Chapter 711: The Tsunami Jellyfish

When Han Fei found the so-called Undersea Chimney, a heated battle was still going on there.

The Spirit Awakening Fluid was already gone.
However, the place was strewn with dead bodies.
The powerful sea creatures had left, leaving the common or rare creatures fighting each other and swallowing the remains.

The so-called Undersea Chimney was more like the crater of an undersea volcano.
However, Han Fei didn’t know what the Undersea Chimney should look like, because its upper level had been razed and there were rock pieces everywhere.

Han Fei’s first thought after he came to this place was that he needed the spiritual energy.

Yes, so many sea creatures were dead in this place that the sea bed had almost been occupied.
More and more regular creatures were joining every moment, adding to the chaos of the place.

Because too many creatures were dead, the spiritual energy here was particularly sufficient.

Han Fei glanced at his half million points of spiritual energy, which wouldn’t be enough if he ran into any trouble.
He needed at least a hundred million points of spiritual energy that could be readily available.

Here at the razed Undersea Chimney where thousands of bodies were gathered, Han Fei didn’t think it was a problem to gather several million points of spiritual energy even though some of the spiritual energy had dispersed.

Han Fei didn’t forget to look for Xia Xiaochan, but he couldn’t find her without enough spiritual energy.

Otherwise, if anything happened and a battle took place, it would be hard for him to weather through rounds of battles.

After all, he was merely an intermediate Hanging Fisher, and he wasn’t qualified to come to this place.

After confirming that no exotic creatures were around, Han Fei recalled the boat and jumped into the sea.

Almost in an instant, thousands of creatures went around Han Fei and bit him.

All kinds of auras, stings, needles and poisons were sprayed at him.

Two hundred Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers burst out from Han Fei’s body and constituted a sphere around him, revolving crazily.

“Absorb now!”

He couldn’t control the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Daggers for long, due to his spiritual power.

Considering Han Fei’s current status, when the creatures lunged at him so crazily, he probably could only sustain for half an hour, maybe shorter.

So, Han Fei quickly sank to the bottom of the sea and stood on a Spirit Gathering Array.
Immediately, he was surrounded by a storm of spiritual energy.

By common sense, the creatures above level-40 knew what was good and what was bad for them.
At least in the level-three fishery, the sea creatures already knew to cherish their lives.

However, at this moment, the creatures were all crazy, and they were like moths darting at fire.

Han Fei was this fire.
At this moment, spiritual energy was concentrated on him from all directions.
Even though countless ultra-quality spiritual weapons were revolving around him, infinite creatures were still coming at him.

The center of Han Fei’s eyebrows was flashing as a tremendous amount of spiritual energy flowed in.
It was much faster than swallowing spiritual fruits.
About 25,000 points of spiritual energy was absorbed every second.

However, after about a hundred seconds, Han Fei realized that he couldn’t sustain the Ten Thousand Knives in One anymore, mainly due to the lack of his spiritual power.

Immediately, the seawater within a hundred meters became thick, and water blades were rolling.
All the creatures within the range were ripped apart.

The Infinity Water was a valuable treasure, and Han Fei couldn’t carry out its real value yet.

So far, Han Fei’s only understanding of the Infinity Water was that it could transform seawater into blades.

However, the water blades were a lot weaker than the Ten Thousand Knives in One.
At the same time, the Infinity Water consumed Han Fei’s mental power too, although it posed a lesser burden than the Ten Thousand Knives in One did.

Unfortunately, Han Fei felt that his head was dizzy after a hundred seconds, because there were too many creatures around him! He had the Demon Purification Pot to absorb spiritual energy, but he couldn’t resist the attacks of so many crazy creatures.

So, after absorbing four million points of spiritual energy, Han Fei fled from the Undersea Chimney.

Han Fei suddenly disappeared and reappeared in Forge the Universe in the next moment.

Looking at the spiritual energy in storage, Han Fei heaved a soft sigh, regretting that he shouldn’t have been so extravagant back on the Scattered Stars Island.

When he tamed Snowmourne in the Snow God’s Temple, he almost used up all the disposable spiritual energy in Forge the Universe.
The rest of the ultra-quality spiritual stones only amounted to ten million points of spiritual energy in total, which wasn’t nearly enough.

Han Fei put thirty spiritual fruits into his mouth and trained for two hours.
After digesting those spiritual fruits, his spiritual energy in storage reached seven million.

Seeing that number, Han Fei instantly threw the Half-Mermaid’s golden battle suit into the Demon Purification Pot.

A moment later, Han Fei reluctantly spent 2,500,000 points of spiritual energy to make a new battle suit.

Golden Battle Suit

This is a weapon forged with the Red Sun Mystic Crystals.
It weighs 108,000 kilograms and contains a golden barrier that can bounce back half of the power when attacked.

Semi-Divine Weapon


Note: Because of the restrictions of its materials, it can only be reforged into a semi-divine weapon at best.

Sitting cross-legged and training for two hours, Han Fei opened his eyes and after a flash, he appeared at the bottom of the sea.

When Han Fei appeared, an insect nearby was so scared that it quickly slithered away.

Han Fei wasn’t bothered.
He spread out his senses and didn’t find many unusual creatures nearby, so he summoned Little Black and Little White.

Because of the restraints on the Scattered Stars Island, Han Fei hadn’t summoned Little White and Little Black for a long time except during the trip to the Snow God’s Temple.

At this moment, Han Fei touched Little White’s head and said, “Daughter, look for Xia Xiaochan and the Hexagon Starfish.”

Little Black, on the other hand, swooshed out and bit through a fish.
It even tore the fish apart.

Han Fei shouted angrily, “Get back.
This is no time for fun.
Don’t run about.”

Little White had already wandered several rounds.
She aimed at the Undersea Chimney not far away first, before she turned to the depths of the sea.

Han Fei’s heart became heavy, as Xia Xiaochan went to the deep sea.

Han Fei and other powerful creatures kept a distance from Undersea Chimney because the Spirit Awakening Fluid was already out and a lot of regular and rare creatures were gathered.

After all, even if the exotic creatures and Inferior Man-Fish were strong, they couldn’t last for long in front of such an overwhelming number of enemies.

Even Han Fei had only endured ten minutes in this place with the help of the Ten Thousand Knives in One and the Infinity Water.

Han Fei looked back regretfully.
If he weren’t in such a rush, he could go there and absorb spiritual energy every six hours.
Then, he would be able to get ten million points of spiritual energy in a day.

However, he had no time for that.
It had already been six hours since he left the Scattered Stars Island, and even longer since Xia Xiaochan had an attack and ran to the depths of the sea, which must’ve been fifteen hours earlier.

In the dangerous Unknown Place, Han Fei didn’t know anything about what was out there, and neither did Xia Xiaochan.

At a moment like this, he could only pray that Xia Xiaochan’s episode was over and the Hexagon Starfish pulled her into a gate.

In that case, the odds were quite high that she could be found.
In terms of escape and survival, the Hexagon Starfish was definitely a professional with all its arrays and legacies.

However, after swimming two hundred kilometers, Han Fei suddenly heard the sharpest noise in his ears.
He grunted and scanned, only to discover that a transparent creature was charging at him in the middle of a tide from three thousand meters away.

Han Fei instantly spat out and blocked his ears with two handfuls of mud.
He then swam forward as if nothing had happened.

However, the noise wasn’t weakened by the blockage of ears at all.
Han Fei vomited blood when he was a thousand meters from the source of the noise.

“Damn it.
What’s that? Little Black, kill it.”

Naturally, the transparent creature couldn’t discover Little Black, so it stopped shrieking after Little Black bit off half of its body.
At this moment, Han Fei arrived and saw information in his eyes.

Tsunami Jellyfish

This is an exotic creature that can absorb sounds.
It can turn sound into a sharp power that penetrates the enemy’s mental barrier to wound or kill them.
It then can absorb the enemy’s spiritual power.
When encountering an enemy, the Tsunami Jellyfish could mistake the enemy into thinking that it was somewhere else with the sound.
It contains Shrilling Pearls that can increase spiritual power.



6,124 points

It can increase spiritual power after being eaten.

Shrilling Pearls

Upon seeing the creature, Han Fei was intrigued.
“Little Black, stop biting and keep it alive.”

Han Fei simply grabbed the Tsunami Jellyfish.
He wondered what would happen if he were to seal the Tsunami Jellyfish into his knife.
Could it still unleash this high-pitched noise to disturb the enemy’s mind?

Immediately, Han Fei took out the Blood-Drinking Knife and sealed the soul.

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