu, Han Fei hadn’t practiced soul attack techniques.

At this moment, Han Fei couldn’t help but regret it.
Before, in order to find Xia Xiaochan, he gave up learning the Soul Splitting Technique, and then he never got a chance to learn it.
This meant that he seemed to be unable to do anything to this legendary creature.

Han Fei tried touching the ghost eel, and the next second, he was suddenly thrown out like a cannonball.
And his whole body was directly embedded in the rock wall.

“Yu Gan!”

Yu Ji was shocked.
“Can you vaguely see where this guardian creature is through the vibration of the water?”

In the rock, Han Fei quietly sneered. Yes, but so what? Its body is as long as a hundred meters.
Only a fool would want to fight it head-on.

The Half-Mermaid who was also embedded in the rock wall had struggled out.
With a roar, she fused with her Associated Companion, and a bunch of tentacles appeared on her body.

Yu Ji seemed to have found the location of the ghost eel.
She injected billowing spiritual energy into her harpoon and flung it out.
Behind her, a golden glowing water-shaped phantom erupted.

Yu Ji located this invisible fish through the vibration of water, which was quite effective!

At this moment, Yu Ji shouted, “Launch a soul attack.
Ordinary attacks have no effect on this guardian creature.”

A strange light flickered between a Half-Merman’s eyebrows and shot out, attacking the ghost eel’s soul.


The guardian creature let out a howl that seemed to come from hell and swallowed the Half-Merman whole almost at the same time as the strange light appeared between the Half-Merman’s eyebrows.


The Half-Merman was crushed directly.
This scene sent a chill down Han Fei’s spine.

There were already two others who had been killed by this thing.

At this time, the air vibrated, and the Half-Merman who was bitten only half left appeared again, his face full of horror.

He roared, “This guardian creature is too horrible! We can only kill it with soul attacks.”

Everyone was speechless.
We don’t need you to tell us this, OK? Yu Li had just launched a soul attack but ended up being eaten like a jelly bean.

A Half-Merman summoned his Associated Companion, let out strange sound waves, and charged at the ghost eel.



He was whipped away by the guardian creature’s tail and rolled over 500 meters on the ground.
As soon as he stood up, his Amulet suddenly appeared, and then it burst to pieces and he was only half left.

This scene horrified everyone.
How is it possible to beat this monster? Are soul attacks invalid to it? This goddamn monster ate a Half-Merman in one mouthful!

Yu Yue panicked.
“Goddamn it, this guardian creature is over level-50.
Everyone, let’s activate all our secret methods, and at the same time, launch soul attacks on it… Huh? Where are you?”

Han Fei felt it was improper for him to keep staying in the rock wall, so he suddenly roared and flung his harpoon into the air.

Yu Ji cried, “Idiot, go back.”


Han Fei was embedded in the rock wall again, and blood spurted out of his mouth.
However, he didn’t care and even licked the blood on his lips with satisfaction.

Yeah! I should show them I’m working hard.
I was hit twice in a row, although I didn’t have an Immortal Seal.
I’ve already fought with all my strength.
Everyone saw it… Now let me lie down for a while.

The two dying Half-Mermen reappeared with the help of their Immortal Seals.
At this moment, weird white lights flickered between the eyebrows of the seven Half-Mermaids, which turned into soul attacks, and blasted towards the Ghost Eel.

“Roar… Roar…”

The rock wall was shattering, and the white underground crystals were broken all over the ground.

Sure enough, although the ghost eel was powerful, it still couldn’t withstand the soul attack of seven Half-Mermen.
It was badly wounded by the attack.

However, in Han Fei’s eyes, the Ghost Eel had already pounced on a guy who had just used the Immortal Seal.

The man was panting, intending to fight back again.
However, all of a sudden, the spiritual energy in his body suddenly stagnated.

He gaped in shock.
Did someone impose a seal on his spiritual energy?

Who did this?! Before he figured it out, however, the Ghost Eel bit him into two pieces again.

Immediately afterwards, a breath of horror came.
This person also had a Dying Strike! However, it was no match for the horrible deadly breath.

So, this Dying Strike only existed for a second before it disappeared.

Yu Ji shouted, “Yu Li, dodge it fast.”

Yu Li was one of the Half-Mermaids who had used the Immortal Seal just now.
Yu Ji felt that this Ghost Eel must have a high degree of wisdom.

In fact, Yu Ji got it right.

This Ghost Eel did choose to fight the three of them.
However, its goal was not Yu Li, but another guy.


Han Fei’s sealing technique was activated again.

How could that Half-Mermaid expect this! He was about to attack when the spiritual energy and demonic energy in his body suddenly stopped flowing, and he was bitten to death immediately.

Immediately afterwards, the horrified Yu Li fled in haste because he couldn’t find the location of the Ghost Eel.

Yu Yue yelled, “Stop running.
Everyone, let’s launch another soul shock.”

Just as Yu Yue was yelling, Yu Li’s body stiffened, and he was bitten in two again.

In a blink of an eye, three of the seven powerful Half-Mermen had died, which made Han Fei very happy.

Han Fei secretly said, Good job, big guy! Now solve that troublemaker, Yu Yue.
I can help you!

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