Chapter 712: Demonization Scroll


Han Fei slashed the Blood-Drinking Knife, which had a new sealed soul, at a sand lobster, which was stunned when the knife was still five hundred meters away.
It failed to react until it was cut into halves.

Immediately, Han Fei’s eyes glittered.

It was true that the sea was the place where one could really become strong.
He had found a Tsunami Jellyfish only six hours after he left the Scattered Stars Island.

It was very significant.
If the Half-Mermaid Heavenly Talent he fought had been stunned for a moment in battle, he would’ve cut the enemy into halves back then without taking any risk.

To some extent, it was even more practical and surprising than a thirty-percent increase of speed.

However, back on the Scattered Stars Island, Han Fei had never seen the Tsunami Jellyfish.
Not even once.

It suggested that the Scattered Stars Island was rather barren in terms of resources.
It was like a base in the Unknown Place, and those on the Scattered Stars Island were essentially staff in the base.

Only those who fought on the sea out there were real warriors who could grow fast.

The people who feared the intrusion of sea demons on the Scattered Stars Island every day were essentially office workers who were quite safe.

However, the consequence of being safe was slow growth.

An example was that they could never catch a Tsunami Jellyfish near the shore, because such jellyfish never went there.

Little White continued leading the way.
After swimming another hundred kilometers, Han Fei saw an overwhelming number of squids that came at him like missiles.

Han Fei was lost for words.
He didn’t think those squids were hostile; it just so happened that he was in their way.

Han Fei quickly rose to the water above, as those squids would squirt poisons if they were alarmed.

If it were another time, Han Fei might have considered challenging them.
After all, the Heaven Spirit Detoxifying Insect needed nutrition too.
So far, it was still level-31 and hadn’t reached level-32 yet.

However, he was in the middle of an emergency, and he didn’t intend to waste his time here.

But the moment Han Fei swam up, he sensed that hundreds of winged fish were swarming at him.

Han Fei: “???”

In his senses, the mouths of the big winged fish were all several meters long, and their body was almost five meters long.
Their fins were straight and looked like wings of a plane.
They didn’t look friendly at all.

Han Fei intended to dodge again.
However, he was quite curious what the creatures were, so he didn’t flee too far.

When those fish saw Han Fei, dozens of them left the shoal and simply lunged at him.

After Han Fei saw the information of the fish clearly, he was lost for words.
Rays? They were more likely to be manta rays.

Flying Ray

This is an extremely fast ray that likes eating shrimps and squids the best.
It has fins that look like sabers and wings.
It can spew out Desolation Water that can quickly corrode the enemy.
It’s hard to escape from the Flying Ray when caught.



4,366 Points

It can increase your speed if it’s eaten over a long period of time.

Blade Feather

Han Fei was lost for words.
It was merely a rare creature, yet it was level-46?

There was also the Desolation Water.
He didn’t know what it was, but those Flying Rays shouldn’t be swimming so fast with their mouths wide open all the time.
So, their body must be discharging water in some way.

Han Fei spread out his senses again, only to discover that those fish didn’t have stomachs at all.
Behind their mouth was nothing but bones.

Han Fei was stunned.
Were they zombie fish? Why would they eat if they didn’t even have a stomach?

Han Fei slashed out the Blood-Drinking Knife.
Instantly, half of the Flying Rays that lunged at Han Fei stopped although they were still moving with the current.

Han Fei killed five Flying Rays with one attack, and the remaining of them simply rushed back to their shoal.

Han Fei’s face was dark.
Was this expected of the Unknown Place? The chance of running into fish seemed a little bit too high.
He hadn’t even sped up yet, but he had met swarms of fish and exotic fish everywhere…

Two hours later, Han Fei’s face became even darker.
In the two hours just now, he encountered exotic creatures three times, shoals of fish seven times, glowing fish one time, and Skyward Razor Clams once… He even met a Flood Snake.

At this moment, Han Fei felt that his head became even larger, as he had encountered a Red Demon.

Yes, in Han Fei’s senses, a Red Demon was sitting on the back of a lobster thirty meters away.
It seemed to be in a different direction and couldn’t have noticed him yet.

Han Fei considered if he should kill the Red Demon or not.
On second thought, he thought he should.

He couldn’t be forgiven for leaving the Scattered Stars Island without permission easily.
He had to offer something more convincing, like battle credit.

Therefore, Han Fei cast a Stealth Array and a Concealment Array on himself.

He then slowly approached the target.

Han Fei didn’t know the level of the Red Demon yet.
If it was a big shot above level-50, he would just stand still and wait for it to move away.
If it wasn’t…

After recalling Little Black and Little White, Han Fei moved at a low speed, fearing that his action would affect the normal flow of seawater, so he simply floated along the water.

The Red Demon was holding a harpoon and looking around now and then, which surprised Han Fei.

“Huh? Why do I feel that this guy is on patrol?”

Red Demon (Regular Sea Demon)

This is an intelligent and bloodthirsty sea demon.
It’s of a lousy quality, so it’s impossible what creature it deprives from.
It’s physically strong and can control some of the sea creatures.
It has a life spear inside its body, which can be used to launch the strongest attack of the Red Demons.



Level-Four, High-Quality


Silver Sting Lobster

Han Fei was greatly relieved to find that it was a level-49 creature.

Level-49 equaled that of a peak-level Hanging Fisher, but it wasn’t weak at all.
Han Fei couldn’t have defeated it without using the last resorts if he were still a Dangling Fisher.

However, Han Fei was different from before.
He was already an intermediate Hanging Fisher.
He was three levels higher than when he fought the peak-level Hanging Fisher, including a major level.

Han Fei slowly unsheathed the Blood-Drinking Knife.
The moment Han Fei released his killing intent, the Red Demon jerked and grabbed its harpoon, before it went straight at Han Fei.

“So you’ve found me? Heh, it’s too late.”


Han Fei had already performed the Draw Technique in his best status.
He had prepared for the attack for a long time.

The light of the knife leaped to the Red Demon instantly.
The Red Demon slightly paused.
Because of the pause, it lost the last chance of resistance.

The light passed and cut the Red Demon into halves.

Han Fei dashed at the target.
This was the first time he had killed a Red Demon in the level of a peak-level Hanging Fisher in a head-on fight.
His previous attack was very powerful and consumed thirty percent of his strength.

It meant that Han Fei could only perform three of these attacks under normal circumstances.

Han Fei quickly searched the Red Demon’s stomach, which was the place where the sea demons usually kept their treasure.
As expected, he seized a Sea Swallowing Seashell.
But it was sticky and Han Fei didn’t touch it at all.

The Companion Spirit had already disappeared.
Han Fei simply threw the Red Demon’s body into Forge the Universe and glanced at its Sea Swallowing Seashell.
Then, his eyes glittered.

He found a hundred kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid as well as a jade slip in the Sea Swallowing Seashell.

Han Fei grabbed the jade slip, only to discover that it was full of weird incomprehensible characters.

However, when Han Fei was about to throw the jade slip away, a piece of information popped up in his head.

“Demonization Scroll” (Demon-Level, Low-Quality)

This is a half-complete training method of sea demons.
It can turn low-level or regular sea demons into elites with a 60% success rate.

Superseding Technique: Demonization Art

Deduction Cost: 0/5,000,000

Note: Can be fused.

“Hiss! This can be recognized too?”

Han Fei was briefly stunned.
However, what surprised him most was not that the Demon Purification Pot could read the language of the sea demons on the Demonization Scroll, but the note that it could be fused.

How can it be fused?

What can it be fused with?

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