Chapter 736: I Want To Fight You

Han Fei’s heart became cold when he heard that.
He felt that he would be killed for sure.

However, he also confirmed that Xia Xiaochan would be fine.

So, the key was to save himself at this moment.
He kept calling the Demon Purification Pot in his heart.

Calabash, there’s still time for me to get in.
Let me enter Forge the Universe!”

Calabash, I really can’t defeat this one!”

Calabash, give me some reaction! What’s in it for you if I die?”

The Demon Purification Pot was silent for a long time, and Han Fei had a strong headache.

Countless thoughts rolled in his head.
Why did the Demon Purification Pot not come out? Was it scared of being discovered?

Or rather, was Forge the Universe not really indestructible in front of real experts, but could be conquered too?

In any case, there must be a reason why the Demon Purification Pot didn’t appear.

If it was impossible to count on the Demon Purification Pot, what could Han Fei count on? Snowmourne?

Han Fei knew that it was impossible after giving it some thought.
Snowmourne was powerful but not invincible.
He didn’t think he could hurt this man even if he were to inject all his spiritual energy into it.

Nevertheless, Snowmourne could be his last resort.
If he got killed, the Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure would be useless to him, so he might as well try it before he died…

What Han Fei regretted most was his lack of spiritual energy.
He thought he could try his luck if he had the Sky Dissecting Finger.

But of course, since the Demon Purification Pot was gone and the Sky Dissecting Finger was kept in Forge the Universe, it was impossible for him to use the Sky Dissecting Finger.

Han Fei clenched his fists and suddenly remembered the ring on his finger.

“Senior Time, can you help me?”

“Senior Time, I’m a very promising man.
I will treat the young Dragon of Time well.”

“Senior Time…”

Unfortunately, the ring showed no reaction and completely ignored Han Fei.

Han Fei heaved a sigh.
He couldn’t possibly count on the Hexagon Starfish, which was already pretending to be dead.

But what was the point of pretending to be dead at this moment? To fool itself?

Han Fei heaved a sigh.
Hexagon Starfish, you’ll follow Xia Xiaochan in the future.
Go over there.”

Xia Xiaochan was still struggling and weeping.
She felt that Han Fei had already given up when he set the starfish free.

Han Fei looked at the man and said, “I don’t know who you are, but the Hexagon Starfish is a mysterious creature and boasts countless inherited arrays.
It’s extremely rare.
Can it go with Xia Xiaochan?”

The young man looked at Han Fei with a smile.
“You’re finally giving up? Okay.
The Hexagon Starfish is truly extraordinary and rare.
It can come with the little princess.”

Han Fei helplessly took out the essence of the Hexagon Starfish and gave it to him.
“I was going to contract you for a few more years, but forget it.
Here’s your life essence.
Off you go!”

The Hexagon Starfish quickly rolled its eyes.
“Han Fei…”

Han Fei shouted angrily, “Go over there, or I might regret my decision and let you die with me!”

Han Fei simply pulled off the Hexagon Starfish and put it on Xia Xiaochan.

The young man quite appreciated that.
“In fact, you would be quite a nice guy if we were somewhere else.
I shouldn’t kill you, but you have to die.
You’ve witnessed the appearance of the Heavenly Cicada.
If you don’t die, the little princess will be in grave danger, and someone will come to find you sooner or later.”

Han Fei asked, “What about the Immortal Seal?”

The young man shook his head.
“It’s a petty trick that’s not worth mentioning.”

Then, he slightly nodded at Han Fei.
“I sincerely thank you for taking care of the little princess.
So, you can tell me your last wish.”

Han Fei asked coldly, “I can ask you for anything?”

The young man shook his head.
“Don’t press too far.
I won’t get involved in the war between human beings and demons.”

Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan and suddenly said, “Do you remember our last day in the level-three fishery? We were hunted in the Tornado Sea and you had an attack… Whatever you see later, just remember that it will be just like last time, but you might not be there to see it.”

Xia Xiaochan’s eyes bulged.
She didn’t know whether or not she should trust him.

At that time, she thought that Han Fei was killed, but it was actually merely his clone.
Han Fei said that it was a low-quality Divine Weapon.

But could it be the same this time?

Han Fei said again, “Trust me.”

Then, without looking at Xia Xiaochan anymore, Han Fei stared at the young man.
“I don’t have any last wish, but I feel frustrated and want a fight.”

After that, Han Fei pointed his Blood-Drinking Knife at the young man.
“I want to fight you.
Of course, you have to suppress your level in the battle.”

The young man was briefly stunned.


He laughed crazily as if he were crazy.
I didn’t expect to meet someone as interesting as you in this desolate part of the world.
You want to fight me before you die? You’re really interesting… I accept.”

The young man stepped forward, and his aura was lowered to that of an intermediate Hanging Fisher, exactly Han Fei’s level.

He put on a smile and said creepily, “Bring it on.”

Han Fei said, “Wait a minute.”

“What’s wrong? I just felt that you’re interesting.
Don’t disappoint me!”

Han Fei’s face was cold.
“Tell me your name.”

The young man thought carefully for a moment.
“You don’t deserve to die although you have to.
You’re qualified to know my name.
Remember that you’re killed by Chun Huangdian.
That’s an honor.”

“Chun Huangdian?”

Han Fei secretly laughed.
What kind of name was that? It sounded like a technique.

But Han Fei remembered the name deeply.


“Majestic Mystic Spell.”

Little Fatty was attached to him in the next second.


The seawater spread out.
Han Fei wasn’t scared anymore because he would surely die.
There was nothing but craziness in his eyes.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

“Ten Thousand Knives in One.”

Two hundred Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers were boosted to their highest speed at this moment.
They gathered into a tide that rolled at Chun Huangdian.

Unfortunately, Chun Huangdian moved his hands hundreds of times with an uncanny body-moving technique.

Every time he pointed his finger, one of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers would be broken.

While attacking casually, Chun Huangdian said, “You can’t possibly hurt me with such a technique unless you really have ten thousand ultra-quality spiritual weapons with sealed souls.
You’re just limited by your eyesight.
This technique is just ordinary.
It’s far away from that of a Heavenly Talent.
What else have you got?”

Han Fei calmed down and concentrated all his spiritual energy in one attack.

“The Draw Technique!”

Han Fei already went mad after performing the attack.
The Blood-Drinking Knife was crumbled, and a terrifying aura five meters long landed before the young man.

Chun Huangdian quickly stepped back with approval in his eyes.
At the same time, the most dazzling light burst out of his fingers.

He clutched Han Fei’s knife light with those fingers.
The aura of the knife was split into halves at the young man’s fingertips, crushing all the stones nearby.

Chun Huangdian remarked casually, “That attack wasn’t bad.
It contains a bit of the invincible fighting intent.
Unfortunately, it’s not the real Art of Invincibility.
Considering that attack, you’re not bad among the younger generation.”

Han Fei roared, and his fists flashed golden light.
Pictures rolled in his head, and he punched out the golden fists.
Each punch seemed to be an exile of himself and a stubborn declaration.

Chun Huangdian smiled.
“Tsk, tsk.
You do know the Art of Invincibility! Unfortunately… You’ve only grasped the surface of it.
However, you still deserve to be called a talent for that.”

Han Fei’s Art of Invincibility got more and more powerful.
He was moving with the 64-Dimensional Fish Dragon Dance as well as a lot of other body-moving techniques, which made him as agile as a ghost.

The golden fists punched Chun Huangdian from all directions, but Chun Huangdian was moving even more agilely, as if he were in hundreds of places at the same time.
Every punch was blocked by Chun Huangdian.

“Not bad.
It seems that you’ve made progress in the Art of Invincibility at this dying moment… You can more or less be called a Heavenly Talent.
Is this your best?”


Han Fei’s eyes became bloodshot, and his fist aura turned from gold into crimson.
The Sacrificing Punch was launched with an intimidating vibe and determination.

The young man slightly changed his expression after seeing the punch.
He was covered in a holy aura with a secret technique.

After all, he wasn’t really invincible after he lowered himself to the level of an intermediate Hanging Fisher.
He had to be careful in front of the Sacrificing Punch.

Han Fei’s Sacrificing Punch could automatically lock onto his target and it was very powerful.
Chun Huangdian had realized that the moment it was launched.

No matter how talented he used to be, he was not really invulnerable, so Chun Huangdian finally became careful when faced with the Sacrificing Punch.

“One finger to break the sea!”

Chun Huangdian’s fingertip glowed, and the light darted out like the sharpest blade in the world and pierced through the aura of the Sacrificing Punch.

“Coiled Dragon!”

In front of Chun Huangdian, the illusion of an azure dragon hovered and took the remaining power of the Sacrificing Punch.
He was pushed two hundred meters back.

Unfortunately, the Sacrificing Punch failed to penetrate the illusionary dragon.
It only made Chun Huangdian look more uncomfortable than before.

Han Fei, on the other hand, managed to create a Coiled Turtle Array in time, but it was instantly broken without being able to resist the light for a few milliseconds.


His protective jade appeared, but it was instantly broken too.

Han Fei, however, simply ignored the attack.
He burnt his blood and essence, and his fists glowed again.


His arm was pierced through.


A hole appeared on Han Fei’s chest.
Then, Han Fei completely exploded.
His flesh and bones splashed across the lake of Spirit Awakening Fluid in the cave.

Little Fatty failed to resist the attack either.
It collapsed along with Han Fei.

But before that, Han Fei had used the Immortal Seal.

Xia Xiaochan wept sadly as she observed the battle.

The Hexagon Starfish shivered hard as he watched all that.
It was terrifying! This enemy was so formidable that Han Fei couldn’t hurt him at all after using all his ultimate tricks!

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