Chapter 700: The Situation

The ice underneath Han Fei’s butt had been melted with a huge hole, but it was still not good enough.
Han Fei needed a great power to activate the revival ability of the Indestructible Body.

Han Fei struggled to swallow.
In the past hour, he had lost seventy percent of his essence and blood despite the revival ability of the Indestructible Body… Also, it was not over yet.

“Let me just fight it! My body should be hard enough for me to withstand that thing now.”

With his thought, a white-jade box appeared in Han Fei’s hand, and a red stone was revealed after the box was opened.

Immediately, furious flames were burning all over the place, consuming Han Fei.

This Red Flame Origin Crystal was obtained back in the level-two fishery from the Fire Cloud Cave.
At that time, Han Fei and his team only managed to get it with the help of the Blue Sea Wandering Dragon Bones.

At this moment, Han Fei laid his hand on the Red Flame Origin Crystal, and instantly, the training of the Indestructible Body was intensified.
Han Fei’s skin was further ruined…

There was no telling how long it had been, but Han Fei found that his blood was no longer drained when there were only ten ultra-quality spiritual stones left in Forge the Universe.

Han Fei quickly put the Red Flame Origin Crystal back into the box, except that its flames weren’t as powerful as they were earlier, because the heat it contained had been used to practice the Indestructible Body.
Naturally, the Red Flame Origin Crystal had lost some of its power.

Putting back the Red Flame Origin Crystal, Han Fei opened his eyes, and strange red light beamed out of his eyes.
His eyes didn’t return to normal until a long time later.

Before his eyes, the purest blue sword was floating.

With a thought, Han Fei controlled Snowmourne and performed a random slash.


Instantly, the spiritual energy in Han Fei’s body was drained, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Thankfully, he had more spiritual energy that could replenish himself, or he would’ve been exhausted just now.

Han Fei cramped as the spiritual energy he stored flowed into his body crazily.
He was not able to rise until a minute later.

When Han Fei stood up from the pit, he discovered, to his surprise, that a trail of sword aura had stretched from under his feet all the way out of the ice palace, and the gates that were a hundred meters high were lying on the ground.

Outside, the trail extended to eight hundred meters away, leaving a ravine on the ice.


Han Fei swallowed.

“Is this the power of a Sea Quelling Bizarre Treasure?”

Han Fei swallowed crazily, as it was too powerful.

He had really just performed a random slash! As it turned out, the ice palace had been ruined with such a huge crevice.
Han Fei was quite shocked by the amount of destructiveness.

“Sweet mother of god…”

Han Fei was completely dumbfounded.
The Needle he had been using had no advantages except that it was unbreakable, heavy, and could change size.

Also, he had to hold the Needle in his own hand, and it was impossible to control it with his mind.

In comparison, Snowmourne was unbelievably powerful! A random slash of the sword was even more powerful than the Sacrificing Punch.

After all, the Sacrificing Punch failed to blow up the ice gates even in a full outburst.

Yet, Snowmourne had broken the gates with a casual slash, and the momentum of the sword stretched out for another eight hundred meters.
It was really powerful.

Also, Snowmourne didn’t have any weapon spirit at this moment.
If a super powerful weapon spirit were sealed inside Snowmourne, he probably would’ve been killed by exhaustion just now.

Frightened, Han Fei quickly put Snowmourne back, as it was too powerful for him to use now.
If he were to use it, he wouldn’t be able to do anything for a long time.

Also, he was just an intermediate Hanging Fisher, and he would catch everybody’s attention if he unleashed such great power.

Crack… Crack… Crack…

The moment the ice palace was cut through, the foundation under the palace was destroyed, and the enormous palace was filled with cracks, with pieces of ice falling from the roof.

Han Fei rushed out of the ice palace.

Of course, he didn’t forget to absorb the dead Half-Mermaid into Forge the Universe.
After all, that guy had a divine battle suit and a divine harpoon, which were much more precious than ultra-quality spiritual weapons.

A moment later, ice blocks were falling behind the gates, and the whole palace collapsed soon.

The moment the palace collapsed, spiritual energy surged crazily, and the mist was gradually gone.
When Han Fei could see the environment again, he found that he and everybody else were still in the underground space.

However, everybody had appeared on the icy floor.

Gravity had reappeared in this place.
The stone tablets in the sky had fallen and smashed a lot of the statues.

“Han Fei, are you alright?”

Tang Ge appeared a thousand meters away from Han Fei, but he was covered in blood as if he had just been through an intense battle.

Apart from Tang Ge, Meng Guiyi was protecting Su Hongye in an array, and both of them were squatting.

Ning Dong was carrying Ye Xiangxiang on his shoulder and supporting Zhao Jiayi with his other hand.
He felt bloody and intimidating.

Chen Aochen’s muscles were bulging scarily as if he were fighting someone.
He seemed puzzled to find himself back into the underground space.

Gong Yuehan’s clothes were ragged, and her arms were red with blood, but she seemed as calm as before.

On the other hand, one of the Half-Mermaids had been frozen on the ground.
He seemed already dead.

Three of the four survivors were heavily wounded and drenched with blood.
Only the girl in the golden battle suit was standing proudly and pointing her harpoon at Han Fei and the others.

Other than Han Fei and the rest, Chen Chen who had been possessed and a Half-Mermaid were standing together and looking at other people warily.

Ning Dong instructed, “Han Fei, heal them.”

Han Fei stepped forward and cast the Divine Healing Technique on Tang Ge.
He then did the same to Ye Xiangxiang and Zhao Jiayi.

Han Fei was shocked, “There are only so few of us left right now?”

Meng Guiyi canceled the array and walked close.
“We somehow fell into some sort of super array just now.
Someone must’ve broken the array, so we reappeared.”

Zhao Jiayi was warming up his body under the Divine Healing Technique.
He couldn’t help but ask, “You’re the best expert of arrays here.
Weren’t you the one who destroyed it?”

Meng Guiyi looked at Han Fei, as if he were asking.

Han Fei said casually, “You know that I’m not as good at arrays as you.
However, you don’t have to know an array well to destroy it.
I might have destroyed it by force.”

Tang Ge said solemnly, “I ran into some people who impersonated you just now.
Did it happen to you?”

Although they approached each other, they still kept a distance from each other.

Tang Ge spoke to Han Fei telepathically, Where were the most precious items kept in our home?

Han Fei replied with a smile, In the cave behind the house.
What’s the name of the body tempering technique you left me?

Tang Ge grinned. The Mystic Body Technique.

Han Fei and Tang Ge confirmed each other’s identity, but Han Fei didn’t quite trust anybody else yet.

He could heal them and refill them with spiritual energy, but could he trust them?

Sorry, but after everything with Snowmourne, Han Fei trusted nobody but Tang Ge, and Tang Ge must have felt the same.

Gong Yuehan suggested, “Let’s keep a distance from each other until we go out.”

Zhao Jiayi smiled and said, “We’ve probably all been impersonated.
I don’t know if other people are real, but Old Ning can’t be! He was so brutal that he killed a Half-Mermaid on his own and saved me and Ye Xiangxiang.”

Meng Guiyi asked, “How badly was Ye Xiangxiang wounded?”

Ning Dong’s lips shivered.
“She ran into the possessed Chen Chen and lost the battle.”

Meng Guiyi thought for a moment.
“I know that you all have doubts, but one thing is still the same as before, which is that we are all human beings.
So, the four Half-Mermaids and the possessed Chen Chen and Half-Mermaids are our enemies.”

Chen Aochen said gloomily, “Let me deal with the two possessed monsters.”

Gong Yuehan said, “Count me in.”

At this moment, everybody was recovering.
The Half-Mermaids, the old monsters, and the human beings were all taking a rest.

Zhao Jiayi was rather badly wounded, so Han Fei took the task of providing spiritual energy for and healing everybody.

Zhao Jiayi glanced at him.
“I’m also certain that Brother Duan… He’s probably not Brother Duan, haha… In any case, this brother couldn’t have been possessed.”

Han Fei grinned.
“If I were possessed, I would’ve killed you just now.
Why would I bother to heal you?”

Han Fei gave most of his spiritual energy to Tang Ge and Ning Dong, who looked at each other and then charged at the Half-Mermaids after they were more or less recovered.

They had probably fought a lot in the now.
Even the Half-Mermaid who was wearing a golden battle suit had been gravely wounded.

A Half-Mermaid was about to fight back, when the other Half-Mermaid grabbed her and threw her to the exit far away.
“Go back alive and tell everybody about the prehistoric relics.”

The Half-Mermaid roared but quickly left, knowing that they had suffered a fiasco.

Before she left, she glanced at Han Fei and Meng Guiyi.

Their first setback was exactly because of Han Fei, who misdirected them and made them lose ten warriors at the start.

She thought that Meng Guiyi was to blame for their second setback, where they were ambushed by arrays and poisons in the ice.

Half of her team died in the two setbacks and on the Ice Road, so she remembered them.

There was no telling how she would feel if she learned that it was Han Fei who proposed the ambush.

Of course, she probably would never see Han Fei again, because Han Fei was using Duan Jiang’s face!

The two gravely-wounded Half-Mermaid Heavenly Talents, on the other hand, charged at Tang Ge and Ning Dong crazily.

The Half-Mermaid who was wearing a golden suit simply ran to the altar at the center without caring about the safety of his companions.

Su Hongye looked at the fleeing Half-Mermaid and said, “I’ll chase her.”

Meng Guiyi: cried, “Come back.
You’re no match for her.”

Meng Guiyi looked at Han Fei, as if asking why he didn’t stop the woman.

Han Fei glanced at his wounded companions, as if he were saying, “Look at all those wounded people, do I have the time to stop her?”

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