Chapter 72: Desire to Kill

Han Fei blinked, jumped back quickly to block a fin blade darting at him with his rod, and then caught the Blade Fish to throw it at Li Lang.

Li Lang easily smashed the Blade Fish, but the moment he smashed it, his palm was pierced.
He turned his head to look, only to find that it was not a Blade Fish but a palm-sized knife.

It was one of the small flying knives Han Fei made with a Blade Fish’s fins.
When he was first engaged in refining, he laughed at himself for making rubbish, but now it seemed that he could use them as hidden weapons.

Li Lang was shocked.
This bastard had so many means! He hadn’t even figured out what this guy released to bite him yet and was injured by his flying knife again.

Before Li Lang came back from the shock, he saw Han Fei reach out, grab something from the air, and throw it over.
He thought it was another knife.
But the next second he found that there was nothing at all.


It turned out to be another spiritual energy explosion attack.
Li Lang hurriedly held his stick to block it, shocked and angry.
Is this guy’s spiritual energy endless? Even if he could gain spiritual energy by drinking Spirit Swallowing Fish soup, there was no damn soup here for him to drink! Where did he get so much spiritual energy?


Hundreds of fish were sent flying through the air by the explosion, and a Tentacle Lobster that had just climbed halfway onto the boat was shaken off, knocked into the water.

Han Fei felt that his body was pierced again.
This time it was his right hand.
He quickly backed away and looked at his right hand where a long cut appeared.

“Little Black, bite him.”

Han Fei gritted his teeth.
He shattered Li Lang’s spiritual energy once again.
I don’t believe you can keep refilling your body with spiritual energy.

Sure enough, the next second, Li Lang was bitten in the back of his neck, and another piece of flesh was bitten off.

Li Lang was going crazy.
What the heck is it? Once the spiritual energy in his body disappeared, he would be bitten.
Enough is enough!

Li Lang was forced to refill his body with spiritual energy again.
He knew that if he couldn’t kill Han Fei this time, he would be doomed.

At this moment.

On the white fishing boat on the sea, two people, whose bodies were shimmering with spiritual energy, were fighting fiercely and clangs were heard from time to time.

Han Fei retreated one step after another, not because his strength was inferior to Li Lang but that Li Lang seemed to be able to emit sword qi that left many cuts on his body.


Being thrown backward, Han Fei hit the rail guard and vomited blood.

“Very good, do you think only you know how to fuse with your spiritual beast?”

Han Fei was irritated.
He knew that the Tigers wanted to kill him and there was a fishing master in the Tigers, but he didn’t expect the Tigers to send a fishing master to ambush him on the sea at night.
Even though the sea at night was considered a horrible place and fishing masters were reluctant to come, he had come.
And this person was quite strong.
If Han Fei guessed right, he may be a junior fishing master before fusing with his Sword Fish, but after the fusion, he probably became an intermediate fishing master.

“Little White, Little Black, fuse with me!”

It was not difficult for Han Fei to kill his opponent by draining his spiritual energy with spiritual energy explosion attacks, but Li Lang was too close to him and he couldn’t resist his sword qi that easily and seriously wounded him.

So although Han Fei had not yet tried to fuse with his spiritual beasts, he had to do it now.
Even if Little Black and Little White were still at a low level and couldn’t boost his strength much, at least they would improve his strength somewhat.

The next moment.

Han Fei saw the black and white fish appear in front of him, circling around him, and then they entered his body like a Tai-Chi pattern.


As soon as Han Fei finished the fusion, Li Lang couldn’t help but take a step back.
What did he see? At the moment, one of Han Fei’s eyes had turned pure white against the dark sky, which meant that Han Fei had one black and one white eye.

Li Lang had never seen such a creepy scene and was a little scared.
Isn’t this guy’s spiritual beast just a Spirit Swallowing Fish? Who the f*ck said that to me? I’m gonna kill him!

Han Fei felt that he had become a lot stronger and probably had the power of a level-nine fisher, which might be nothing to a fishing master.
But at the moment, Han Fei became extremely calm and there was a bloodthirsty desire in his heart.
The sight of Li Lang aroused an urge from his heart to bite him…

In addition to that, the world in his eyes had changed and Li Lang’s movement suddenly slowed down!

Li Lang knew that there would be no chance for him to kill Han Fei if he didn’t kill him right now.
Without any hesitation, he covered his Iron Rod with the last bit of spiritual energy he had.

He didn’t think Han Fei could defend himself against the spiritual energy explosion attack of a fishing master.

But this time, to his surprise, Han Fei just stood still.
When his Iron Rod was about to hit him, he suddenly twisted his body in a strange angle and dodged his attack.


Li Lang only felt a sharp pain in his chest, and then the strength of his whole body seemed to be fading.
The fusion effect gradually dissipated and his strength was gone.

Li Lang looked down, only to see a knife in his chest.

Han Fei had no expression on his face and looked calm.
He looked at Li Lang who was kneeling on the ground and gasping for breath, suddenly opened his mouth and bit at Li Lang’s neck.

One bite after another…


Li Lang died miserably, and his widened eyes were filled with terror.

However, Han Fei didn’t terminate the fusion.
Instead, he carried Purple Bamboo Rod and started to hit the fishes who wanted to jump on board.
The Tentacle Lobster that was shaken off started to climb back on the boat, but a rod hit down, smashing its head.

Fifteen minutes later, the ship had been covered with dead fishes and a struggling look gradually appeared on Han Fei’s face.

“Ter… minate… the fusion…”


Han Fei sat down on the deck, breathing heavily, and two small fishes in front of him, black and white, were happily revolving around him in the air.

Han Fei threw up violently to the ground.
He knew exactly what he had just done.
He knew he had just bitten Li Lang to death.
But at the moment he killed Li Lang, he felt extremely excited.
Both his body and his spirit were in a state of extreme excitement.
He wanted more killing and wanted to appreciate the pleasure.

“That’s horrible.
What the hell are you, Little Black?”

Han Fei knew that this was Little Black’s masterpiece.
This guy didn’t like to absorb spiritual energy from the beginning.
Whenever he saw a fish, he would rush up to bite it.
He was only at level 1 but had already nibbled a Sword Fish to death.
When he fused with him just now, he felt his desire to kill was skyrocketing.

Han Fei decided, unless his life was in danger, he would never fuse with them again.
Just now, he felt like he was crazy, yes, like a madman who was crazy and extremely high.
Although he knew that his state was not right, he was reluctant to terminate the fusion.

After gasping for quite a while, Han Fei kicked Li Lang, who was already dead, rummaged through his person, and found nothing but a rod.
He looked at it and thought, Umm, not bad.
It was not destroyed when hit by my Purple Bamboo Rod, so it should be a weapon of the same level as Purple Bamboo Rod.

Tossing Li Lang’s body into the sea, Han Fei thoroughly cleaned up the boat.
After he absorbed all the spiritual energy, his spiritual energy had exceeded 22,000 points.

After a little hesitation, Han Fei chose to break through immediately.
Otherwise, if another master about the same level as Li Lang came, he might not be able to defend himself.
And if two came, he would definitely die.

“Little Black, Little White, guard my side.”

Watching the two little fishes circling happily around him, Han Fei gave a wry smile.
Little guys, do you know you almost drove your owner into madness?

“Make the breakthrough!”

Spiritual energy was surging around Han Fei and his momentum was constantly rising.


In a split second, Han Fei accomplished the breakthrough.
Of course, he was still far from the peak of level nine, so spiritual energy was still surging.

After more than an hour, Han Fei opened his eyes.


I was too weak before the breakthrough, but now my strength has increased by thousands of kilograms.

Han Fei got up and found that the wounds on his body had begun to scab.
Although it was not as fast as his previous recovery speed, it was still fast.
He wondered whether it was because of the breakthrough or other reasons.

He looked at his data again.

: Han Fei

: Nine (Advanced Fisher)

: 1023 (399)

: Level-Three, Low Quality (Upgradable)

: Twin Yin-Yang Spirit Swallowing Fishes

: Purple Bamboo Rod

: Void Fishing, Chapter 1: Hook Kiss (Mortal Level, Divine Quality)



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