Chapter 744: Someone Was Here

Han Fei didn’t know what the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps were yet, but if Yu Ji, as a Heavenly Talent, was scared of them, they couldn’t be simple creatures.

Yu Ji and the others had already started running at full speed like missiles in the water.

Han Fei was not an exception.
He was even faster than the Red Demons.


Yu Ji and the others were slightly surprised.
They thought that Han Fei wouldn’t be able to keep up.

The Red Demons looked at each other and ran even faster, unwilling to be left behind by the goddamned Yu Gan.
They were already in a dangerous position, and they would be sacrificed if they didn’t try!

Yu Ji was deep in thought.
She found Yu Gan to be quite a fast runner and wondered if he had been awakened from a creature that was best at speed.

The aggressiveness of the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps was beyond Han Fei’s estimation.

Almost all the other creatures in the way of the shrimps were fleeing for life.

The shells at the bottom of the sea all closed their shells.

Some turtles attracted stones with secret techniques to form protective barriers that surrounded them, before they fell to the bottom of the sea.

Han Fei was lost for words, wondering if those creatures sucked blood everywhere they went like the Marching Sea Leeches.
However, the Marching Sea Leeches wouldn’t be a problem for Hanging Fishers.
They couldn’t even break their Amulets.
What was to be afraid of?

Yu Ji, who was in the lead, shouted, “We’ll run for an hour.
If the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps stop, it will be great, but if they don’t, we’ll rise to the sky.”

Hearing that, the Half-Merman named Yu Yue said, “What? You’re going to abandon the Azure Sea Blue Demon you just picked up?”

Yu Ji shot back, “I’ll take him with us.
You can carry your own Red Demons that you brought here.”

The others were lost for words.
The sea demons weren’t good at flying in the first place.
If they carried someone with them, they would only die faster.

Unfortunately, no more than five minutes later, countless Mad Blood Worms emerged from all places and surrounded everybody like the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps.

Instantly, Yu Ji and the other people were lost for words.

Someone cursed, “Why are the Mad Blood Worms with the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps? Shouldn’t they be attacking each other?”

Everybody had to change their direction.

But only five minutes later, they found that countless Dead Leaf Starfish were drifting close from far away…

As a result, they couldn’t think of another way to escape except to fly to the sky.

Yu Ji roared at Han Fei, “Come here!”

Han Fei rushed to her without hesitation.
In fact, this was not a problem to him.
If necessary, he could always attach Little Gold to himself and fly to the sky.

But those sea demons couldn’t.

Holding Han Fei in one hand, Yu Ji threw herself up like a cannonball almost at the speed of sound in water.


Water exploded on the surface of the sea, and Yu Ji soared to the sky with a board underneath her feet.

When they broke out of the water, Han Fei had uncanny stress reactions on his skin as if someone was observing him.

“Not good, I’ve been detected.”

Han Fei was so shocked that he did not dare to release his senses.

Other people weren’t keen enough to sense that, but he could!

He was quite scared by the weird detection, which somehow reminded him of Chun Huangdian.

Immediately, Han Fei realized what was going on.

Earlier, Chun Huangdian had said that he would surely die.

What Chun Huangdian didn’t say, but implied clearly enough, was that he was a threat to Xia Xiaochan’s safety as a witness to the appearance of the Heavenly Cicada.

Han Fei didn’t understand how Chun Huangdian came so fast.
There was no time for him and Xia Xiaochan to escape at all after the Heavenly Cicada appeared.

Han Fei had thought that someone else might come after him.

He even wondered that they had already searched the area while he was still dead.

But that didn’t seem to be the case.
Other people were indeed searching for him, but they were merely slower than he thought.

Han Fei realized the situation.
Now that the sea demons including himself had been detected by the guy who was far away on the mountain, they would only get themselves killed if they went there.

Han Fei instantly pulled Yu Ji.
“Let’s hide in shells underwater.”

Yu Ji replied, “We can’t, not with the Mad Blood Worms coming after us.”

Han Fei’s face darkened. Son of a b*tch!

He thought that he could escape with Yu Ji and other people’s help! But it seemed to be a trap for him.

There was no telling who invented the flying boards, but they were fully controlled by spiritual energy or demonic Qi and couldn’t fly fast.

Han Fei looked back, only to see a boundless red sea that had been covered by the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps.

The other Half-Mermaids were even unwilling to carry the Red Demons.
Only two were carrying Red Demons, and the other five Red Demons were all rushing in the water.

But the Mad Blood Worms soon crashed into them.
The maddened Red Demons were enshrouded by the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps.
In Han Fei’s senses, he detected that countless red shrimps that were only millimeters long enshrouded the Red Demons.

The protective covers of spiritual energy fell apart in ten seconds under the attack of the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps.

The Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps that were only several millimeters long crawled into the Red Demons crazily.

In the blink of an eye, all the five Red Demons were drained.

Han Fei felt that his blood was freezing.
Those creatures were too horrible! Although they were weak as individuals, there were simply too many of them to kill.

Not just Han Fei, all the Half-Mermen that were flying in the sky were shocked too.
They hadn’t surpassed level-50 yet and couldn’t fly.
Wouldn’t they die if they ran out of energy and fell?

Instantly, Han Fei saw that the two Half-Mermen who carried Red Demons simply threw the Red Demons away.

Han Fei was quite shocked to see that.
As he expected, there was no bond among the sea demons at all.

All the seven Red Demons had been annihilated in an instant.

Han Fei was already prepared to take action.
If Yu Ji dared to abandon him, he would definitely stab her before he fell.

However, out of Han Fei’s expectation, Yu Ji didn’t abandon Han Fei.

Yu Ji even said, “Don’t worry.
I’m the one who took you here, and I’m going to take you away alive.”

Han Fei rolled his eyes. You’re going to take me away? It remains to be seen whether or not you can survive this.

A moment later, everybody’s eyes were occupied by all sorts of gregarious sea creatures, predominantly Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps and Mad Blood Worms, which finally collided.

A lot of Mad Blood Worms were drained, and the Bloodthirsty Sesame Shrimps were all maddened, raging in every corner at the bottom of the sea.

Someone said telepathically, Yu Ji, abandon the Azure Sea Blue Demon, or you will die too.

Someone shouted, “Yu Ji, we have Amulets.
If we rush back at the cost of our Amulets and Immortal Seals, we might survive.”

Yu Ji roared back, “I’m the one who took him here, and I’ll take him away alive.”

Han Fei didn’t say anything.
He thought that he might have been won over by Yu Ji with her charisma if he were really an Inferior Man-Fish… She was almost as honorable as a decent human being.

Unfortunately for her, Han Fei wasn’t a sea demon.

Whether Yu Ji was intentional or unintentional, it was impossible for Han Fei to surrender.
He merely felt that Yu Ji wasn’t bad for a Half-Mermaid.

A few minutes later later, all the sea demons including Yu Ji began to swallow spiritual fruits, which could empower them for another half day.

Someone was frightened.
“Something is wrong.
Why are those creatures all on a rampage? Also, how are they active for so long?”

When their spiritual energy was running dry again, they saw hope, as the sea water was becoming pure again.

Yu Ji took a deep breath.
“Let’s retreat!”

Everybody could easily tell that something huge must’ve happened up ahead, or those assorted gregarious creatures wouldn’t have run in the same direction.

However, Han Fei vaguely sensed that someone had just scanned him again.


Including Han Fei, all the eight of them were pressed by gravity to the surface of the sea.

At this moment, the surface of the sea seemed frozen, and none of them fell into the water.

Han Fei could only cry to himself, they’re here, they’re here!

He subconsciously looked at the Demon Purification Pot and was glad to see that it was still there.

He had sufficient spiritual energy this time.
He should be able to keep himself alive with the Sky Dissecting Finger if anything happened.

Yu Ji and the Half-Mermen were stunned, wondering why they had fallen.

In the next moment, a projection appeared out of nowhere.
He was an intimidating middle-aged man wearing a red long robe.
After merely a glance from him, everybody including Yu Ji fell on their knees, shaking.

Naturally, Han Fei behaved just like the rest of them…

Another projection! The man could suppress everybody with a projection and a thought.

Yu Ji and all the others were trembling.
Two of the stupid Half-Mermen were talking telepathically.

One of them said, It’s a human being.
Human beings are really behind this.

The other replied, I already saw this coming.
It’s hilarious that the capital said that human beings had nothing to do with this.

Han Fei, on the other hand, continued to be silent.

His body was also cramping.
He didn’t think that such a strong person would attack a few Half-Mermen or an Inferior Man-Fish.

The human expert asked casually, “Tell me, have you run into any human beings these days? He’s probably as weak as you.”

Yu Ji struggled to reply, “My lord, we haven’t seen any human beings in this place; we’re searching for a mountain that has disappeared.”

Yu Yue, however, replied, “My lord, we didn’t meet any human beings.
We’ve only recruited a new Azure Sea Blue Demon.”

Han Fei almost wanted to cut the idiot apart.
Why was he still stirring trouble at such a life-and-death moment?

The middle-aged man scanned Han Fei back and forth, and Han Fei vomited blood.

The middle-aged man shook his head and looked at Han Fei for the last time in disdain, as if Han Fei wasn’t qualified to be interrogated by him at all.

His projection disappeared, but his pressure remained.
The Half-Mermen dare not even look up at him.

Han Fei, on the other hand, quietly came to Yu Yue with a harpoon.

Cold light glittered on the harpoon, and he stabbed through Yu Yue instantly.
The enormous force pressed him dozens of meters deep into the sea.

The Half-Mermen didn’t realize what happened until Han Fei launched the attack.
At this moment, Han Fei had slipped back to Yu Ji and continued pointing his harpoon at Yu Yue.

It was impossible for him to kill Yu Yue, who likely had Immortal Seals, but it shouldn’t be a problem to stab him with a harpoon.

Of course, when Han Fei retreated, Yu Yue also whipped him with his tail and slapped him away.

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