Chapter 727: True Spirit Demonic Scripture

Xia Xiaochan didn’t know if Han Fei was really so carefree, but she was greatly relieved to see that Han Fei treated her the same even though she had turned into a fish.

In fact, she didn’t care how people looked at her except Han Fei, Luo Xiaobai and her other friends.

Han Fei, in particular, was her boyfriend! They were even closer.

After joking around for a while, Han Fei finally got what he wanted.
He touched her tail from the top to the bottom although she was blushing.

Han Fei also remarked in amazement, “It’s rather remarkable that your tail isn’t hard at all.
It’s as soft as cotton.”

Then, Xia Xiaochan nibbled on Han Fei.

A long time later, Xia Xiaochan asked, “Why can you endure such violent demonic Qi?”

Han Fei smiled.
“The body tempering technique that I practice is miraculous and makes me invulnerable to that.
I’ll be fine as long as I don’t absorb too much of it.”

Xia Xiaochan asked, “Really?”

Han Fei put on a weird smile.
“What if I’m a fish too?”

Xia Xiaochan rolled her eyes.
“Then we’ll be two fish.
Instead of going back to the Scattered Stars Island, let’s just swim in the sea!”

After they talked for a while, all the misunderstandings were cleared and they became intimate again.
Han Fei was finally relieved.

According to Xia Xiaochan, the demonic Qi inside the mountain was so chaotic that even the sea demons couldn’t endure it.

However, the sea demons could cultivate the dispersing demonic Qi.
Some of the talented sea demons could even reach very high levels.

Xia Xiaochan proposed a speculation.

She said that the Sea Demon Mountains couldn’t be unique in the sea beyond the Scattered Stars Island.

She suspected that the source of the violent demonic Qi here was an extremely powerful sea demon who had perished here.

So, the remaining demonic Qi of the sea demon lingered and gathered.

As a result, the place became one of the sea demons’ camps.

Now that he had found Xia Xiaochan, Han Fei was not in a hurry to go out anymore.

Xia Xiaochan had to transform demonic Qi here, and Han Fei needed to infer the Fish Transformation Technique.

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan had already run back to the ocean of demonic Qi.

Han Fei, however, didn’t infer the Fish Transformation Technique immediately.
He decided to fuse the Fish Transformation Technique and the Demonization Scroll first.


Demon Transformation Technique (Demo- Level, High-Quality)

Introduction: This is a half-compete training method that can turn a human being into a demon with a 90% success rate.
It once initiated the age of demonic cultivation.
It contains ways to cultivate demonic Qi.

Deduction Cost: 0/50,000,000

Result of Deduction: Unknown

Note: This technique is preliminary and flawed.
Learn it cautiously.

“Son of a b*tch.”

Han Fei suddenly cursed, which scared the Hexagon Starfish.

The Hexagon Starfish dare not say anything but merely crawled to the wall from Han Fei’s shoulder, fearing that Han Fei would vent his fury on it.

Han Fei was lost for words.
Although there was an additional vine in the Demon Purification Pot, and the Fish Transformation Technique could be inferred again, he remembered that the deduction of the Fish Transformation Technique required thirty million points of spiritual energy.

At this moment, although the fusion only cost three million, the deduction cost had become fifty million!

That was outrageous! He had just saved 82 million, yet the deduction of a random demon-level high-quality technique required 50 million… He was going bankrupt again.

He couldn’t have regretted his extravagance more.
Back then, he never thought that he would be short of spiritual energy someday.

But at this moment, he had 82 million points of spiritual energy, yet he was still poor.

Han Fei was so angry that he put eight spiritual fruits into his mouth in a row.
The Hexagon Starfish was drooling just looking at him.

The Hexagon Starfish envied Han Fei, who could have so many spiritual fruits just to quench his fury.
It wanted them too!

Half a million points of spiritual energy didn’t matter much to Han Fei at this moment.

The deduction of Void Fishing naturally had to be delayed.
He was afraid that the Demon Transformation Technique would require more deductions after the first attempt.
If the cost was a hundred million, how many spiritual fruits must he have to complete the deduction?

However, with everything coming to this point, Han Fei couldn’t just abandon it.

Nevertheless, before the deduction, Han Fei had to study the Fish Transformation Technique first.

He had studied the technique for a long time every time he deduced it since the mortal level.
This time was no exception.

Only after learning more history between human beings and sea demons could he better understand the training results of the Demon Transformation Technique.

As Han Fei browsed through the technique, he learned that the Demon Transformation Technique wasn’t created by human beings.

Or rather, the Demon Transformation Technique was recreated by those who succeeded in grasping the Fish Transformation Technique.

After the great purge, few human beings ever practiced the Fish Transformation Technique.

However, the earliest people who practiced the Fish Transformation Technique survived the sea.

One of them even became stronger and stronger and eventually created the Demon Transformation Technique.

He was also the one who initiated the age of demonic cultivation, known as the Sea King.

Han Fei couldn’t help but remember the Sea King’s Secret Technique that he looted earlier.
He wondered if the Sea King created that too.

On second thought, weren’t the Sea King and the Fishing God hostile?

One of them initiated the age of demonic cultivation and was a herald of the sea demons.

The other held a fishing pole.
Was it possible that he was the man who started the grand era where everybody fished?

Of course, that was a very long time ago.
According to the Demon Transformation Technique, the war between human beings and sea demons had begun since the age of demonic cultivation.

The war had been on for countless years, and it was still ongoing.

Han Fei wasn’t sure when the Age of Doom happened, which he overheard from the Snow God’s Temple.

After all, the Snow God’s Temple was abandoned because the continent sank and the sea demons invaded in the Age of Doom.

In the Demon Transformation Technique, there were no records as to how the technique was created.
There were no examples either.
All it listed was events of battle.

So, Han Fei simply skimmed through the technique.

Some awesome celebrities appeared in the book, but did it have anything to do with him?

Apart from the historic stuff, it was the training method, which focused on how a regular demon could expand its Demon Heritage.

“Wait a moment, you can expand Demonic Heritage? It can be expanded? Shouldn’t it always be what it’s born to be?”

Han Fei discovered a shocking secret.

“Hiss! The Demonic Heritage of the sea demons is not congenital but can be developed and expanded?”

If that was true, it would be horrifying.

That point alone would attract countless human beings to turn into sea demons.

After all, the Demon Heritage could be developed!

How many ordinary people could resist such temptation.

It must be noted that most people in this world were fishers, or ordinary people.

Very few of them could cultivate to higher ranks.

Why? Because their Spiritual Heritage was too low!

Han Fei read on, and the book expounded on the utilization of demonic Qi.

The first sentence in the volume was that the demonic Qi was a type of natural energy more advanced than spiritual energy.

Its explanation was that spiritual energy was pure natural spiritual energy, whereas the demonic Qi was a brand-new energy that might be from dead experts or anomalies on mysterious terrain.

Such energy was more violent.
It could break the boundary of spiritual energy cultivation and create a new training system.

After going through the book, Han Fei felt that he was almost brainwashed by the weird theory.

Had the experts already started analyzing the nature of this world?

However, there were still many parts that weren’t explained in the Demon Transformation Technique.

For example, how did a regular creature become a sea demon?

Or, did demonic cultivation demand a place where demonic Qi was concentrated? What if such places couldn’t be found?

Or, were there any sequela? Could sea demons transform or change their techniques?

Looking at Xia Xiaochan who was still gaining the demonic Qi, Han Fei gritted his teeth.
“Keep deducing.”

At that moment, all the spiritual stones in Forge the Universe were crumbled, and the spiritual spring was evaporating fast.
Millions of points of spiritual energy he stored were lost.

The Demon Purification Pot swallowed fifty million points of spiritual energy without hesitation.

Then, in the middle of a mist, a new volume was opened.

True Spirit Demonic Scripture (Heaven-Level, Low-Quality)

Introduction: This is a transformational technique that can turn creatures into demons.
Legend has it that the first Sea King turned into natural rules, wrote a secret book, and hosted it in the sky and on earth, so that all creatures could participate in demonic cultivation.

Deduction cost: 0/100,000,000

Result of Deduction: Unknown

Note: This is an enlightening classic that can shed light on creatures but can’t help one turn into a great demon.


When he read the introduction, Han Fei gasped hard.

Why did it sound even more mysterious than Void Fishing?

The True Spirit Fishing Art was merely created by nine king-level experts.
The sky cried after it was created, which was probably just a rainfall.

Yet, the creator of the True Spirit Demonic Scripture already turned into natural rules and made it possible for all creatures to participate in demonic cultivation?

Han Fei swallowed.

He considered a question: what would a human being or a sea demon turn into after they cultivated to the highest level?

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